Hey online folks, did you know there was a time when the Internet still hadn’t made its way to Singapore?


I know, I’m as shocked as you are. But this prehistoric Internetless era seems interesting so why not travel back to Singapore’s past through the posters of yesteryear and see what life was like back then.

Back in the good old days, we had a clear idea of what to say yes and no too.

I mean, just think of the children

And we knew exactly how to catch drug peddlers as well

with giant magnifying glasses




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but moving on from drugs

Ok, ok  that’s the last one alright?

Wow, were our streets like overflowing with drugs or something then?

But drugs weren’t the only thing we were trying to ward off back in the days.


That’s right, our local population was getting way too large, we can’t have more than two children per family, it will throw our work life dynamics off course. This initiative won’t backfire at all!!



But what the past lacked in population, they more than made up for in style

OMG, they wore Cheongsams indoors, so stylish, I wish our society could be threatened at knifepoint in style now 🙁

Oh and they were somehow less censorship obsessed than we are now

Be careful lady, don’t get three of those little bundles of joy or the math will go all wonky.

By the way, did i mention their movie posters were Ahh-mazing?

And movies weren’t the only things that were gaining traction, our hatred for mosquitoes was also beginning to take shape.

We were transitioning to a different way of counting

And hey what do you know, we had more money than we thought.

And boy oh boy were we all about the moolah

The Internet wasn’t around but we were still too lazy to go out and buy food.

No internet also meant we had to make our own fun

Although the Gahmen was still trying to tell us what to do

They even got Superman in on the influx of restrictions


Whatever you want to claim about Singapore, there’s no one better when it comes to stuffing in government campaigns than us.

But when it’s all said and done, whatever you feel about the Singapore of the past. With all the Internet and Smartphones that have come out since or the immense technological shift we’ve experienced, there has been one reassuring constant.

We were and will always be the most surprising tropical island on Earth, Singapore.


*All pictures from nas.gov.sg

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