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The 40s to 60s era in American culture has given us much to scream about: the delicious chocolate buttons M&Ms, Polaroid cameras, vibrant and energetic swing dancing, and the shapely pin up gals who were never dressed in less than their best. Even though the last was born in a period where women’s opinions were largely dismissed with a pat on their bums, embracing the pin up fashion today makes a fashion statement impossible to gloss over.

Instead of masking physical shortcomings, pin up style grabs modern stereotypical beauty standards and throws them into the ditch — but not before stamping on them with a 4-inch stiletto heel. Delightfully versatile, the clothing style revolves around complementing whatever Mother Nature gave us. The empowerment shines in how it doesn’t limit, but aims to flatter women of all shapes and sizes. Think candy-coloured A-line dresses, cutesy cherry motifs, perfectly coiffed suicide rolls, and mesh hosiery for added oomph. Let ShopBack help you pin down the pin up aesthetic with gems from AliExpress, and 5% cashback to boot!

Swing Polka Dot Summer Dress Pin up AliExpress

Swing Polka Dot Summer Dress: US $23.99 after 8% Cashback

The full circle skirt is a staple in the pin up wardrobe. This polka-dotty minty dream will emphasise your natural waist, while the plunging neckline gives a naughty peek at your cleavage.

Vintage Floral Circle Skirt Pin Up AliExpress

Vintage Floral Circle Skirt: US $13.80 after 8% Cashback

Every pin up maven knows of the allure of a good circle skirt in putting that extra swing in their step! Pair this with a cute bustier top and you’ll be good enough to be put in a museum.

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Petticoat Tutu Skirt Pin Up AliExpress

Petticoat Tutu Skirt: US $6.10 after 8% Cashback

Are you wondering how pin up skirts and dresses just flare out so beautifully, as if a breeze is poofing them up? This is the secret to fullness! Slip on this underskirt to be a bona fide pin up lass!

Nautical Sailor Halter Dress Pin Up AliExpress

Nautical Sailor Halter Dress: US $36.34 after 8% Cashback

If a zesty sailor girl is your kind of pin up, then we’re sure you’ll rock this adorable frock. Watch as all them sailor boys lose their direction, for the compass will be pointing towards you.

Floral Pinup Pencil Dress Pin Up AliExpress

Floral Pinup Pencil Dress: US $13.98 after 8% Cashback

For something appropriate for the office, try this midi dress with a tapered cutting. Being the power lady at work doesn’t mean you can’t be a hypnotising hourglass as well.

Mesh Strappy Suspenders Pin Up AliExpress

Mesh Strappy Suspenders: US $6.10 after 8% Cashback

The titillating temptresses in pin up history have taught us one thing. A flash of your gams in slinky stockings? The breeze may be raising more than just the skirt.

Vintage High-waist Bathing Suit Pin Up AliExpress

Vintage High-waist Bathing Suit: US $15.64 after 8% Cashback

Want to be babe of the beach? Give Betty Page a run for her money with this sleek swimsuit and a cheeky hair flip. Pin up bathing suits are making a comeback for their timeless ability to flatter a wide variety of body shapes.

Cherry Bow Hair Clip Pin Up AliExpress

Cherry Bow Hair Clip: US $0.73 after 8% Cashback

Adorning those perfect suicide rolls with a pair of plump cherries will put your pin up game ridiculously on point.

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