Who does not like a great pizza? Cheesy, savoury and delicious, this Italian staple has become a truly international dish and our first choice for an easy weekend dinner at home. Pizzas popularity cannot be denied here in Singapore, and let’s be real, on lazy days, who doesn’t enjoy having a delicious pizza while binge-watching your favourite TV shows? But with so many options available, you might struggle to pick the pizza delivery service that will get the food to you in the shortest time. This list of the best pizza delivery in Singapore will be sure to help you make your choice. Order and eat away.

1. Sarpino’s

Sarpinos offers great deals

Image Credit : Sarpino’s Singapore

The third largest pizza delivery service in Singapore, Sarpino’s has quickly expanded their reach island wide and has also been certified as halal. Claiming to make their dough and tomato sauce fresh daily, Sarpino’s also offers deals every day of the week and frequent promotions for ordering two pizzas.

Of special note is the free tiramisu they include on Sundays for orders over $30 and their tiramisu is actually pretty great, way better than what you’d reasonably expect from a pizza joint. Sarpino’s also has an easy to navigate website that includes pizzas of all kinds and a gourmet pizza area for the connoisseurs out there. One thing I have to knock them for though, is that the bread can be a little saggy and soft instead of a nice crisp crust sometimes. As this only happens occasionally, it doesn’t put me off from continuing to order from Sarpino’s. If you prefer soft crust then Sarpino’s is the choice for you.

One of the best things about Sarpino’s is that Foodpanda delivers their pizza as well so be sure to order through ShopBack to get some cashback, and soothe your lazy cravings.

2. Alt Pizza

Fresh wood fired pizza

Image Credit : Alt Pizza

Boldly proclaiming themselves as “Singapore’s top-ranked pizza”, Alt pizza is a modern and contemporary style pizza bar that thankfully offers a delivery service. With dough made from flour sourced from Italy and France, tomato sauce from vine-ripened tomatoes from California and fired in a wood oven, Alt pizzas are excellent and my mouth waters as I am writing this from the memory of the taste. Sadly, their delivery reach is not as great as other pizza chains especially if you live in the west of Singapore. Another thing to consider is that Alt pizza is pricier compared to other pizzerias due to their premium ingredients. But, if you are one of those who settles for nothing but the best, Alt pizza is the choice for you, assuming they deliver to your area.

  • Phone: Refer to the website as each outlet has a different phone number
  • Website: http://altpizza.com.sg/
  • Operating hours: 11am – 10pm

3. Domino’s Pizza

Image Credit : Domino’s Singapore

One of the largest pizza chains in America, Domino’s is no slouch when it comes to pizzas at all. Pledging to be able to deliver a hot pizza within 30 minutes of your order or else you get a free pizza voucher, Domino’s is unique in that they offer a variety of different crusts to suit each taste. Unlike some competitors, they allow a build your own option as well which can make it more enticing for the more picky eaters who find something on pizzas that they dislike. Domino’s in Singapore is also halal certified.

  • Phone: 6222 6333
  • Website: https://www.dominos.com.sg/
  • Operating hours: 10am – 11pm

4. Spizza

Image Credit : HungryGoWhere

Spizza offers authentic Italian thin-crusted pizzas and strictly use only great quality ingredients that are specially flown in from Italy, each pizza is named after an Italian lady’s name such as Anna and Sofia but pizza lovers will quickly recognize quintessential pizzas from the toppings. Featuring an evolving menu to keep things exciting, Spizza also offers beloved Italian classics such as pasta, calzones, and salads. While the pizza from Spizza is undoubtedly great, they require as minimum order of $60 for free delivery and specific areas face a higher delivery charge as well since Spizza’s island coverage is not as large as other options.

  • Phone: Refer to website for branch specific phone numbers
  • Website: http://altpizza.com.sg/
  • Operating hours: 11am – 10pm

5. Crust Gourmet Pizza and Bar


Image Credit : Crust Gourmet Pizza and Bar

For something a little more unique and a different take on authentic, comforting pizzas, Crust offers an upscale experience with ingredients such as wagyu beef. Firmly declaring themselves as a more modern, new age type of pizza, Crust does serve up a good pie with toppings unique to them. They include the peri-peri pizza, salmon benedict, Philly wagyu steak and more. Unfortunately, with only two outlets at Holland Village and Upper Thomson, delivery options are once again limited to a select part Singapore, and they are quite a bit more expensive than the competition. Still, if you want a delicious yet modern twist on an Italian classic, you can’t go wrong with Crust. Good news again as Foodpanda also delivers for Crust.

  • Phone: Refer to website for branch specific numbers
  • Website: http://www.crustpizza.com.sg/
  • Operating Hours: 12pm – (11pm – 1am) Depending on the day of the week

6. Pepperoni Pizzeria

Pepperoni pizza delivering in singapore
Image Credit: Les Amis Group

One of the many holdings of the famed Les Amis group in Singapore, Pepperoni Pizzeria offers a great pizza baked in a wood-fired oven. If you aren’t sure whether a wood-fired oven makes a difference, trust me that they definitely do. Wood fired ovens impart a great charred sear on the outside but allows for a delightfully fluffy dough on the inside of the crust that you simply cannot get with other methods of cooking pizzas. One thing that sets them apart, is their uncompromising stance on quality meaning that they do not allow for the delivery of certain food items, pizza sizes and limit delivery to specific parts of Singapore to ensure that you get as close as possible to the experience of having a pizza at one of their outlets.

  • Phone: 6899 6899
  • Website: http://peperoni.com.sg/
  • Operating Hours: Refer to website for branch specific operating hours. Generally, they open for lunch and dinner on weekdays and from 1pm – 10pm on weekends

What if I want something else?

There you have, the list of best pizza delivery in Singapore that ensure you get your delicious pizza as fast as possible. Also, our excellent food delivery partners such as Deliveroo and Foodpanda offer delivery of not just pizzas, but also other great options that are close to your home to ensure that you get a quality, piping hot meal no matter your location. So if you already use such services regularly, be sure to order through ShopBack so you are not missing out on your cashback.

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