It’s October and guess what? ShopFest is in full swing and the Perfect 10 Sale is almost upon us!

And if you’re STILL wondering, “What’s ShopFest?”


It’s only THE year-end shopping festival in Singapore that headlines 6 major shopping events designed to delight shoppers with diverse needs and wants. And ShopFest is a one-stop portal that helps shoppers find out who, what, where, when, why, and how to shop The Smarter Way and get the most out of this year-end sales period (1 September 2018 to 3 January 2019).

If you missed our 9.9 Rewards Day in September (shoutout to the FOMO squad), fret not as the Perfect 10 Sale is where you can score a perfect 10 on deals and discounts off your shopping wishlist!

ShopFest 1010 Perfect 10 Sale

In this guide, we give you a breakdown of the dates to take note of, the merchants involved, and what exciting deals to expect so you can take full advantage of this Perfect 10 Sale! And as always… Don’t just shop, #ShopFest.

Oh, and if you’re a foodie – like us – we’ve got a special announcement that is sure to whet your appetite! Read on to find out!

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ShopFest: Qoo10 Day 10.10

Headlining this ShopFest Perfect 10 Sale is Qoo10‘s super awesome Qoo10 Day 10.10!

FYI: Qoo10 Day 10.10 doesn’t just happen on 10 October. In fact, it has already started and you can expect the majority of Qoo10 (up to 2% cashback) specials to happen between now till 11 October. And just in case you get lost while embarking on your very own Qoo10 Shopping Quest, Qoo10 has very helpfully prepared this map as a guide for you!

Qoo10 Shopping Quest
Image Credit: Qoo10

 Excited to start shopping? Here’re some of the key highlights to expect on your shopping quest:

  • Flash Deals (offers or a limited time) starting at 10a.m. daily
  • Get up to 500 Qpoints rebates
  • Grand Savers: Up to 90% Off
  • Storewide Shop Promotions: Up to 40% Off
  • New Launches of Official Brand Stores as well as Exclusive Deals!
Qoo10 Day 10.10 Overall
Image Credit: Qoo10

There’s even a daily lottery (1 to 7 October 2018) which you can enter to stand a chance to win 1010 Qpoints!

Qoo10 Day 1010 Lottery
Image Credit: Qoo10

And here are the categories you can expect to shop from while searching for your perfect deal!

Qoo10 Day 1010 Categories
Image Credit: Qoo10

In short, there’re deals on almost everything and for everyone. Yes…

SpongeBob Everyone Meme
Image Credit: imgflip

10.10 shopping has never been more rewarding or perfect!

Shopping 101: How to Shop On Qoo10

New to Qoo10? Not to worry! We got the lovely Alison, a member of our ShopBack Smarter Way Community, to teach you how to shop on Qoo10 the Smarter Way!


If you want more of such useful tips, videos, and access to a lively and helpful community, click here to join now!

Need more comprehensive information about Qoo10? We’ve also put together an Ultimate Guide to Shopping & Saving on Qoo10, which you can refer to (you’re welcome).

Shopping on Qoo10? So simple!

Visa Uncle Sim So Simple
Image Credit: Visa | giphy

Even Uncle Sim would agree…

Sounds great so far? Here’s what else you can expect during this 10.10 Perfect 10 Sale.

 Health & Beauty

DateMerchantWhat to Expect?

1 - 14 Oct


5% Upsized Cashback

12% off with code: HERMOSF13 (Limited to first 1000)

1 - 15 Oct


$10 off (min spend $25) with code: SHOPFESTVANI10

6 - 11 Oct


8% Upsized Cashback

10 Oct


15% Upsized Cashback


DateMerchantWhat to Expect?

1 - 2 Oct

9 - 10 Oct

16 - 17 oct


9% Upsized Cashback

1 - 14 Oct


$15 off (min spend $500) with code: SHOPFEST15ZUJI

3 - 6 Oct


8% Upsized Cashback

7 - 16 Oct

Qatar Airways

2% Upsized Cashback

10 - 12 Oct


Up to 7% Upsized Cashback

10 - 13 Oct

22 - 26 Oct

9% Upsized Cashback

10 - 16 Oct


Up to 6% Upsized Cashback

13 - 14 Oct

10% Upsized Cashback with code: SFOCT10A

29 - 31 Oct


3% Upsized Cashback on packages

Food & Groceries

DateMerchantWhat to Expect?

