If there’s one thing a makeup addict knows about, it’s how much money goes into buying more makeup every time you run out of a product. And, if you are travelling with only a carry-on, you won’t be allowed to carry those full-sized products with you.

You have two options: buy all your favourite beauty products in travel-size that are aircraft approved, or invest in a few multi-purpose small products to take with you.

  • Top tip: While travel-sized beauty products do exist, you can save a lot of money if you use what you already have.

This is how you can use each beauty product you already own in multiple ways.

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  1. Lipsticks

lancome lipstick red
Image Credits: Amanda Dalbjorn | Unsplash

Lipsticks are mostly used on lips, of course. But there are other ways you can apply your lipstick to get maximum value.

  • As a Blush: Dab some of your lipstick on your cheekbones for a pop of colour.
  • As Eyeshadow: When you need to brighten your eyes, use lipstick as eyeshadow by applying it over your eyelids with your fingertips.

You can also use lip tints this way: on the cheeks and lips.

  1. Loose Powders / No Sebum Powders

1028 Ultimate Oil Control Powder 超吸油蜜粉饼
Image Credits: Hermo

Loose Powder is great for finishing and setting your makeup. It can also be used to remove shine from your face.

  • Remove Oil From Your Hair: If you need to get rid of greasy hair, try applying a little loose powder on your hair. Use a fluffy brush to pick up the loose powder and dust along your roots for best results.
  • Make Glossy Lipstick Matt: Kind of self-explanatory, but if you brush loose powder on your glossy lipsticks, it mattifies your lipstick.
  1. Tinted Sun Cream / BB Creams with SPF

althea missha m signature bb cream
Image Credits: Althea

Tinted Sun Creams and BB Creams with SPF are already useful multipurpose products. They not only protect you from the sun, but they also give your skin a healthy glow.

  • On Your Face: If you can’t get a product that also moisturises your skin, try mixing your moisturiser and whatever you use for coverage on your skin.
  1. Eyeshadow

artiso zoeva eyeshadow sephora
Image Credits: Sephora

From crazy glittery colours like green or purple to using browns and pinks on your eyelids for a more natural look, eyeshadows offer a dash of creativity in your makeup routine.

  • As a Highlighter: Use a light eyeshadow to highlight your nose bridge, your t-zone, your cupid’s bow, the arches of your cheeks, and your chin.
  • As a Bronzer: Use a brown shadow to create depth. Apply the eyeshadow below your chin, around your hairline, and to accentuate your nose bridge if that is the kind of look you’re going for.
  • As an Eyebrow Shadow: Use a brown shadow, or a shade that’s close to your brow colour, and line your brows as you would if you were using an eyebrow pencil.
  1. Facial Oils Like Argan / Marula Oils

sephora drunken elephant virgin marula facial oil
Image Credits: Sephora

Facial oils are used to lock in moisture in your skin. No matter which type of oil you choose, make sure you’re not allergic to the oil before using it on your face.

  • On Your Face: Facial oils can be used sparingly as a kind of dewy highlighter.
  • On Your Hair: If your hair’s looking a little too dry, use your facial oil on the ends of your hair.
  1. Lip Balms

huxley lip balm
Image Credits: Hermo

Lip balms are used for dry or chapped lips.

  • Dry Face / Hands / Etc.: Apply a little lip balm on the areas that need a little TLC.
  • Dewy Makeup Look: For the dewy makeup look, apply clear lip balm on your cheeks and eyes.

What Should You Pack in Your Luggage When Travelling

Image credit: Flaunter.com | Unsplash

If you’re travelling, you shouldn’t be bringing your entire collection of makeup and skincare products with you.

Unless you have sensitive skin, and you need to use specific products — in which case, use travel sized bottles so you won’t bring the large bottles with you, your makeup bag should be as light as possible.

Pack only the essentials when you travel.

Here’s a Checklist of What To Put in Your Travel Makeup Pouch:

  1. Lipstick: for lips, cheeks, and eyes
  2. A Small Eyeshadow Palette: for eyes and eyebrows
  3. Bb Cream: for face
  4. Concealer: used as a highlighter as well as concealer
  5. Makeup Remover: to remove makeup

If you want to save some money on expensive makeup, look at dupes for high-end beauty products to see if any of them fit your bill.

Need to stock up on any of these multipurpose beauty products? Check out Hermo, Althea, or Sephora for cashback on your makeup purchases.

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