With the ever-growing popularity of music streaming, nearly everyone can enjoy their favourite tunes anywhere and everywhere. Launched in 2008, Spotify is arguably, the biggest online music streaming platform, and has become ubiquitous with music streaming.

With Spotify, users are able to create their own playlists and make them available for the Spotify community. Furthermore, Spotify also curates their own playlists and sorts them into various genres and moods. It is extremely convenient for music lovers to simply click on a playlist and have a whole new list of songs to discover. There are also playlists that are curated to your listening habits, and a yearly or weekly roundup of your favourite tunes.

With the Circuit Breaker measures in place, most of us will be working from home in the upcoming month. To keep things from getting dreary and mundane, here are 10 Spotify playlists (tried and tested personally) that will give you a productivity boost!


1. Lo-Fi Beats

Anyone who uses TikTok will be familiar with this genre of music. The signature off-beat tempo and chill vibes make it a great choice when you need to work with some music. There are no vocals in the songs which helps you focus on your work instead of getting distracted and belting those Beyoncé songs.

But if you’re looking for some light vocals, artistes like Kina and Shiloh will be right up your alley.


2. Peaceful Piano

This one is for the times when you just want to bash your head into the keyboard. Work can get frustrating at times, but this playlist is sure to get you right back into the grind in no time. De-stress and find that productivity spark as you relax to the melodies.


3. Work From Home

It would be pretty ironic if I didn’t include a Work From Home playlist in an article about music for working from home. Titled “Work From Home”, this playlist is filled with hits that will give you a much-needed energy boost to push on through the day. From old-school Maroon 5 tunes to Ariana Grande’s latest hits, there’s something here for everyone.


4. Deep Focus

If post-rock is your kind of music, then this will be your go-to playlist. The occasional electric guitar blends in nicely with the peaceful ambience music and creates a soothing pace that flows throughout the playlist.

And as the name suggests, I focused better with this playlist, especially with a good pair of wireless earbuds.


5. Feel-Good Indie Rock

Indie rock is an interesting genre that is as diverse as it is unique. It doesn’t really have a distinct guideline but as with all Indie music – you’ll know it when you hear it. The soft rock amidst a relaxing road trip vibe is extremely enjoyable and definitely helped with my creative thinking process.


6. Coffee Table Jazz

Imagine yourself sitting in a cafe bustling with people, with the afternoon sun shining on your table and sipping on a fine cup of coffee as you do your work.

That’s basically what this playlist is all about. While we can’t physically be at a cafe, it doesn’t hurt to imagine! The uplifting jazz tunes and soulful vocals help to chase the stay home blues away.


7. RapCavier

Love it or hate it, rap is a very polarising genre of music. Some swear by it, while others think it is way too noisy and you can’t understand a thing. Surprisingly, I’ve found that the energy and aggressive tempo to rap music had kept me more focused than I expected. Of course the same cannot be said for everyone and what worked for me may not work for you. But give it a shot, you might very well be surprised.


8. Mellow Beats

For those who want a change from the usual classical piano songs, this unique blend of piano, hip-hop and jazz could be what you’re looking for. Featuring artistes like Toonorth as well as the late Nujabes, the upbeat tempo of this playlist make sure you’re always focused and ready push through your workday.


9. Disney Piano

The Disney franchise is full of hit songs and catchy tunes, but belting out A Whole New World while at your workstation might not be the best idea if you’re easily distracted. That’s why the Disney Piano playlist gives you the best of both worlds by letting you enjoy Disney classics while staying focused due to the lack of vocals. Of course, there’s no harm in singing a line or two of your favourite Disney song should you feel like it!


10. John Mayer – Top Tracks

Maybe it’s just me, but there’s something very soothing about John Mayer’s music. From old songs like Gravity to newer hits such as New Light, John Mayer’s range allows people across all ages to enjoy his music. This playlist has helped me to stay productive while doing my work and enjoying myself at the same time.


I’ve tried as best I could to include a wide range of genres so that there’s something for anyone and I sincerely hope that this list will make your work from home experience a little better. Times are tough but I’m sure we’ll get through it together. #sgunited


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