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Grand Hotel Europa, Naples City, Italy

Grand Hotel Europa, Naples City, Italyimage credit:

The Grand Hotel Europa has that worn quality that tourists love. It has that authentic European feel right in the heart of Italy, and that’s why it’s one of the must-visit hotels if you want that pleasant, rustic feel. Once you step in, however, you will surely appreciate the extremely-clean rooms, and the modern decorations that line the internal furnishings. You also get free Wi-Fi in the public areas, as well as free Wi-Fi and even wired Internet access in the rooms.

Grand Hotel Europa, Naples City, Italyimage credit:

Waking up to a free hot/cold buffet breakfast every day is what you can expect from the Grand Hotel Europa. A restaurant, bar lounge and coffee shop reflects the very same traditional European quality. Likewise, the rooms have all the features of great three-star rustic hotels on And if you need a little childcare, Grand Hotel Europa has that covered with supervised childcare activities.

Grand Hotel Europa, Naples City, Italyimage credit:

Take the time to enjoy that romantic evening in your newly-made room with great room service, while your children are being cared for. For just SGD 94 per night, the Grand Hotel Europa has everything comfortable and awesome you would want from a quiet and rustic European hotel.

Chateau La Chaire, St. Martin, United Kingdom

Chateau La Chaire, St. Martin, United Kingdomimage credit:

Want a more distinct European “mansion” feel, but not something terribly dated? The Chateau La Chaire fits that dynamic well. It’s a 4 star hotel near a beach that is quiet and simply perfect for spending that afternoon with loved ones, complete with a great fish meal and smooth wine. One of the greatest sights you can see from the dining area is something truly majestic – The Famous Gardens of Chateau La Chaire, which had and still has the finest flora, all designed by famous botanist and former director of the equally famous Kew Gardens in Britain, Samuel Curtis. The gardens make for an interesting walk, providing an excellent view of the Ecrehous and the Coast of France.

Chateau La Chaire, St. Martin, United Kingdomimage credit:

Once you step into the wood furnished interiors, you can immediately see just why the Chateau La Chaire is worth the visit. You get that grand British ambience, and furnishings to bring you back in time, but still feel refreshingly clean. The 24 hour front-desk seeks to assist you with every need, as you head up into the individually decorated and furnished rooms.

rustic bedroomimage credit:

Car rentals on site are available if you fancy a little shopping, or sightseeing. If you love the James Bond movies, the grandeur of the Chateau La Chaire will remind you of that. For SGD 223 per night from, down from the usual SGD 271, heading there is not the expensive affair that you imagined it to be.

Hotel Bigallo, Florence, Italy

Hotel Bigallo, Florence, Italyimage credit:

When it comes to surroundings for rustic or boutique hotels, the Hotel Bigallo has one of the best. A Duomo (an Italian term for an Italian Cathedral Church) of Santa Maria del Flore stands right in front of the hotel as one of the nearest attractions you can head to, and it’s simply a five minute walk down the incredibly historic road of Vicolo Degli Adimari. The bustling scene is one of the best features of the locale, with always accessible bars and restaurants in the area. All of it feels really perfect for a week with the family.

charming sitting areaimage credit:

But the extremely grand interiors of the hotel is what pushes the accommodation over the top. The furnishings are reminiscent of a great Italian design, juxtaposed with British-style decor that makes for a great fusion of styles that add up to something unmistakably European.

For just SGD 208 per night, we get accommodation that feels more like five-star hotel rooms than what the price suggests, and you even get perks like a Dry-cleaning/laundry service to top off a premium Florence experience.

Le Lion d’Or, Calvados, France

Le Lion d'Or, Calvados, Franceimage credit:

Quaint, and undoubtedly rustic, this genteel hotel delivers awesome French ambience. Many people who booked through has given it great reviews due to its very comfortable lodgings, historic D-Day vibe and friendly, helpful staff. A lavish breakfast buffet awaits all esteemed visitors downstairs every morning, as they wake from their very charming rooms:

hotel roomimage credit:

Free Wi-Fi is included with every room, and the beds have been a great hit for everyone who has visited the Le Lion d’Or – Comfortable and impressively soft. But heading out of the hotel, you have plenty of attractions in the heart of Bayreux to make staying in the room the last thing that you would want to do.

France Calvados Honfleur portimage credit: Pinpin | 

And the town is truly where history will impress and make it all worthwhile – the storehouses bear the ‘scars’ of World War 2, but they still hold restaurants where you can enjoy delightful European cuisine. The cool French breeze will accompany you, walking along the harbour, as you take in the classic and antiquated architecture. brings you this incredibly comfortable hotel and trademark France holiday activities for SGD 174 per night

Hotel Las Nieves, Granada, Spain

Hotel Las Nieves, Granada, Spainimage credit:

Finally, when it comes to classic European bed & breakfast locations, it’s hard to overlook the Hotel Las Nieves, in the heart of Granada, Spain, where it lies. Its architecture is almost an anti-thesis of Italy’s grander designs, with its more contemporary Spanish architecture. The 30 guest rooms are plentiful for an impulse visit, and the allure of nearby Spanish neighbourhoods makes the locale perfect for a long cultural trip as well. Wineries and breweries, along with classic Spanish restaurants and cuisines, make for great wine-and-delicacy outings.

Hotel Las Nieves, Granada, Spainimage credit:

The interiors have the scale of a bed & breakfast, but instead it gains a cozy aspect that even few recognized bigger hotels lack. The extremely helpful staff is one of the reasons why tourists always have that comfortable stay. For just SGD 82 per night, has won over travelers’ hearts yet again.

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