Our favourite day of October, 10.10, is here, and the list of stores on sale and offering mind-blowing discounts is so long that is hard to keep track. We narrowed down the list of products with special discounts on Qoo10 so you can easily find the best deals. Let’s get down to business.


We listed here the top products on sale on Qoo10 during this period so you can refer to it quickly and get all the great deals on time. You can expect to find the products below with discounts up to 70%.

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Best selling Products with Big Discounts During 10.10

Note: all items mentioned below will be listed on ShopBack’s 10.10 page.

1. Puma Suede Series

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The Puma Suede became an iconic sneaker. Practical and stylish, these sneakers were created in the late 60’s to be used on track field events but soon became an everyday fashion item. Fast forward to today, you now get Puma Suedes in different colours and designs. Although there are quite a few Suede models that came out of successful collaborations of Puma with artists and designers, their Classic model is still the best selling sneaker. Treat yourself to a pair of Puma Suedes this 10.10.

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  • They usually sell at $99.90 on Qo110. Expect this price to drop by almost half.

2. SK-II RNA Eyecream 15g

Image credit: Qoo10

Here is the best selling SK-II skincare product that will help you get rid of those pesky dark circles and fine lines around the eyes. This SK-II eyecare product also does a great job at brightening and moisturising the area around your eyes. This cream has a worldwide fandom and is often compared to more expensive skincare brands such as La Mer and La Prairie.

  • Original price averages $149. You will find it much cheaper during 10.10.

3. QV Gentle Wash 1L x 2

Image credit: Qoo10

If you are looking for a soap-free cleanser, QV Gentle Wash is a good quality and affordable option. This light cleanser with a PH-balanced formula doesn’t make your skin dry and won’t block your pores. QV Gentle Wash is suitable for skin prone to dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis.

  • Look for bundles of this Cleanser on 10.10. The 1L bottle usually sells for $33.50.

4. JBL 951BT Bluetooth Wireless Headphone

Image credit: Qoo10

A good pair of headphones is an excellent investment to listen to your favourite music and podcasts during the commute, chill with some ambience music at the office or block noisy kids on flights. The 951BT Bluetooth Wireless Headphone have up to 5 hours of battery life, an original design and offer high-quality sound for a very friendly price.

Its full price is $49.90 on Qoo10.

5. PowerPac 1.8L 4-in-1 Multi-Pot

PowerPac 1.8L 4-in-1 Multi-Pot
Image credit: Qoo10

Weekdays are always packed with work, picking up kids from school, trying to exercise, you name it. Do you often feel like there isn’t much time left to cook a sumptuous and healthy meal for the family? This multi-pot can help with that. With three different layers, you can easily cook different dishes in one go for a nutritious and delicious meal. You can also use it to cook lunch in advance for the next day. This is a super easy way to save time and some money by packing food instead of eating out.

  • Costs $39.90 in regular days must expect the price to fall this 10.10.

6. EuropAce Air Fryer

Image credit: Qoo10

What is the best way to make truffle fries at home? Get an Air Fryer. No more spending money on overpriced truffle fries! If you like to eat your fried food once in a while, make it a little healthier by using an air fryer that doesn’t require cooking with too much oil. The EuropAce is a great addition to your kitchen appliances: it is light and compact, with a sleek design and easy to clean.

  • The EuropAce Air Fryer sells typically at $69.90 at Qoo10.

7. Xiaomi Air purifier 2S/ 2S PRO

Xiaomi Air purifier 2S/ 2S PRO
Image credit: Qoo10

The air quality inside your home matters and an air purifier can assist you with that. This Xaomi Air purifier has Wi-fi connectivity and allows you to control it remotely from the Mi Home app. The newer 2S Pro model has a bigger OLED display, which shows real-time air quality, temperature and humidity. You can keep your Air Purifier 2S switched on during the entire day, as the device adjusts the speed of the fan automatically depending on the pollution levels. Quite useful, right?

  • This small piece of technology is usually sold at $168. You can save up if you get it during 10.10.

8. [Promotional Offer] Xiaomi MiJia RoboRock Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2 with Local Warranty

Image credit: Qoo10

Here is another time-saver: free yourself from one more domestic task with a robot vacuum. No more vacuum the house over the weekend! Set the Xiaomi MiJia RoboRock Robot Vacuum to clean your house every day and save the precious time to do more exciting stuff on your free time. This robot vacuum scans its surroundings 360 degrees to correctly map out the area until it is all clean and without missing any corners. This device also comes with a 2-in-1 functionality of vacuum, with a washable HEPA filter, and mop. Similarly to the Air purifier, you can easily control your vacuum from the MI Home App in your phone.

  • If $588 sounds like a steep investment, check Qoo10 during the 10.10 sale to get it at a discounted price.

Treat yourself, shop Qoo10 without regrets

This list is a small example of all the hugely discounted products you can get at Qoo10 during the 10.10 sales campaign. There are many more best selling products on offer until 11 October.

We won’t spoil the surprise by revealing exactly what is the discount amount. What we can say is that you should head to Qoo10 page asap, so you don’t miss any of the deals.

Do come here and share all your great 10.10 buys. We want to know all you got and how much you saved!

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