If you’ve been browsing the ShopBack app regularly, you would have noticed a new nifty feature – the ShopBack Vouchers

So… you might wonder, what are those? How do they help you save, on top of the existing Cashback? No fear, because we are here. Read on to clear those gazillion queries you might have in mind regarding ShopBack Vouchers!

What are ShopBack vouchers?

ShopBack Vouchers get you extra discounts when you shop with your favourite merchants. There are plenty of vouchers available to subsidise your purchase and make them more worthwhile. Especially if you’re making a purchase for the first time through ShopBack, the vouchers have an even greater value! 

How do ShopBack vouchers work?

Vouchers can be applied to the promo code field before you checkout in order to enjoy a discount off your purchases. However, a voucher is usually applied to one transaction only and cannot be used together with other vouchers. 

Which stores can you purchase vouchers from?

There are many of our favourite stores you can buy vouchers from, like Zalora, Qoo10, and even GrabFood. Here’s a mega-list of participating brands you can purchase vouchers from! 

Difference between vouchers, promo codes, store Credits

Vouchers vs Promo Codes

Similar to promo codes, vouchers can be applied to the promo code field before you checkout. However, a key difference between vouchers and promo codes is that you often have to hunt or camp for the occasional release of promo codes, whereas ShopBack Vouchers are always available for purchase in the ShopBack app.

Vouchers vs Store Credits

Similar to vouchers, Store credits can be added into your store wallet, and can be deducted on multiple occasions, over multiple purchases. A store credit can be stacked on top of a voucher and Cashback to enjoy additional savings!

How can you buy vouchers?

  1. If you haven’t already, download the ShopBack App on your mobile device
  2. Login to the ShopBack App
  3. Under ‘Explore Categories’, click on the Vouchers icon
  4. Select the voucher from your desired store
  5. Add to cart and pay with your credit card or Cashback (coolest feature in town)
  6. Get Cashback on your purchase instantly! As simple as that!

Refer to the visual guide below for a more comprehensive guide!


Where can you find your vouchers?

  1. On the ShopBack App, click on your profile icon on the top right corner
  2. Click on ‘Deal Purchase to see your full list of vouchers’
  3. Click into the voucher to see the code
  4. Copy the code and click through ShopBack to start shopping!

Refer to the visual guide below for a more comprehensive guide!


Any tips to maximise your savings?

Simply by stacking your vouchers with deals and Cashback!

So how can you stack vouchers with deals and Cashback?

The great thing is that you can use your vouchers or store credits on top of Cashback and enjoy both savings! This means that you can copy your voucher code from the ShopBack App, click through ShopBack to your desired store and start shopping.

The Cashback is applied on the voucher value. So, a $100 ZALORA store credit with 10% Cashback means that you’ll receive $10 (10% x $100 = $10) instant Cashback in your ShopBack account.

With that, we conclude our Ultimate Guide to ShopBack Vouchers 101. Now that you know everything about ShopBack Vouchers, wait no further and put your knowledge to action. Check out our list of stores offering the most value-for-money vouchers here. Hurry and grab those vouchers from your favourite stores and save even more today!

Did we miss out any questions you have? Comment down below and let us know!

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