Siblings, what would we do without them? Regardless of the dynamics of the relationship you have with your siblings, there is a special bond that is shared. The nature of this bond may be different for everyone but there are certain things that never change between siblings. More often than not, the relationship you have with your siblings will be the longest lasting relationship in your life. Despite the bickering when you were younger, the connection between sibling and sibling is a strong one.

Siblings Day
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More crucially, your sibling is often the gatekeeper of your deepest darkest secrets, funny moments and your most embarrassing stories. In light of this, we have compiled a series of short stories from ShopBackers (including one from this writer) to celebrate International Siblings Day!

Joel: My sister might (or might not) have a crush on my friend

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My younger sister is 5 years younger than me. Out of convenience, my parents decided to name her Joey so that I could teach her how to write her name. Although our names are very similar, our personalities could not be more different. My sister is more messy and outgoing while I am more organized and reserved. This plays out when guests come to our house. When her friends come around, I would normally keep to myself and would just briefly greet them. In contrast, when my friends come around, she will take the initiative to make some small talk.

When Christmas came around one year, one of my friends actually gave her a cup as a present. She then told me that my friend was nice. Although there was nothing there, I would take the chance to tease her at every opportunity. As we got older, the banter is stil alive and our bond is something I really treasure. To my sister, if you’re seeing this J is still single ;).

Junel: Dear brother, I will continue to get you into trouble

Siblings Day
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So I have an older brother who’s 8 years older than me and there’s just the two of us. A lot of banter goes on and despite the age gap, we are reasonably close. Other than daily inside jokes that give us belly-aching laughter, I think the most memorable moments with him are the ones when we joke about telling on each other to our parents and grandma. You know, like how kids will scream “Mummy! Kor kor never bathe!” To their parents to get their older brother scolded? Yeah, I mean that.

As two grown people, doing this really cracks us up all the time. I remember one time when we were eating at my grandma’s place, mini-bickering over space on the sofa as per usual that my brother blurted out “Mama (grandma), girl girl 跟我打架 (is picking a fight with me!)” Then, my grandma immediately turned and shouted at me, visibly annoyed, “你为什么要跟他吵,去坐那边!” banishing me to the other sofa we both didn’t like. At that moment, we both burst into laughter at how my grandma really scolded us like the kids we were in the past, and how this trick works every time to land the other person in trouble. I think I’ll miss moments like these when my brother gets married in a couple of years, and when life starts getting more hectic for myself. I truly do cherish the bond we share and I know for a fact that this is hard to come by even between family sometimes. To my Bro, if you are seeing this: happy siblings day. I hate you.

Cheryl: How I get my brother to blow dry my hair

International Siblings Day


As a kid, I was always pining for a younger sibling, and my parents were trying really hard for a second child as well. And sure enough, my little brother came along – almost a decade later – nine years after me, to be exact. He made me believe good things really come to those who wait.

Because of our age gap, I was always very protective of him. But somewhere along the road, the roles were reversed; and he took care of me more than I did of him. This happens in many little ways. Whenever I’m out till late, he would text to ask if I’m hungry and prepare supper for me as I make my way back. He always got my back, and even in the literal sense, whenever I need a backrub ??

Just last night, I was in his room with my hair dripping wet after my shower. We had a deja vu moment as he helped to towel-dry my hair, as we both recalled a photo I posted of us when he blow-dried my hair when he was younger. We spent the next 15 minutes digging out this photo taken in 2013 – and guess what? Even our shirts’ colors were the same.

TLDR; Some things really never change. And a sibling’s bond is one of them :).

Georgia: Maybe my friends love my sister more than they love me

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My friends seem to all think my sister is super cool (and wise beyond her years — she’s 6 years younger than me). And so my friends and I would plan a brunch buffet or a bbq and we’ll need to round out the numbers and they’ll just automatically ask her. True story.

Conversely, her friends seem to think I’m cool and therefore a little intimidating (I’m really not), even when they spot me on the streets — and this has happened before — they don’t say hello. Instead, they text my sister telling her about it. It’s like they spotted a rare lion in the wild that don’t dare to approach. It’s almost as if I bite.

I’m not sure how this happened, but in the end, my sister has managed to befriend my friends from my Poly days and my Uni days. It has gotten to the point where she even plays Dungeons and Dragons together with my friends and me, and practices violin with my friend from Hall. So I guess even though I’ll never admit it to her face, I’ll have to say that my sister is probably my best friend.

Marta: The year I and my sister decided to troll Christmas

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My sister and I are only 1.5 years apart in age. We basically grew up together and were partners in crime for everything: studying, playing and getting into trouble often.

This one year, a couple of decades ago (yes, I’m that old), we decided to troll Christmas.  In our household, it is a tradition to decorate a Christmas tree and include a Nativity scene next to it. That particular year, my mom misplaced her Nativity scene figurines and was planning to buy new ones.

When the time came to decorate the tree for that year, we didn’t have a new Nativity scene yet so I and my sister decided to take upon ourselves to create our own. We had the brilliant idea of using our Barbie dolls as figurines. We had one Ken doll to play Joseph and a few blond Barbies to complement the rest: Mary, baby Jesus, and the 3 Wise Men. Afterward, we gave the dolls new outfits and new haircuts.

Although we were missing the traditional stable animals to complete the scene, we went through with the idea. I still remember my mother’s shocked face when she saw the oversize blond Barbie as baby Jesus laying in a makeshift crib. This was probably the weirdest looking Nativity scene ever but we were so proud of our creation. The rest of the family loved it so we kept it until end of December.

Rest assured, we weren’t allowed to take part in the Christmas decoration in the years to come. The best part of having a sibling? You get to be silly together and make good memories.

How to Celebrate Siblings Day

Although we should love our siblings all year round, we all need a reminder sometimes Here are a few suggestions as to how you can celebrate international siblings day.

  1. Hug your sibling! (Or mess their hair. it is up to you!)
  2. Spend some quality time with them. (Call them if they are away)
  3. Feed your sibling. A nice dinner is always welcomed.
  4. Buy your sibling a gift and save money from Zalora or over 300+ other merchants via ShopBack.
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