In our quest to show you the Smarter Way to do almost everything from how to choose and buy a TV to the appropriate wedding angbao rates to gift. We realised that amongst online shoppers, there’s an urgent need to help those who often scream stuff like, “ARGH!!! I didn’t know that (insert name of store or merchant) is on ShopBack!!!”, or “WHAT?! ShopBack has a coupon that gives me a 50% DISCOUNT?” till they’re hoarse.

Or worse.

When your friend tells you that you could’ve gotten cashback on your travel arrangements and accommodations for your round the world trip if only you had clicked through ShopBack… AFTER you already paid for it.

Cashback Headache
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To save you from future headaches and other medical ailments, we’re here to let you know that there’s an easier way to:

  • Be notified and activate cashback directly at more than 500 online stores
  • Get access to more than a thousand coupons with just a click
  • Discover cashback via search engine results
  • Easily view your cashback anytime

Yep, all you need to do is download the ShopBack Cashback Button and you’ll never miss out on cashback whenever you shop online! Want to save yourself from agony? Read on to find out more!

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What Exactly Is The ShopBack Cashback Button?

The ShopBack Cashback Button is literally a button on your browser that allows you to earn cashback at over 500 online stores with just a click. Whenever you visit your favourite store, the Cashback Button will let you know if and how much cashback is available and lets you get your cashback with… You guessed it. A simple click of the button.

ShopBack Cashback Buddy

And if you do a search through browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, you’ll even discover stores that you never knew had cashback! Note: as cool as this Cashback Button sounds, it’s only for desktops and laptops.

How Do I Install The ShopBack Cashback Button?

Step 1: Download The Button

Click here to download the Cashback Button for your browser. And just in case you’re unsure of what the process is like, we’ve included step-by-step instructions to guide you.

  • For Google Chrome Users

Click on “Add To Chrome”.

ShopBack Cashback Button Chrome

You will be redirected to the Chrome Web Store. Click on “Add to Chrome”.

ShopBack Cashback Button Chrome 1

Click on “Add extension”.

ShopBack Cashback Button Chrome 2


A red button will be added next to your browser’s search bar upon successful installation. And it’ll look like this:

ShopBack Cashback Button Chrome 3

  • For Mozilla Firefox Users

Click on “Add To Firefox” and you’ll be redirected to the Firefox Add-ons Page.

ShopBack Cashback Button Firefox

Next, click on “Add to Firefox”.

ShopBack Cashback Button Firefox 1

Click on “Add”.

ShopBack Cashback Button Firefox 2

A red button will be added next to your browser’s search bar upon successful installation. Like so:

ShopBack Cashback Button Firefox 3

Step 2: Create Or Login To Your Account

Once you’ve successfully installed the Cashback Button, you’ll be redirected to this page:

Create An Account

If you don’t already have a ShopBack account, signing up will take you less than 9 seconds (Writer’s note: Naturally, your typing speed and accuracy will affect the amount of time you take to do this. Want a challenge? Try beating my time. Heh.)

Already have an account with us? Just log in, and you’re good to go!

What Is The ShopBack Cashback Button Good For?

Now that you’ve installed our nifty button in your browser, you might be wondering: what’s the ShopBack Cashback Button good for?

  1. Cashback Notifier

When you get to a store and notice that the button is blinking, it means that cashback is available for the store you are browsing on. Simply click on “Activate Cashback”.

Cashback Buddy Step 1

Once Cashback is activated, the button will turn green and this means that cashback is currently being tracked.

ShopBack Cashback Buddy Step 2

Browse and purchase at the store as usual. And you’ll earn cashback! Bonus: You don’t ever need to click through ShopBack’s website again!

ShopBack Cashback Buddy Step 3

It takes up to 48 hours for cashback to be processed. Subsequently, it will be reflected in your ShopBack account.

ShopBack Cashback Buddy Step 4

You will also receive an email notification, once your cashback has been successfully credited to your ShopBack account!

  1. Cashback Button Status

The ShopBack Cashback Button has a few statuses which you might see from time to time:

  • Blinking Button indicates that cashback is available at the store you’re browsing on. Simply click on “Activate Cashback” button to earn your cashback!

Blinking Button

  • Green Button indicates that ShopBack cashback is activated. All you need to do is shop and earn cashback!

Green Button

  • Neutral Button indicates that ShopBack cashback is not applicable at the store YET. But we definitely hope to bring it to you soon! (Let us know if your favourite store is not with us!)

Neutral Button

  1. Cashback Button Menu

The “Top Stores” option allows you to easily browse ShopBack’s stores and see the cashback available. Just click on a store that interests you and you’re on your way to earning cashback on your next purchase.

Zalora Screengrab 1

Clicking on the “My Account” option gives you convenient access to your ShopBack account! That’s where you can find out how much cashback you have accumulated and even cash it out to your Paypal or preferred bank account when your redeemable amount hits $10!

Zalora Screengrab 2


  1. Search Engine Notifier

With the ShopBack Cashback Button, you can easily discover stores that offer cashback via ShopBack in your search results. So if you happen to be shopping for say… Floral pants. This is what you’ll see in your search results:

Floral Pants Screenshot

Makes deciding which store to go to that much easier huh?

Download The ShopBack Cashback Button To Stay Healthy And Earn Cashback

(Editor’s note: All medical data and advice dispensed by the writer should not be taken seriously.)

Statistically, the rate of sore throats amongst online shoppers fell by 99 per cent after they started using the Cashback Button. Loyal ShopBack users have also reported a drastic decrease in:

  • Chest pains from missing out on potential cashback
  • Gnashing of teeth in frustration
  • Headaches caused by missing out on a ShopBack exclusive coupon code
  • Sleepless nights after paying for air tickets and accommodation without clicking through ShopBack

Pictured below is a re-enactment of what happens when someone shops online without the Cashback Button, and forgets to click through ShopBack before paying:

Michael Scott Frustrated
Image Credit: giphy

In fact, health professionals have recommended downloading the Cashback Button as it:

  • Exercises your index finger because you’ll be clicking more often to activate cashback on so many online shops
  • Helps you feel happier because you’re getting paid while you shop
  • Promotes a daily, healthy habit of online shopping

(Editor’s note: End of writer’s rubbish. ::rolls eyes::)

But seriously. The ShopBack Cashback Button is a total lifesaver. Don’t suffer from a bad case of FOMO…

ShopBack Cashback Button FOMO
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Download the ShopBack Cashback Button now!

PSA: 11.11 is just around the corner and you will need the ShopBack Cashback button for your Taobao shopping. For the easiest way to shop on Taobao and earn Cashback while you’re at it, check Step 3 in our Taobao shopping guide.

Have you installed the ShopBack Cashback Button yet? What do you like most about it? Let us know in the comments below!

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