You have probably ushered in the New Year with a bang. Why not add more fun and joy to 2018 with a visit to these newly or soon to be opened theme parks in Asia?

Variety is the spice of life when it comes to the attractions in theme parks. Theme parks are entertaining and will make a memorable family trip. Here’s a list of theme parks that are newly opened or are opening soon to add to your itinerary if you are planning a trip soon.

1. 20th Century Fox World – Malaysia

20th century fox Theme park view to open in Malaysia
Image credit: 20th Century Fox Film

Are you the ultimate movie buff who live and breathe blockbuster and animated films like Titanic, Night at the Museum and Ice Age produced by 20th Century Fox? Then, you will definitely love to head down to 20th Century Fox Malaysia for a rolling good time.

Located in Genting Highlands, this is the film corporation’s (owned by 21st Century Fox) maiden foray into the realm of thrilling rides and river tours. What sets 21st Century Fox Malaysia apart from most other amusement parks is its one of its kind movie-inspired attractions. From Blue Sky Carousel to Mub & Grub’s Epic Boat Tours, there is a curious diversity of attractions with equally intriguing names based on movie titles for young and old alike. Set to commence operations at the end of 2018, 20th Century Fox Malaysia is the theme park not to be missed if you are visiting Genting Highlands and are looking for unadulterated fun in backdrops reminiscent of your favourite movies.


2. Universal Studios Beijing – China

Universal studios theme park
Image credit: William Cho |

We move from one movie-inspired theme park in Southeast Asia to the next one in East Asia. The huge success of the Universal Studios’ theme parks in first Singapore and then Osaka in Japan, has finally seen Asian economic giant, China, jump on the bandwagon. To capture China’s burgeoning consumer leisure market, Universal Studios Beijing’s construction is underway and is projected to open in 2020.

Though it will be another good 2 years before Universal Studios Beijing finally welcome visitors, it will certainly be worth the hype. Estimated at a whopping US$7 billion and occupying 1000-acres, it is touted to be “the next big thing” in China’s tourism and is Universal Studios’ (the major movie company that goes by the same name) Herculean endeavour to challenge Walt Disney’s Disneyland theme park in Shanghai.

With the immense popularity of Universal Studios’ films like Jurassic Park, Despicable Me, Harry Potter, Magadascar and their sequels in China, Universal Studios Beijing is poised to also replicate the films’ achievements and rake in the moolah. Expect a galore of movie-inspired attractions and larger than life statues and action figures when you swing by the mega theme park. So if you are raring to take pictures with King Kong looming over you or surrounded by “squishable” minions, remember to bookmark your calendar and visit Universal Studios Beijing the next time you fly to China. 


3. Legoland Japan

View of entrance of Legoland Japan
Image credit: Bariston |

Are you an avid member of the LUG (Lego User Group) who loves anything related to Lego and cannot get enough of Legoland Malaysia? There is good news for the fans out there. Legoland Japan which has opened its doors since April 2017 and has a galore of attractions for children and adult Lego enthusiasts alike.

Visitors to Legoland Japan will be able to immerse themselves in varied experiences as they tour around the seven themed lands in the park. With over 40 rides, multi-interactive attractions and an endless number of Lego bricks to construct your favourite Lego models in building stations, you will be spoilt for choice.

What’s more, Universal Studios Japan’s prime location also means that you can find Tokyo, Kyoto and Mount Fuji in its vicinity. So after your funtastic building exploits in Legoland Japan, you can choose to go on a shopping spree in the multiple shopping complexes in Tokyo or experience the splendour of Mother Nature with a hike up Mount Fuji. You can be sure that you will have endless activities to keep you happily occupied when you visit Legoland Japan. So book your tickets early if you want to get a taste of all of them.


4. Jungleland Adventure Theme Park – Indonesia

Jungle Land theme park in Indonesia
Image credit:

As its name suggests, Jungleland Adventure Theme Park is an amusement park filled with animal-inspired attractions and facilities and is the perfect place for those who love animals and good old rides at pocket-friendly prices. With tickets costing less than $30 even on weekends, Jungleland Adventure Theme Park is certainly worth visiting when you travel to Sentul City in Indonesia for your next holiday.

Newly established a few years ago, Jungleland Adventure Theme Park covers a considerable 35 hectares and boasts more than 40 rides, 20 over attractions complete with dining outlets and shopping malls in picturesque, carnival-like settings. Hop onto the octopus or snake roller coasters for a thrilling ride and take multiple snapshots of your favourite animal mascots. Bond (and scream) with your family and friends as you drive through SafariDino which is full of life-sized dinosaurs’ replicas that look scarily real at close range.

A multi-sensory adventure awaits you at Jungleland Adventure Theme Park so be sure to experience it out for yourself sooner than later!


5. Kidzania – Singapore

Image credit: Kidzania Singapore

Kidzania, an interactive indoor theme park which combines entertainment with education has its origins in Mexico. Due to its surging popularity, Kidzania has established franchises worldwide and Kidzania Singapore was its 23rd franchise and started operations on 12 April 2016.

Hailed for its novel concept of infusing learning with play, Kidzania Singapore is the place for children aged 4 to 17 to acquire life skills and gain an in-depth knowledge of the real workings of the world through engaging games and activities. Promoted as “a city built for kids”, Kidzania Singapore allows children to dabble in role play and explore the city that resembles the real deal (Singapore).

In Kidszania Singapore, youngsters get to assert their independence and hone their creativity as they get caught in complex situations and moral dilemmas, compelling them to make decisions and think “out of the box”. Whether you are a parent or a teacher, you most definitely should bring your children or students to Kidzania Singapore for an intellectually and sensorily stimulating experience they will never forget. So check out their website to find out more about this new and innovative theme park!

So there you have it, five magnificent theme parks in five diverse Asian cities for a perfect trip with both kids and grownups. Which is your favourite? Let us know in the comments section below.

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