Have you ever visited a restaurant and paid full price, before realising later that you could’ve used a $10 discount voucher? That feeling sucks.

From 10% off your monthly facial treatment, to 1-for-1 lunch promotions at your favourite Japanese restaurant – Singapore is all about making the most bang for your buck. The true problem is when you don’t know how you can find the deals.

Here’s where ShopBack GO comes in handy.

You get to discover any and every deal you need in your life – with up to 50% off and Cashback at over 1000+ partner stores. Additionally, you get to filter merchants by locations near you. There’s bound to be a place where you don’t have to pay the full price for.

TL;DR Comprehensive Guide to ShopBack GO Deals And Promotions

Discover ShopBack GO Deals and Promotions for FREE!

The best part about ShopBack GO is that it is completely free to use. All you have to do is to download the ShopBack app and discover more exclusive deals.

Also, you can also get Cashback to top it off. The more savings, the merrier!

How to Use ShopBack GO?

  1. Sign up for a ShopBack account (skip this step if you’re already a ShopBack user).
  2. Link your preferred payment method(s). Methods include Visa, Mastercard, PayLah, DBS NETS.
  3. Purchase in-app deals to be used later or pay with your linked payment methods when you shop with ShopBack GO partners in-stores. 

how to use shopback go deals

That’s it! Now you’ve earned yourself some discounts and Cashback. If you’re an existing ShopBack user, you can also pay with your available Cashback. Swee lah!

Eat and Shop with ShopBack GO for More Savings

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Film: Clueless (1995)

Yeah, shopping is a real addiction. Be it purchasing items for your daily health and beauty needs, or being a filial child and treat your family to awesome meals this Chinese New Year, these costs can add up to quite the amount. Until I reluctantly look at my expenditures nearing the end of month, I mostly live in blissful ignorance.
shopback go deals merchants

If like me, you dine out and shop frequently, ShopBack GO might be your best buddy. With over 1000+ stores on ShopBack GO, you can definitely save on your daily purchases easily. From dining, fashion, beauty to activities and entertainment, you can find any and every single kind of deal in Singapore.

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