When you make resolutions you want to accomplish them, simple as that. No one makes resolutions for the sake of making them. Making ones we are unable to keep year after year is like returning to the same, old position of self-defeat – depressing and highly demoralizing.

But you highly motivated individuals already know this, don’t you? You probably achieved more in the last year than some achieve in their lifetime…

Okay, lets bring ourselves back down to boring reality and allow me to show you what impressive-looking pieces of technology can help get some of your overdue work done and some of your new projects to boot. Getting some fast, efficient work machines will bode well with the productivity.

And there’s nothing that will aid you more than your smartphone. It is always on you; in your pockets, on the go, on the bus, overseas – it is literally your personal helper. All the tools are there to help you organize your life, your work and everything in-between.

People used to proclaim Apple’s iOS as the most-lag-free operating system for their everyday use, but Google’s wonderfully versatile Android platform has made the proper leaps and bounds to become a capable equivalent. Now iOS and Android are on an even keel that anyone wanting a good smartphone these days can’t go wrong with either.


Having used or tested all the major manufacturers’ flagship phones, I must confirm that the competition is tighter than ever. It has come to a point where all the top phones in the market have surpassed that singular standard of quality necessary for daily use.

Here are the respective flagships:

Apple – iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus

HTC – M8

Sony – Xperia Z3

Samsung – Samsung Galaxy Note 4

LG – G3

Huawei – Ascend Mate 7

You will want to give all of these phones a little shake and play-through at a carrier store, or any of the tech mega-stores in Singapore. Get accustomed to the sizes and go through the user interfaces. Going through phones can soon go beyond just a hobbyist routine for you; it is when you can see which smartphone feels like a daily device for you in terms of smoothness and handability.

If you are the kind of experienced shopper who then wants to purchase their selections through the Internet, and also desires some of the best in-store experiences online, Apple and Courts are choices you can’t go wrong with. Checking out with your purchases in those two sites is extremely straightforward and bug-free. You will never get frustrated or fight with tiresome webpages on those two.

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Want the biggest selections? Challenger and Lazada delivers them in spades. Want to find the most diverse accessories? Rakuten is where you want to be. Want to get further discount deals with your phones? Groupon will bring a smile to your face.

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In all the shopping excitement, just remember: the moment a phone feels slow and unwieldy it’s never going to help your productivity. Instead, you will eventually fight against it, ESPECIALLY when you need to get that crucial call to go through or bring up that all-important note for your work meeting.

Thankfully, all the phones mentioned above have proven their chops and passed the test when it comes to usability, durability and speed (or all-of-the-above).

Universal work apps that exist on both platforms are plentiful. Evernote is great for note-taking that syncs across most platforms, and with Microsoft having released their mobile Office app that is free to use, phones can pretty much do all the basic office work, emailing, word processing and more.


Traditional computers have become strange “beasts” these days. They are becoming increasingly more powerful – faster processing speeds with more cores for multi-tasking (and productivity) and better graphics processing units. But they are getting smaller form factors in laptops and becoming more accessible.


Needless to say, a good laptop is what you should look for to spruce up your productivity. You bring it around with you and, given impressive battery life, you will be doing pretty much everything you can do on a regular desktop computer, barring more extensive 3D graphics editing.

But you will be all-set with standard Word documents and Excel spreadsheets, running on Microsoft’s Windows, often the common denominator for working professionals in Singapore.

The Asus Vivobook (S451L) is a good machine to start with, as it has the latest Haswell Intel i7 processor, and decent graphics performance with Nvidia’s Geforce 840M. In addition, it has a touch screen that ensures you can get good pointing performance with your fingers in the absence of a mouse. The performance is always smooth and lag-free but for me, the trump card is the consistent 6 hour battery life when unplugged, letting you work on the road for long periods in-between charging.


Now that you are on top of your work with such efficient tech gear, you will definitely feel more confident about fulfilling your resolutions. So, what about that one pack in your belly you want to turn into six?


Maybe there are some resolutions in your New Year that takes more than good technology to achieve…


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