In today’s age, the convenience of shopping online comes as the greatest perks for any shoppers. From fashion apparel to groceries to your next travel booking and the latest tech gadgets, everything you need is right at your fingertips.

If you love shopping online, then I bet you’re gonna love the ShopBack Button that scours the web and automatically applies the best coupons, discounts and Cashback for you – every single time you shop.

For the Newbies, here’s the easiest way to get Cashback

By now, the shopaholics amongst us would know what ShopBack is. But for those who don’t, ShopBack allows you to earn real cash every time you shop and eat. From booking your next adventure to snatching the latest tech buys and shopping for your favourite fashion and beauty brands, you get to earn Cashback for all your purchases via ShopBack!

If you have not registered for a ShopBack account, here are 2 easy steps to sign up for one:

Step 1: Click here and go to the Signup page

Step 2: Register for a ShopBack account via your Email Address (click “Use Email Address”) or via your Facebook account (click “Facebook”)

Additional note: If you are signing up via the ShopBack app, ensure that then correct country domain is selected at the bottom of the sign-up page (Example: You are in Singapore)

What is the ShopBack Cashback Button?

We like to call it the “button”. It’s the simplest and most effortless way to earn Cashback for your purchases. Basically, it automatically finds, tests AND applies the best promo codes to your cart when you shop.

To get started, follow the 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Install ShopBack Button within seconds – just 2 clicks, and it’s 100% FREE.

Step 2: Shop as per normal

  • We do the sourcing, you do the shopping. We’ll find you the Internet’s best deals, cashback and promo codes. Basically, the BIGGEST savings.

Step 3: Save Instantly

  • In just one click, activate Cashback to your cart and watch the button turn green! We will notify you of the best promo codes that are applicable.

Yes, it is that easy. The Cashback Button even helps you find discount codes and coupons of promotions that you might not know about. So it really is a zero-effort, highly efficient way to rake in those discounts and savings!

How to use the ShopBack Cashback Button on Travel Bookings

Simply head to your usual booking sites such as and you will see a prompt on the top right corner of your Chrome browser.

Click to activate your Cashback and watch the magic happen!]

Go ahead and make your travel bookings and we’ll take care of your cashback!


Already a ShopBack user? 

Even better. Never miss a Cashback again with the Cashback Button! A little fun fact here – the top saver of 2019 saved 40% MORE with the ShopBack Cashback Button than the average user! Here’s what our top savers have to say about the ShopBack Button:


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