Having a good phone camera is no longer the only thing that matters. With each new smartphone outdoing its competition with its camera specs, one might wonder if there’s really a need to get an actual camera, such as the Sony RX100 VII.

Besides, I’ve been a loyal Huawei user and am pretty convinced that there is no need for an actual camera. But I have to admit that the video abilities of a phone can be pretty limited and for the vloggers out there, it is simply not enough.

We run through why, despite the high price point, the new Sony CyberShot RX100 VII is probably the best compact camera right now. 

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Key Features

1. Hyper Sharp Images

As with all other digital cameras now, the RX100 VII takes killer sharp photos. The difference between the RX100 VII and its predecessor is the additional 20MP stacked CMOS sensor which has increased detection points for autofocus. 

Image Credit: Sony

Simply put, the CMOS sensors help to create your images by converting photons to electrons for digital processing. Coupled with the real-time tracking and real-time Eye AF which was previously only seen on the DSLRs, the RX100 VII delivers never-seen-before performance in its range.

2. UHD 4K Video Quality + Microphone Jack

Image Credit: Hardware Upgrade | Facebook

What sets the new VII apart is its ability to capture crisp and high-quality video and sound. And when I say high quality, I meant UHD 4K quality. While other aspects remain the same as the Mark VI, the improved image stabilization mode and the addition of a microphone jack makes this the perfect vlogging camera.

What I like about the RX100 VII

Now, I wouldn’t call myself a photographer. But I think it is fair to say I have too many cameras for a normal person. 2 film cameras and 3 digital cameras are sitting in my cabinet while I choose to shoot with my phone and just one of the film cameras on a daily basis.

Image Credit: Sony

1. The cure to my shaky hands

You must understand that I’m no professional in this but I simply love capturing shots of memorable moments. Delivering crystal clear images even while you’re walking, the image stabilization is impeccable. Even on video mode, it has the ability to capture what I’m pointing at without losing focus.

2. Fit for the vloggers

You don’t have to be a YouTuber to vlog. Vlogging can be for anyone and everyone. I personally think vlogging is a more effective way of keeping videos for memory’s sake instead of taking Instagram Stories that might be of poorer quality or staggered timings. Of course, you will need to take a lot of time to edit the videos but the outcome will definitely be worth it.

Image Credit: Sony

3. I can check myself out with the 180-degree tilt-able Touchscreen LCD

Checking how I look before I take a photo is extremely important. You don’t wanna look like a mess in your photos that you will certainly regret taking. Plus, it comes in useful when you are taking selfies or vlogs of yourself as you can frame your shot well.

4. Tiny Pocket Size

I am not a fan of bulky cameras and the 5 that I own vary from tiny to huge. They are simply too heavy to carry around daily for shoots and are inconvenient for video shots. The pocket-sized RX100 VII is perfect for those that prefer lightweight cameras that they can slip into their pockets.

Image Credit: Sony | Facebook

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Maybe you’d like to give it a second thought

First of all, it is really quite expensive. At S$1,649.00, you might be thinking – why not get a DSLR? Yes, that’s true. You can get a decent beginner DSLR at a similar price but the size is what bugs me the most. So I will still head for the RX100 VII as I value what it has at such a tiny size. Of course, if you are looking from a professional angle, then you can certainly consider the DSLR models.

Another point to note is that the specifications of RX100 VII do not differ much from the VI. So if you’re simply looking for a compact camera that does its job, then the Mark VI should work just fine for you.

So, should you? Or should you not?

If your wallet is deep enough and you are really looking to get a premium compact camera, then I say head for this one. It is indeed the best in the market and there’s no denying that it is definitely worth its price.

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Featured Image Credit: Sony & Hardware Upgrade Facebook

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