Just like most of you, I’m working from home. And to be honest, I really don’t mind this new arrangement. I don’t have to wake up early to get to the office or deal with the bustling morning commute. If anything, working from home has actually made my life a whole lot easier.

Of course, everything has its downsides and this is no exception. Working from home poses a whole new set of problems that we have to overcome and the fact that my bed is always calling out to me every few minutes isn’t helping. Settling my meals during this circuit breaker has also been challenging and a bit of a chore. 

As I’m living alone, I turn to food delivery or instant noodles most of the time. Frankly, neither options are healthy for my wallet and body.

Thankfully, ShopBack GO has a cool solution to my meal troubles.

TL;DR: Save money, dabao your own food!

How Do I Use It?

On the ShopBack app, click on the ShopBack To GO banner under Featured Campaigns to view all the restaurants near you with takeaway deals. This way, you can plan where to dabao your meal, save money and support local businesses at the same time!

There’s a wide range of deals to choose from and you can filter the deals based on your location. From 1-for-1 deals to Upsized Cashback, getting food to go has never been easier. 


Good News for Westies in Jurong East!

If you’re like me and live near to Jurong East, you’re in luck! Once you switch your location to Jurong East, you’ll be able to see the deals classified by malls near you like Westgate and JEM. 

Note: this customized view is only currently available in Jurong East.


The categorization based on cuisine and malls makes it a lot easier for me to choose what I feel like eating. By planning what I will takeaway beforehand, I can also minimize my time outdoors.

It’s a win-win situation!


A Safe Yet Adventurous Journey to the West (and what I learned from it)

I thought that it would be better for me to try it out for myself and see how convenient getting takeaway with ShopBack GO really was.

After all, I did need a break from work and going on mini-food trip piqued my interest. Thus, began my journey to the west to fill my already growling stomach.

Always Plan Ahead!

Being the broke intern that I am, my budget is naturally limited. With the Shopback GO app, there are more than enough options that don’t break the bank.

After a couple minutes of scrolling through the endless deals, I had narrowed my choices to either fishball noodles or fried chicken.

Without a doubt, fried chicken takes the cake so I was off to 4 Fingers.


Take The Leap of Faith!

Armed with my surgical mask, I took a short 15 minutes bus ride to JEM. With the current measures in place, the bus was rather empty and every passenger abided to a safe social distance.

JEM was essentially a barren land, like a scene out of Silent Hill but without the gore. The stark contrast in crowds now and a month ago was apparent as I quickly made my way to 4 Fingers.

The queue wasn’t long, and hungry patrons kept to the 1-metre mark on the ground. And it was comforting to see and gave me some assurance that malls and restaurants around are abiding by the essential rules to protect our safety.


Sit Back, Relax & Enjoy!

Ordering and redemption was a breeze as all I had to do was flash the deal on my phone and pay using my linked card.

Perhaps due to a lack of lunch crowd, I got my piping hot fried chicken within minutes.

Not willing to let any minute go to waste, I brisk-walked to the bus station and hopped on the bus to get back home.

The whole journey was a fuss-free and rather calming experience, not a crazy adrenaline-pumping Journey to the West in real life. Instead, what got my heart pumping was the steaming sesame bun and the crispy fried chicken patty as I opened my takeaway box (thankfully I didn’t miss the bus).

Dipping my teeth into the tender burger buns and crunchy fried chicken was the best respite throughout my day. Most importantly, it tackled a problem the void of my house was echoing – my growling stomach.

Besides, enjoying fried chicken over a Netflix during lunch was a needed break from work.

Now, enough of my storytelling and on to how you can enjoy the bliss like I did.

There are exclusive ShopBack GO deals on selected partners during this period of time. From 50% Cashback (yes, half your money back) to meal and 1-for-1 deals to Upsized Cashback, ShopBack GO is here to help you #supportlocal and #supportyourwallet.

Not a Westie? ShopBack GO also partners with many of your favourite restaurants islandwide. Simply, search with your location to see the best you’ve got nearby.

I hope everyone stays safe during this period. And don’t forget to keep a safe social distance and wear your mask when you’re out.

Friendly reminder: some deals can’t be used in conjunction with Cashback. So I’d recommend you check the Terms and Conditions before redeeming them.

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