We tend to watch movies in the cinema and think they were always filmed in America and Europe, but did you know that there are movies with special scenes filmed in Singapore? Here’s a list of movies you should watch to catch a glimpse of our Lion city.

1. The Wild Eye

Image Credits: Youtube

The Wild Eye, an Italian movie, premiered in 1967, and it shows a man on a mission to showcase living conditions in the most genuine and sensational way. This film makes a mockery of documentary filmmakers and their exploitative nature. Some scenes were shot right at the North Canal Road Office.

The catchphrase of the movie is “He used a camera like most men use a woman — and a woman like something you’d keep in a cage!”. The main character moved to Singapore and attempts to capture a woman, who is succumbing to the lure of the Orient. It’s a very old movie to appreciate but, as proud Singaporeans, this film is up there on our list.

2. In Search of the Unreturned Soldiers of Malaysia

Poster for the movie "Unreturned soldiers of Malaysia" from Shohei Imamura
Image credits: Icarusfilms

This film is a documentary by Japanese filmmaker, Shohei Imamura. Many locations in Singapore had inspired him to carry on this documentary-like: Bussorah Street, War Memorial Park, Beach Road and Changi Prison, to track down former Japanese War soldiers who did not make their return to Japan.

They manage to find one of the soldiers that had already been converted to Islam and currently lives in a Malaysian village, living the rest of his life with the community after the war. Such a good historical documentary to be filmed in parts of Singapore.

3. Saint Jack

Saint Jack movie poster
Image credit: Imdb.com

This movie, Saint Jack, is an old but rowdy one released in the year 1979. Saint Jack is the first Hollywood film to be filmed entirely in the Lion City, Singapore! It is a movie about an American pimp who tries to make a fortune by setting up a brothel.

In the film, you can see scenes of gangsters roaming about Bugis Street with ladies walking around and foreign soldiers on a yellow fever spree. The movie showcases locations like Paya Lebar Airport, Shelford Road, and Telok Kurau. The movie was banned a couple of times due to showing full frontal male nudity and showing a Singaporean trans woman nude scene. It is said that Singaporean authorities were not aware of the real movie storyline because they were given a fake synopsis. And that is why the producer was able to film it.

4. Ricochet

Poster from Ricochet documentary with David Bowie
Image credit: davidbowieworld.nl

Before the passing of famous singer and performer, David Bowie, he managed to film in Singapore for his documentary on his experience in Hong Kong, Bangkok, and Singapore on his Serious Moonlight tour back in 1983.

Ricochet was then released a year later in 1984. David Bowie is seen walking around the Far East Plaza in Ricochet. Go check it out on Youtube to feel proud that David Bowie, a legend, actually stepped foot in Singapore!

5. Hitman Agent 47

Poster from the movie Agent 47
Image Credits: Imbd

Hitman Agent 47 is a 2015 American action thriller movie that shows some scenes filmed in Singapore. The film is about a mysterious assassin known as Agent 47. The movie casts famous actors such as Rupert Friend, Zachary Quinto, and Angelababy.

They shot at locations like Changi Airport, Marina Bay Sands, Gardens by the Bay, Central Business District, McCallum Street, Robinson Road and Chinatown’s Pagoda Street. It is such a pleasure to see Singapore appear in a big blockbuster Hollywood movie like this.

6. Equals

Scene of the movie Equals shot in Singapore
Image credit: Imdb

This movie is a Sci-Fi drama released in 2015, starring Nicholas Hoult and Kristen Stewart. The film revolves around a story of people infected with a disease that regained their ability to feel compassion and emotions when all of these feelings do not exist.

Equals movie was filmed in a condominium in Harbourfront called Reflection. The movie director chose this building in Singapore because of its sophisticated and modern architecture that fits well the futuristic theme of the movie. Go check out the trailer to get a glimpse of this amazing Sci-Fi movie!

7. Independence Day: Resurgence

Image Credit: Imdb

Independence Day Resurgence is a Sci-Fi movie starring Hunger Games star Liam Hemsworth and directed by Roland Emmerich. We’re able to see Singapore’s famous Marina Bay Sands and some parts of Singapore city in a doomsday perspective.

In one of the most popular segments in the movie, we can briefly see our own Marina Bay Sands and the city’s famous skyline being destroyed by the aliens’ attack. Although seeing MBS being blown up might not be the happiest experience, it gives us pride and joy to have the movie filmed in Singapore.

Singapore on the screen

It is good to see our Little Red Dot being portrayed on the screen. Now that you know all the movies, you can go and watch them and try to spot all the Singapore scenes. Do you know of any other movie shot in Singapore? Let us know in the comments.

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