Are you up for an exciting adventure? Experience Singapore camping and enjoy a one-of-a-kind activity with your loved ones. It’s the ideal way to to get you acquainted with the great outdoors as well as being one with nature. You deserve to have a little break from time to time, so plan your quick getaway well.

Take a breather from the hustle and bustle of city life and go camping with your family or friends. This kind of activity lets you discover more about the environment and yourself. You’ll be able to learn some significant lessons while camping that you can apply in your daily life. By having only the important stuff you need, you get to appreciate the little things and be content of what you have at the moment.

Where to camp in Singapore

Apparently, there are numerous Singapore camping sites where you’re allowed to pitch a tent and stay overnight. Choosing to camp over the weekend or on holidays is definitely a cheap pleasure. It wouldn’t cost you much to camp in The Lion City, so here are the best places to camp out:

1. Pulau Ubin

Singapore camping
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Head over Pulau Ubin and have the best time of your life. Probably the most hassle-free camping site, it offers every visitor a stunning scenery and easy access going to the island. There’s no need for you to secure a permit in order to camp here. Simply ride a bumboat from Changi Ferry Terminal to Pulau Ubin. One-way ticket price costs 3 SGD per person and the ferry runs from 5h30 am to 9pm daily. However, you need to fill up the entire boat with 12 passengers before it leaves, unless you’re willing to pay the full amount of 36 SGD.

Once in Pulau Ubin, check out Chek Jawa Wetlands. It’s an ecosystem that consists of six major habitats. Also, don’t be scared to go off the beaten track, but be safe at all times. You must camp responsibly and never do anything that will harm anyone or anything on the island.

2. East Coast Park

Singapore camping
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Spend your much-awaited break at East Coast Park! It’s one of the best camping spots in Singapore. Offering the best of both worlds between adventure and comfort, this area is the ultimate site for you. Whether you want to be near the bicycle rental shops and eateries or opt to have a more peaceful ambience, East Coast Park has it all for you. Apply for a permit at Area D or G, for these are the only parts of the park that allow camping.

Set your tents at Area G for a more serene camping experience or at Area D for more facilities and people. Wherever you choose to camp, make it a point to stop by at East Coast Lagoon Food Village. This hawker paradise serves a wide selection of Singapore’s delectable fare, so never miss out on this one.

3. Pasir Ris Park

Singapore camping
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Go camping at Pasir Ris Park and be merry. Pitch your tent in the middle of towering palm trees and take in the gorgeous scenery. There are numerous activities to try while here, like cycling and water sports. It’s also a must to see the three-storey bird watching tower and the preserved six-hectare mangrove forest. You’ll never get bored as you’ll have a lot of things to see and do at Pasir Ris Park.

Although it gets crowded during weekends and holidays, you’ll still be able to enjoy your camping for sure. As long as you’re with the people you love to be with, nothing will ruin your escapade. Note that you can only camp at Area 1 and 3, so get your permits ahead of time.

4. Pulau Hantu

Singapore camping
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Prepare for a rugged camping experience at Pulau Hantu! The island’s name translates into the island of ghosts in Malay. This isolated private island is composed of two islets, Hantu Besar and Hantu Kecil, which mean big ghost and little ghost respectively. If you’re in search of a camping site that can totally be yours, then this could be the best option. Take a dip and witness the lovely marine life underwater or simply stroll along the shore and delight in the tranquillity this island offers. Remember, there are no convenience stores available here, so bring everything you need with you prior to your trip.

Getting to Pulau Hantu might not be that easy as there’s no regular ferry to transport you here. However, you can arrange a fast work boat at Marina South Pier or West Coast Pier. Expect to pay 40 SGD or more each person when travelling here, for the prices depend on the availability and diesel rates. Moreover, foreigners need to go through Immigration Control at West Coast Pier in order to ride the boat.

5. West Coast Park

Singapore camping
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Pack your bags and camp out at West Coast Park. Known for its ideal spot for kite flying and catching the sunset, this site is sure to bring an unforgettable experience to everyone. Only at the Area 3 camping is permitted, so secure your permit in advance.

Swing by the Adventure Playground, too. It has obstacle courses for kids and eight playsets, which you can all have fun playing. This will surely be a hit with those families camping with little ones. More so, walk through the lovely Marsh Garden or just savour the peaceful moment while you’re here.

Permits for camping in Singapore

Singapore camping
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As mentioned above, Pulau Ubin doesn’t require a permit to camp. However, it is highly recommended to inform the officers at the Pulau Ubin Police Post that you’re camping once you’ve arrived. On the other hand, the rest of the Singapore camping sites mentioned need you to get a permit to camp first.

For East Coast Park, Pasir Ris Park, and West Coast Park, you must apply for a permit online or at any AXS station. It is strongly suggested that you get a permit three days before your trip. When you get the permit, make it a point to display it outside your tent all the time.

Camping at Pulau Hantu is also free, but you have to get a permit from Sentosa. Just contact Southern Islands Management to apply for a permit and be sure to leave your contact details, name, number of campers, and camping dates. It’s also important to note that you need seven days notice before your desired date of camping.

What to bring and how to prepare for camping

Singapore camping
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It takes time to prepare for a Singapore camping, so get ready for it. You have to ensure that all the things you need are already available, most importantly your permit. Here’s a rundown of the stuff you need to remember and bring with you when camping:

  • Of course, the first thing you would need when camping is a tent. Bring one that can both survive the wind and rain to guarantee your safety. Get one at Decathlon or at Backcountry with up to 5% Cashback.
  • Stay hydrated at all times and carry with you your own bottle of water in case there’s no store available on the site.
  • Carry a headlamp with you to be able to see anything at night.
  • Always be a responsible camper and do bring trash bags with you to dispose of all your garbage properly.
  • To sleep well and comfortably while camping, invest in a high-quality sleeping bag.
  • Weather is unpredictable most of the time, so bring a jacket if it gets cooler, especially in the evening after rain.
  • Pack food, like bread, chips, instant noodles, and another simple fare to have something to munch on at any time of the day.
  • At night, it’s best to have lights inside your tent or when having some activities outside. With this, bring torchlight or battery-powered lamps with you.
  • A lot of tissue always save the day, so make it a point to pack tons in your bags.
  • Don’t let anything bite you, bring insect repellent.
  • Ziploc bags are also useful when camping as you can store your valuables here when it rains.
  • For an ultimate camping experience, don’t forget to bring cooking equipment to prepare your food. Check with your camping site if they have BBQ facilities and if you are allowed to cook.
  • Ready your power banks to charge your gadgets.
  • Toiletries should not also be missed on this list, so bring them, too.

A relaxing and fun-filled Singapore camping experience

Singapore camping
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There’s no other way to explore The Lion City’s outdoors more deeply than camping on its islands and parks. It’s memorable and at the same time worthwhile activity to do, so be sure to try it at least once. These Singapore camping sites specified above are the top places to pitch your tent and have fun with your loved ones. So, get the best travel deals at Shopback today to enjoy more your travel adventure!

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