Refrigerators have been around for over 100 years, and while their design, function and usage have remained largely unchanged, the advent of AI technology has brought a new wave of innovation to create a ‘smart’ fridge.

But how far along are we with the technology on a smart fridge? And is it really the best time to splurge on one now?

What Is A Smart Fridge?

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This may sound like some corny 70s movie imagination of the future, but a smart fridge really packs quite a punch. Here are some of the coolest functions that a smart fridge can have:

  • Look up recipes online and have the smart fridge read it out
  • Monitor expiry dates of groceries
  • Display photos, to-do lists and notes
  • Create and recommend grocery list based on what you have left or what is about to expire in your fridge 
  • Connect and control other smart devices at home (certain models only)
  • Automated fridge doors open with a light touch instead of having to tug at it
  • Schedule mealtime and plans based on personalised calendars for each family members
  • Smartphone compatibility also allows you to:
    • Sneak a peek inside the fridge (great when you are out doing grocery shopping!)
    • Customize compartmental temperatures

A Smart Fridge, as with all other smart devices, aims to aid in your common day-to-day life. You will no longer have to worry about expired food or fret over the grocery list that you left at home. It is all accessible via the quintessential smartphone.

Price Is Right?

Building an autonomous smart device is never cheap, and that is reflected in their retail prices. A smart fridge typically cost 3 to 5 times more expensive than a normal fridge and can easily cost S$6000 and more. The price will also depend on the brand, size and capabilities as well.

It will be difficult to justify your decision to buy a fridge this expensive, especially when the ‘normal’ fridge you’ve been using for the past few decades is still working fine. So why upgrade now?

Once You Go Smart…

With a projected 14.7% year on year growth (until 2023) on the adoption of smart devices in Singapore alone, it is undeniable that smart devices will be commonplace in the near future.  With most tech and appliances company looking towards making better and smarter products, it won’t be soon before every appliance in your house has a ‘smarter’ version to it. By investing in such smart devices, you can interconnect all of your house appliances to one another, enabling a truly smart home.

Smart devices also have the advantage of being connected to the Cloud and the internet via Wi-Fi. This means that your device will not become obsolete as long as it stays updated. The software provides most of the features and by updating it, your device gets some banging new features regularly.

Ultimately, smart devices are here to stay. As more companies adopt the trend and create their own smart fridges, prices will naturally peter out to a point that there will be no reason not to buy a smart fridge.

Best Smart Fridges of 2019

These are our recommendations for smart fridges to buy this year!

1.LG InstaView Door-in-Door French Door Smart Refrigerator

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Ever open your fridge door only to realise you forgot what you wanted to take out? With the LG InstaView you can now double-tap on the glass and get an unobstructed view into your fridge! A handy compartment labelled the Door-in-Door segment allows you to store your favourite snacks and drinks for easy access without opening the main fridge doors. A smart storage feature also makes it easier for you to group and categorize your food for better organization within the fridge.

This fridge series is targeted more for aspiring cooks or chefs who need their product kept in the best possible manner. A 5-step layered filtering system helps remove up to 99.99% of bacteria and the Linear Compressor gives you up to 32% in energy savings! You can even control and diagnose your fridge through your phone via the LG Smart ThinQ.

Price: From S$5,499 on Lazada

2. Samsung Family Hub 4 Door Fridge 550L

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The Samsung Family Hub fridge can be thought of as an autonomous AI butler. Akin to Iron Man’s JARVIS, the Samsung Family Hub acts as a personal aide to your family’s needs. It allows the family’s schedule from Google or Microsoft 365 calendars to be seamlessly synced and shown on the large 21.5-inch screen, while also sharing notes between the family members. The morning brief feature shows all the daily update you need, such as the weather forecast, daily schedule and the expiring foods.

The touch panel also allows you to connect to other smart devices at home and you can also use your smartphone to control the fridge remotely via the Family Hub. And if you love having some music while you cook, the fridge comes equipped with Harmon Kardon AKG premium quality speakers!

Sync the rest of your home’s smart devices easily through the fridge touch panel or remotely via your phone through the Family Hub. And if you love cooking to music… the fridge comes equipped with Harmon Kardon AKG premium quality speakers!

Price: From S$6,999 on Shopee

3. Fisher & Paykel ActiveSmart 541L French Door Fridge

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The Fisher & Paykel ActiveSmart Fridge is meant to run fully autonomously. Without any additional user input, the fridge naturally regulates the temperature, humidity and the efficiency of the fridge – all on its own. This is made possible by the sensors embedded within the walls of the fridge that constantly sends data to the microprocessors, thereby adjusting the fan speed and compressor operations.

Anytime you put it new food and products, the fridge will quickly adapt to the change in temperature and humidity. This comes in super handy and ensures that your fridge operates optimally and food is stored in a healthy microclimate, so you don’t have to worry about it! 

Price: From S$4,799 on Lazada

4. Hitachi R-VG690P7MS 550L 2-Door Fridge

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The Hitachi R series which is specially made in Japan prides itself for being energy efficient and also silent while in operation. This smart refrigerator does not come with fanciful features but still comes with adjustable temperatures in different compartments which can be controlled through a touchscreen LED panel on the fridge door.

The pockets of the refrigerator can also be adjusted to optimise the space for your groceries. If you’re not looking to go full force with the adoption of smart refrigerators especially with their hefty price tags, the Hitachi R series is a good place to start.

Price: From S$1,273 on Lazada

We hope this article can help you make a smarter decision on which smart fridge to use! And don’t forget to maximise your savings by shopping with ShopBack!

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