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Slowly but surely, online grocery shopping giants like RedMart are changing the way we do our groceries. Instead of having to jostle with other customers and struggling with trolley loads of groceries like the dog in the gif. RedMart offers a more convenient solution. In fact, this solution is catching fire in Singapore. According to the Singapore Business Review, the Singapore online grocery market is set to grow exponentially, tripling in size by 2020. Although online grocery shopping accounts for 1.2% of the grocery market, this is set to rise to 4% by 2020 with the Lazada backed online grocer leading the charge. This revolution may seem slow, but it is growing fast and for good reason. As such, here are five reasons why you should shop at RedMart and revolutionize the way you grocery shop.

 1. Convenience

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When you do online grocery shopping with RedMart, the main draw is that you do not need to leave the house to do your groceries. Shopping on RedMart eliminates the hassles of traditional grocery shopping. With everything done online, you can easily comb through RedMart’s entire catalog 24/7 without even needing to put on your pants. Personally, this is a Godsend as I can do everything from the comfort of home without the need to sheepishly ask the staff where things are kept. In addition, delivery times can be adjusted for your schedule so you can plan your other commitments around the delivery. RedMart delivers to you seven days a week, including weekends and public holidays from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. What’s more, you can choose your preferred two-hour delivery slot by reserving it for 60 minutes or during the checkout process.

2. Beat the Queues with RedMart

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Although queuing for delicious food is one of the national pastimes, queuing for groceries does not quite have the same payoff. Rather, shopping for groceries can be a rather miserable experience, especially during peak hours. If you don’t live near to a supermarket, getting there can be quite the hassle. You will probably need to queue for the bus if you take public transport or queue for parking space if you drive. When you finally reach the supermarket, the whole ordeal has just begun.

Once you have your list out, you would have to gingerly weave your trolley through the insanely crowded aisles and fight with the aunties for the things on sale. After getting your groceries, there is another round of queuing at the checkout to pay the cashier and drag all those bags home. Having had my fair share of shopping at supermarkets, I am left physically and mentally drained after this whole process. Alternatively, with RedMart, all this hassle avoided for a low cost. Delivery is free on orders above $100. For LiveUp members, on top of the benefits you get on Lazada, Netflix, UberEats, and Taobao you get to enjoy free delivery above $40. Furthermore, there is a RedMart promo where first-time orders above $40 will be eligible for free delivery.

3. Fresher Groceries

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In addition, shopping online for groceries will ensure that you get fresher food. This is due in large part to the shortened supply chain that positively impacts freshness and quality. This is mainly due to two factors.

Less Handling Overall

Firstly, RedMart has a quality promise which they fulfill by minimizing contact on the product. From the start to the end of the ordering and delivery process, the product is handled as little as possible. Plus, you won’t have any aunties pinching and scrutinizing your produce before you buy it. On top of this, RedMart utilizes the latest technology to optimize their supply chain to ensure your food stays fresh.

Consistently Cold

Secondly, unlike traditional supermarkets where food moves between the supplier and the supermarket; RedMart’s food is kept consistently cold. From start to finish, the produce that arrives at your house is kept at the best temperature all the way from the warehouse to the delivery truck.

On top of this, RedMart has a freshness guarantee. If you are not satisfied with RedMart’s fresh produce in any way, simply fill up a form and send it to the self-service support center.

4. Health Benefits

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In addition, online grocery shopping has added health benefits as well. Many a back problem has been caused by carrying too many heavy things. This is especially so when you have to lug around a large number of groceries to and fro from the supermarket to your house. Additionally, when you buy groceries online you are less likely to be susceptible to impulse buys. Studies have shown that you are less likely to be tempted to buy junk food as you would not be physically at the supermarket to be tempted.

5. Pricing

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With RedMart, you will be able to save money on its Price Match Guarantee. When you find an identical non-promotional product that is being sold by a competitor that has a lower price than RedMart, you are entitled to compensation. Be sure to do this within 7 days of buying your product to get two times the difference. Additionally, the online grocer actually adopts a bundle pricing system, so the more products you buy, the cheaper it’ll be. Perfect for those that buy in bulk.

Convinced? Order your online groceries now!

If you remain unconvinced by these compelling reasons to shop on RedMart, here is something more.

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