Since its humble beginnings in 1958, Pizza Hut has made a name for themselves with the unforgettable taste of their pan pizza, which is something a lot of us grew up with — when asked, our colleagues confirmed this by sharing their earliest memories of pizza, which included eating at Pizza Hut with their family, friends and even first girlfriends!

So, when Pizza Hut Singapore came on board as a partner on ShopBack, we realised that most of us didn’t know all that much about this global pizza chain (other than that they serve up delicious pizza). So we started digging…

Did you know that Pizza Hut is committed to making fresh dough for their pizzas in stores, every day? And that familiar pan pizza taste we were talking about? Well, that deep-dish, thick crust pizza completely made in a pan with a signature crust remains their most popular option — in fact, over 85% of their customers say it’s their absolute favourite. In 2018, Pizza Hut Singapore started dishing out their new-and-improved pan pizza crust, and it continues to be a crowd hit today.

We were amazed (but not entirely surprised) to find out that Pizza Hut sells over 22 pizzas every minute in Singapore and that’s not including the number of individual slices sold at Express stores!

A more recent lunchtime conversation in the office about our favourite pizza hacks made us realise we had a pretty great list of tips and tricks that were too good to not share. So, here are seven genius tips that will help you take your Pizza Hut experience to the next level:

#1: Size up, every time

No matter what, ordering a bigger pizza always gets you more pizza. Due to a pizza’s circular shape, bigger pies will give you more bang for your buck as it costs less per square inch. Don’t believe us? Here’s the math:

If it’s been a while since you last calculated the area of a circle, here’s a quick recap: the area of a circle is A = π r2

, with “ℼ” being the mathematical constant of pi approximately equal to 3.14159, and “r” being the radius, which is half the diameter.

The quick comparison table below is for the prices of a standard beef pepperoni pizza with a pan crust from Pizza Hut Singapore:

SizePrice ($)Surface area of pizzaPrice per square inch

Personal (~6”)



19.45 cents

Regular (~9”)



17.29 cents

Large (~12”)



15.03 cents


Not only does doing a little quick maths result in this delicious deal, but it also makes cents (literally)!

#2: Order in!  


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Craving pizza but don’t feel like leaving the comforts of your home (or office)? Just order in! After all, Pizza Hut Singapore has the largest pizza delivery network in the country.

That also means you’re guaranteed a delicious, hot pizza, every time, as part of their “Hot Dot Likes It Hot” service. Otherwise, you’ll be entitled to a large pizza for free. The “Hot Dot” sticker pasted on the side of the take-out box is heat-sensitive and thermo-chronic. It is black but when the pizza is piping hot, the word “HOT” appears in bold red.

Fun fact: This global pizza chain has always gone above and beyond when it comes to delivery. In 1994, they were the first in the industry to take online delivery orders through PizzaNet, in collaboration with The Santa Cruz Operation. They’ve also truly taken the humble pie to new heights — delivering it to the White House, the top of Mount Kilimanjaro and even to outer space in 2001.

#3: Reheat your pizza like a pro

If you’ve taken our advice and ordered more pizza than you can actually eat, don’t let it go to waste. Cold pizza can be a delicious and easy option, but there are tried-and-tested methods to reheat your slice like a true connoisseur.

If you’re pressed for time, you can always microwave it. Spritz your slice with a little bit of water, layer a paper towel between your pizza and the plate (to absorb excess moisture) and turn the power down by 50% before microwaving it for a full minute.

But, for a toasty crust and melty cheese, experts (actual experts, as well as hardcore pizza fans in our office) recommend either preheating an oven to 200°C before putting in your pizza for 15 minutes, or preheating a skillet over medium heat before putting in the pizza slice and covering the pan for six to eight minutes. Both these techniques yield a crispy crust that makes the pizza taste every bit as delicious as it did on the day you got it.

#4: Split it two ways


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Two is better than one, and there’s no denying it with the Splitza, which allows you to pick a different topping for each half of your pizza. This is the ultimate indulgence that’s perfect for sharing or for when you can’t decide which toppings to get for yourself. Do note, however, that it’s available for dine-in only.

#5: Get stuffed


Super hungry? The stuffed crust pizzas here are delicious and very filling because of the amount of mozzarella folded into the dough. This makes the crust just as excitingly delicious and cheesy as the rest of your slice, easily transforming your pizza-eating experience.

The innovative idea may have spawned copies across multiple pizza chains, but Pizza Hut was the original innovator that took a chance on this mad idea that involved convincing people to start eating their pizzas crust-first (instead of leaving them behind). In fact, it took a 1995 advertisement starring Donald and Ivana Trump to help boost the stuffed crust’s popularity.

Alternatively, you can also opt for Pizza Hut Singapore’s other filling options such as the Curry Zazzle Baked Rice and Turkey Bacon Aglio Olio.  

#6: Bring your kids for a pizza-making workshop

Since 2014, Pizza Hut Singapore has offered pizza-making workshops for kids aged 4 to 10 years old, allowing them to make their own personalised pan pizzas, with the help and encouragement of resident chefs and staff.

Indulge your little ones in the opportunity to be a pizza chef for a day: not only will they be given a kitchen tour to understand how pizzas are made (from order and preparation to baking and delivery), but they will also get decked out in chef hats and aprons while they try their hands at the art of making pizzas from scratch.

Upcoming workshops are priced at $28 per child (complete with refreshments) and slated to be held at Choa Chu Kang (30 Mar), Toa Payoh (13 Apr) and East Point Mall (27 Apr). Head over here for more details on these workshops and to sign up!

#7: Take advantage of special deals

Pizzas might appear to be expensive but that’s not the case at all. Pizza Hut is known for being quick and affordable and let’s face it — nothing tastes better than getting a good deal out of your meal

Check out Pizza Hut Singapore’s website for the latest deals, coupons or credit card discounts before you head over to the store (or order delivery).

Additionally, take advantage of these offers for kids, students and senior citizens. Kids get to dine for free in stores, and both students and senior citizens enjoy special deals at Pizza Hut between 1.30PM to 5.30PM on weekdays. During this time, students can enjoy meals between $5.90-$6.90 with a valid student pass while senior citizens can enjoy a 50% discount!

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*Featured Image credit: Pizza Hut

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