Hari Raya’s just around the corner and you’ve probably been putting off a good deal of planning – I mean, celebrations are fun but there isn’t a need to overthink everything right? Well, the outfit is probably the most important and if you’ve got that settled, all else will fall into place.

But if you’re just a teensy bit worried about matching your makeup look to your baju (here are our favourite 2017 baju kurung trends), choose a simple and natural makeup look that focuses on either the skin, eyes or lips. Having one focal point in your makeup makes you look more pulled together and effortless, rather than caking it on and risk erring on the side of a drag queen.

Sabrina Tajudin Natural Makeup Look

Image credit: @sabrinatajudin | Instagram

These looks are also great for beginners and can be easily attempted in under 20 minutes! If you feel the urge to top up your makeup stash, a good choice would be Althea, where you can access a full range of products from popular Korean brands like Too Cool for School and 3CE.

1. Skin-Focused Bronzed Goddess Look

Diana of easyneon Simple and Natural Makeup Look

From Diana of easyneon Youtube fame, this look focuses on the hue and glow of the skin and features fluttery eyelashes for a fresh, wide-eyed effect. The eyes and lips are quite understated but strong, well-groomed brows frame the face and lends the look a touch of sophistication. To achieve such glowing skin, you’ll need a good bronzer and highlight.

Diana recommends building up the bronzer bit by bit, using a light hand to create that sun-kissed look. Dust it lightly along your hairline and build up more intensity only at your temples and the hollows of your cheeks. Remember, we’re going for Gigi Hadid’s glow, not Kim Kardashian’s heavily contoured face! Finish with a golden highlight on the tops of your cheeks, across the bridge of your nose and a little on your chin and cupid’s bow.

theSAEM Luminous Gold Highlighter

theSAEM Luminous Gold Highlighter

Not sure what products to use for this? Try theSAEM’s Luminous Gold Highlighter and Too Cool for School’s cult product, the Rodin shading powder. Available on Althea, this duo is not only affordable but basically fool-proof as the finely milled textures of both powders will ensure that you do not overdo it!

Too Cool for School Rodin Shading Powder

Too Cool for School Rodin Shading Powder

2. Lips-Focused Matte Lip Look

dalalid Simple and Natural Make-up look

Image credit: @dalalid | Instagram

@dalalid on Instagram shows us how a simple and chic lippie is done, with a matte burnt rose shade that’s easy to match with almost any outfit colour. Here, she is using a matte liquid lipstick that creates bold lip shape. Considering the feasting that is bound to happen during Hari Raya, choose a long-lasting lip tint or liquid lipstick that will not threaten to flake or rub off. You’ll be able to eat to your heart’s content without worrying about your makeup! Althea offers a plethora of choices from the super affordable Peripera’s INK Velvet Lip Tint to the slightly higher end Air Tint Lip Cube by model-favourite indie brand, Son&Park.

Peripera INK Velvet Lip Tint

Peripera INK Velvet Lip Tint

Son & Park Air Tint Lip Cube

Son & Park Air Tint Lip Cube

3. Eyes-focused Hazy Rose Look

dinatokio Simple and Natural Makeup look

Image credit: @dinatokio | Instagram

This hazy rose eye makeup look as seen on Instagrammer @dinatokio is highly versatile and you can make it either as dramatic or as light as you want. All you need is a matte or slightly pearlescent muted pink shade and pat that all over your eyelid. For eyeliner, opt for a brown one like Dina did to keep the look soft.

Pro tip: Smudge the brown eyeliner as close to the lashline as possible to give extra definition to the eyes, especially at the corners. For a more dramatic look, bring both eyeshadow and eyeliner to the bottom waterline and blend it out. Otherwise, keep everything to the top eyelid and you’ll look sweet and ready to greet your friends and relatives in no time!

Velvet Fit Cushion Eyeshadow

Beauty People Velvet Cushion Shadow

If you’re on a strict budget, keep to single eyeshadows and rely on the brown eyeliner for the darker gradient. Althea carries many Korean brands that do great eyeshadows. Try the Velvet Cushion Shadow from Beauty People, which is famed for its blendability and lasting power. Otherwise, Missha offers a single shadow with three shades, aptly named Triple Shadow so you can stick to your budget and get more bang for your buck!

Missha Triple Shadow

Missha Triple Shadow

Achieve a simple and modest glow with these products from Althea! Use Althea coupon codes and discounts and earn up to 5% cashback when you shop through ShopBack!

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