Forget about flying all the way to Hokkaido just to sample this legendary overflowing ikura don.

Thanks to Teppei Syokudo, two chefs from the renowned Hachikyo restaurant will be brought in all the way from Japan, along with the ikura, to serve up their signature dish. Also known as tsukko meshi, this rice bowl is piled generously with salmon roe by the chefs, who then punctuate each scoop with a dramatic and enthusiastic shout of “Oisa!”.

The special Overflowing Ikura Don and Overflowing Ikura Kaisen Don are in town for just 4 days, 20-23 Feb!

bowl fo Ikura from hokkaido
Ikura Don

The avalanche of the shiny orbs of roe not only looks great on your Instagram feed, but the burst of briny, umami flavours will also hit the spot.

The ikura will also be flown in specially from Hokkaido, Japan for this four-day event, so “don” miss out on the opportunity to try this signature dish! It will be available from the 20th to 23rd February at the Teppei Syokudo outlets below:

  • Asia Square for lunch (12-2 pm) on 20-21 Feb
  • Millenia Walk for dinner (6 pm onwards) on 20-21 Feb
  • ION Orchard all day (12 pm onwards) on 22-23 Feb

Hachikyo’s signature Overflowing Ikura Don is available in three sizes — Small ($27.80), Medium ($32.80) and Large ($59.80).

This dish was available for a limited period last year, but this time around, Teppei Syokudo is giving diners the best of both worlds by combining the Overflowing Ikura Don from Hachikyo with their famous Kaisen Don into one bowl!

The Overflowing Ikura x Teppei Syokudo Kaisen Don is available in three sizes — Small ($32.80), Medium ($36.80) and Large ($72.80).

Both dishes will only be available while stocks last during the event.

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Overflowing Ikura x Teppei Syokudo Kaisen Don
Overflowing Ikura x Teppei Syokudo Kaisen Don

In conjunction with this limited time event, Teppei Syokudo is offering a special deal for ShopBack GO users. Purchase an Overflowing Ikura Don and enjoy a free upgrade to the Overflowing Ikura Kaisen Don. On top of that, receive a 5% Cashback for your purchase!

To redeem this exclusive offer, all you have to do is:

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  1. To redeem the offer, show the Teppei Syokudo staff your activated Teppei Syokudo outlet on Shopback-GO (in the ShopBack app).
  2. The offer is available at participating Teppei Syokudo outlets.
  3. Offer is valid between 20 – 23 February 2019 (both dates inclusive).

Bringing an authentic taste of Japan to you


Founded in 2005, Hachikyo is a popular restaurant in Sapporo, Hokkaido, which is committed to using only the freshest, locally-sourced ingredients. Their longevity is attributed to their ability to continuously wow their patrons with a variety of creative yet affordable menu items.

Without a doubt, Hachikyo’s most famous dish is the Overflowing Ikura Don. In fact, Hachikyo considers themselves to be the pioneers of this dish concept.

Sampling this iconic tsukko meshi usually requires one to travel all the way to one of Hachikyo’s four outlets in Japan, but thanks to Teppei Syokudo, a casual Japanese restaurant under the popular Teppei Group, diners get to have a taste of this indulgent rice bowl right here in Singapore.

According to chefs Kadota Hitoshi and Kei Noguchi, it is the ikura itself, a translucent, bright orange salmon caviar, which gives this spectacular dish its rich flavour.

“We choose the best ikura each season and marinate it with our in-house soy sauce to deliver a signature, smooth taste. Each ikura is full and juicy, resulting in the signature ‘pop in your mouth’ sensation,” they said.

Teppei Syokudo’s collaboration with Hachikyo makes perfect sense, as both restaurants serve up unique iterations of Japanese rice bowls while holding on to the ethos that the interactions between the chef and diners are crucial to the dining experience.

Shouts of gratitude with every dish

chefs from hachikyo sapporo restaurant
Image credit: Hachikyo Restaurant

Every discerning foodie knows that a restaurant’s atmosphere sets the stage for the star of the show to shine. Combined with the exquisite flavours, Hachikyo’s signature Overflowing Ikura Don is also served in a unique and theatrical way that will make your dining experience a memorable one.

At Hachikyo (and for a limited time – at Teppei Syokudo!), each scoop of ikura over the rice is followed by cheers of “Oisa!” led by the chef. The other patrons in the restaurant typically cheer in response, too.

Beyond being fun to watch (and participate in), the enthusiastic serving method is just one way the Japanese restaurant pays homage to the fishermen and farmers who deliver fresh ingredients for their perusal. In northern Hokkaido, fishermen typically shout this phrase when reeling in the catch of the day into their fishing boats.

Another way they respect the treasure trove of ingredients they get to serve up is by implementing a no food wastage policy in all four Hachikyo outlets in Sapporo. So, there’s no need to be shy when you’re presented with this appetising dish; there’s really no better way to pay respect to them than to polish off the mountain of overflowing roe and every grain of your rice in your bowl.

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*Article was written by Ann-Marie Khor.

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