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You are smart. Your pet is smart. Your mobile phone is smart, and so is your TV. It’s time that your home caught up as well!

With different brands and models of smart home systems in the market right now, the dream of fully-automating your home is very much achievable. Smart homes are here and now. It’s time to get a hold of these intelligent home appliances and literally live The Smarter Way.

1. Roomba

The Roomba, a vacuum robot, was one of the earliest home smart devices created. It houses a powerful cleaning system and intelligent sensors that automatically detect and clean up dirt, dust, per hair, crumbs, and other debris. It’s rotating brushes allow it to reach into nooks and crannies and along the walls and the sensors prevents it from crashing into your furniture or down the stairs.

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Recent generations of the Roomba even have self-charging home bases that will automatically recharge your smart vacuum. Operating a Roomba is a no brainer, too. All you need is connect to it through the iRobot HOME App which you can download from the AppStore or Google Play Store.

2. Apple HomePod

The HomePod is an Apple Music integrated and Siri-based speaker from Apple. During its unveiling, it was described to reinvent the way music is enjoyed in homes. Not larger than 7 inches in height, it incorporates an A8 chip control and has the capability to analyse a room and adjust sound accordingly, producing the best sound audio quality.

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Touch controls are available but just like other Apple devices, the HomePod serve as a HomeKit hub. It can be accessed remotely using other Apple devices such as the iPhone and iPad.

3. Smart Locks

smart lock
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Smart locks bring home security to a whole new level with the convenience and versatility that regular locks are not able to provide. Smart digital locks can be controlled using mobile apps, PIN codes, or magnetic access cards.

Never again will you have to worry about getting locked out of the house!

4. Smart Washing Machine

Let’s face it, doing laundry is incredibly tedious and time-consuming. The good thing is, washing machines today can be connected to your WiFi and controlled and monitored remotely through mobile apps.

LG smart home

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5. Smart Dishwasher

Another household chore that is time-consuming and energy-draining is washing the dishes.

smart dishwasher
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The smart dishwashers in the market come with many features. From child-locks, to delay timers and most importantly, remote control via WiFi or a mobile app!

6. Motion Sensor Lights

Motion sensor lights are pretty common in public toilets but homeowners are finally seeing the value of installing them in their homes as well. What’s more, your lights can be customised directly from a mobile app!

motion sensor lights

Motion sensor lights can also act as a security alarm. You can send notifications to your mobile app when lights are triggered by motion in the house.

7. Motion Sensor Cameras

Motion sensor cameras can also be installed in conjunction with your motion sensor lights. This will help you to nab those intruders red-handed!

Smart home camera

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8. Activated Kitchen Assistant

Depending on the level of work you do in the kitchen, there are many different Smart Kitchen Assistants that you can choose from models. Some can read you recipes, while others can even monitor the temperature of your cooking!

voice-controlled kitchen assistant
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9. Smart Fridge

smart fridge
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Smart fridges have evolved into more than just devices to help you to make and dispense ice automatically. Recent models can detect what is inside your fridge and recommend what food needs replenishing or what meal you can prepare from what is available.

As we become a smarter nation, we need to become smarter people, with smarter homes! Get these smart appliances and more from Lazada, Shopee and eBay and enjoy many other tech and electronic deals!

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