1 Oct - 31 Dec


New Customers get $10 off (min spend $25) with code: SHOPBACK (Limited to first 1000)

8 - 11 Oct


Up to 8% Upsized Cashback

10 - 12 Oct


Up to 6% Upsized Cashback


DateMerchantWhat to Expect?

Till 6 Oct


15% off with code: FASHIONFIX15

6 - 12 Oct


3.5% Upsized Cashback

7 - 14 Oct

Mr Porter

Up to 8% Upsized Cashback

8 - 11 Oct

Melissa Shoes

10% Upsized Cashback

10 - 12 oct


Up to 7% Upsized Cashback

  • New customers get 10% off with code: SFPEDRO10

Limited time only

Cotton On

11% Upsized Cashback + Free Delivery with code: SGAFFZERODEL

Limited time only


5% Upsized Cashback

Limited time only


7% Upsized Cashback

Limited time only


5% Upsized Cashback


DateMerchantWhat to Expect?

1 Oct - 30 Nov


5% off PCs and monitors with code: SB5OFF

10% off printers/supplies/accessories with code: SB10OFF

10 - 16 Oct


Up to 14% Upsized Cashback

Limited time only


10% off below-mentioned products with code: SHOPFEST18SG

  • Ideacentre AIO 520
  • Legion Y530
  • ThinkPad X1 Tablet (3rd Gen)
  • ThinkPad L480

Entertainment & Others

DateMerchantWhat to Expect?

1 - 31 Oct


2% Upsized Cashback

6 - 10 Oct

Up to 7% Upsized Cashback

10 - 14 Oct

Book Depository

Up to 11% Upsized Cashback

13 - 20 Oct

FWD Insurance

$20 Upsized Cashback on travel insurance

Attention All Foodies: Introducing… ShopBack GO!

Think that’s all for October? Hold up.

As promised, we want to introduce you to… ShopBack GO!

For the benefit of those who can’t believe their eyes, here’s the list of food and beverage brands listed in the teaser:

  • Bangkok Jam
  • Beauty In The Pot
  • Ben & Jerry’s
  • Kith
  • Maki-San
  • Paradise Dynasty
  • Saveur
  • The Daily Cut
  • Tiong Bahru Bakery
  • Yolé

Are any of your favourites listed? No? Don’t worry as there are more brands that will be revealed soon. Other than this, we can’t say much yet… BUT we can share that come 15 October 2018, ShopBack GO will be a foodie’s best friend.

ShopFest Ultimate Experience

You’ve got your shopping carts filled and the important dates flagged in your calendar… Now what?

Well… How about participating in the ShopFest Ultimate Experience for a chance to win awesome prizes like a 3D2N stay at Labuan Bajo, Plataran Komodo Beach Resort + $1000 cashbackMicrosoft Surface Laptops, Japan Rail Passes, and more!

SpongeBob Squarepants & Patrick Star Yay
Image Credit: giphy

How can you participate in the ShopFest Ultimate Experience, you ask? Simple. With every Qualified Order you make, you earn points that unlock levels. And every level you unlock will bring you closer to the prize that you want!

Pro tip: For even more chances to earn points and unlock levels, check ShopBack’s Facebook page and daily newsletters during key dates, in order to find special keys to unlock Treasure Chests via the ShopBack App!

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ShopFest 9.9 Treasure Chest

Shop Even Smarter With ShopBack Cashback Buddy

Afraid that you might forget to click through ShopBack while you’re caught up with all these epic deals and discounts?

Download our ShopBack Cashback Buddy (for desktops and laptops only) to discover stores that offer cashback in your search results, and get notified when cashback is available at the store you’re browsing on.

Peep how easy it is to shop with Cashback Buddy:

Cashback Buddy Step 1

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ShopBack Cashback Buddy Step 2

Click on the “Get Cashback” button to activate your cashback.

ShopBack Cashback Buddy Step 3

Browse and purchase at the store as usual.

ShopBack Cashback Buddy Step 4

Earn cashback on top of scooping up great deals!

What are you planning to buy during the Perfect 10 Sale? Let us know in the comments below!

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