Just like the diverse cultures present all over the world, noodles too do come in all shapes and sizes. Some of these stringy goodness has made quite their name for themselves in the international stage and are quite worth hopping on a plane for. So let’s take a look at some of these much-celebrated noodle dishes and let Expedia take you there!

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1. Ramen – Japan



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Ramen is one of the most iconic noodle dishes in the world. Known far and wide, it has gone on to gain sort of a cultural ambassadorial role for Japan. Ramen is Japan! There are countless styles of Ramen available, with every region owning and perfecting, their very own. But essentially, Ramen is wheat noodles, served in a very savoury-flavoured broth and adorned with various toppings. Broths can come from multiple sources such as pork, chicken or beef whilst the toppings range from Chashu slices or various other meats, scallions, eggs, sprouts, and many more. The result is nothing short of heavenly. Ramen can be considered an artform because those in the business take their craft very, very seriously. A few popular styles of Ramen include the Miso-based Sapporo Ramen, the Tokyo chicken-broth Ramen and the Tonkutsu based Hakata Ramen.

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2. Wanton Noodles – Hong Kong


Wanton Noodles

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Wanton Noodle is a soupy noodle dish of Cantonese origins. Wantons are actually the dumplings which make up the main ingredient of the dish apart from the noodles itself. The dumplings can contain a number of fillings ranging from or a mix of pork, prawns, mushroom, chicken and spring onion. The most famous version is the Hong Kong one where it is primarily served in a light savoury soup with leafy vegetables such as Kai-lan. This dish also has its many variations in and around the majority of Southeast Asia with some being served dry with friend dumplings and some with slices of char siew on it.

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3. Laksa – Penang


Wanton Noodles

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Laksa is a wonderful dish known for its intense and varied flavours. The most distinctive thing about Laksa is its sour tang brought about by the main ingredient of the soup – tamarind and mackerel. A hodge-podge of herbs, spices and vegetables to bring to you a very complex tasting dish. A thicker version of the vermicelli noodles is used for this dish. Of course, the best place to try out the Penang Laksa is, of course, none other than at Penang’s most famous town, Georgetown. The Penang Laksa has also been named the 7th most delicious food in the world by CNN – that’s quite an achievement.

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4. Pho – Vietnam



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Pho is quite an unassuming dish. It looks very plain but boy oh boy, are you in for a surprise upon your first taste. Its clear soup is steeped in flavour, a delightful mix of sweet and savoury owing to its beefy stock. The flat rice noodles topped with beef slices, balls or tendons are the perfect complement to that flavour which makes for a very fulfilling dish. To add some texture and crunch, it is then garnished with bean onions, sprout and green onions. Add just a bit of hot sauce, hoisin or fish sauce and you got yourself the perfect dish.

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5. Spaghetti – Italy



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Pastas are technically a type of noodle and its reputation as one of the most popular and well-loved dishes in the world earns it a place in this list. There are many ways to do spaghetti, but let’s talk about it’s most iconic incarnation, the Spaghetti Bolognese. Spaghetti is widely made from flour of different origins and while starchy on its own, it goes well with the many types of sauces that it is cooked with. Spaghetti Bolognaise is spaghetti drenched in a tomato-based sauce peppered with minced meat. Home made meatballs are sometimes used too. People around the world have grown up with this dish, a testament of its popularity

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6. Mee Bakso – Indonesia


Mee Bakso

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If you’ve ever stepped foot on the any of the islands in the Indonesian archipelago then I’m sure you’ll be familiar with the ever-present sight of motorcycle vendors and mobile carts hawking a certain brand of street food of the noodly variety. That dish being hawked would be Mee Bakso.  Mee Bakso is pretty much identical to the dish which us Singaporeans are quite familiar with, Mee Soto, with the only difference being it is served with meatballs instead of shredded chicken. Speaking from experience, the best Mee Bakso can be gotten from the many street vendors – as all street food are.

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7. Pad Thai – Thailand


Pad Thai

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When one thinks of Thai food, Tom Yum immediately springs to mind. Well, Tom Yum sits second in terms of cultural importance in Thailand as a culinary offering because Pad Thai is the actual national dish of Thailand. Pad Thai is rice-noodle based dish that is garnished with a mish-mash of garnish and ingredients that all seem to come together quite perfectly. The garnishes and ingredients include eggs, tofu, sprouts, seafood, chicken, crushed peanuts and chili powder. To complete the dish, just squeeze a wedge of calamansi which complements the whole savoury flavours of the dish pretty well.

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8. Bibim Guksu – South Korea


Bibim Goksu

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Not to be outdone by its neighbours, South Korea also has its very own noodles in the Bibim Goksu. It is not too dissimilar to its rice-based cousin, the Bibim Bap. It is a mixture of many ingredients and seasoning ranging from shredded cabbage, carrots, lettuce, onions, hard boiled eggs, a spicy chilli paste called Gochu Jang, vinegar, red chili powder and sugar. This all comes together to form an explosion of flavour with every bite. It is served cold.

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9. Saimin – Hawaii



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Who would have thought that Hawaii would have a popular noodle dish? Well on second thought, that is not quite too far-fetched seeing as how Hawaii has a history steeped in Chinese and Japanese influences. In Hawaii, Saimin reigns supreme as the most famous noodle. It is rather similar to the Japanese Soba with its dashi-based broth except for the type of noodles and the toppings used. Toppings vary but typical mainstays are the Hawaiian-favourite Spam, Kamaboko and seaweed. So if you’re planning on a beach getaway to Hawaii, be sure to have a taste of Saimin!

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10. Udon – Japan



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Udon may be a rather simple dish but do not discount its worth as a dish worthy of this list. In fact, one of the best ways to eat this noodles is in its simplest form, known as Kake Udon. All it takes are the noodles itself, dipped in a broth called Kakejiru which is a mixture of shoyu, soy and dashi. It can also be served cold. Simple and satisfying.

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