One of the largest online shopping malls in Singapore, Qoo10 aims to satisfy your quest for ‘Every need, Every want, Every day’. From makeup, to fashion, magazines and home appliances, there is nothing you can’t find on Qoo10. Coupled with special discounts and a great loyalty system, it’s not hard to see why Qoo10 is one of the most searched for online marketplaces in Singapore (that’s 450,000 searches a month by the way!)

And it is in this same excitement that perhaps brings about a series of typos! For one, if you’re not a Qoo10 veteran like us, it can be easy to mistake the alphabetical ‘o’ for the numerical ‘0’.

Here are some amusing typos!

Thankfully, all of these Google searches will bring up Qoo10’s main website, so you are never too far from the right track.

1. Qo10

2. Q10

3. QQ10

4. Q100

5. Q0100

6. Qoo100

7. Qoo1

8. Qo100

9. Q010

10. Qpp10

Here is the story behind the name Qoo10 so you won’t make another typo ever again!

How did the name Qoo10 originate?

Image of Qoo10 with their mascot and slogan
Image Credits: Qoo10 Singapore

Previously known as Gmarket, the e-Commerce site rebranded to Qoo10 (pronounced as “Q ten”) in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Japan back in 2012. The move was a challenge to establish itself as a leading Asian online marketplace.

Q‘ stands for ‘Quest‘, meaning the customer’s quest for fun and shopping.

The two alphabet ‘oo‘ represent a pair of eyes, always roaming and ‘searching‘.

Last but not least, the ‘10‘ stands for ‘perfection and completeness‘.

Putting these elements together and you get Qoo10! With this in mind, you will be able to search up the site with ease.

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