We’ve all had those days in the office when the work just keeps piling up and even lunch at the nearby coffee-shop seems like a distant dream. But not anymore with these mouthwatering lunch choices from Deliveroo!


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Skip the cup noodles and kick back and enjoy your freshly-prepared lunch. Oh wait, did we mention this super deal? That’s right, order your Deliveroo lunches through ShopBack Singapore and get 2.5% cashback!

Park Bench Deli

Park Bench Deli

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Digging into a sumptuous sandwich during lunchtime on a Monday afternoon is satisfying, but digging into it without the insane lunchtime crowd is even better! Located at Telok Ayer, those in the CBD can enjoy a Park Bench Deli sandwich through Deliveroo’s service like their popular Cheese Steak or Cubano sandwiches. Or you can even opt for healthier options like their Acai Bowl or Falafel sandwich. With Park Bench Deli, our only worry is that you’ll make a mess at your office table during lunch!

Mak’s Noodle

Mak's Noodle

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Yes, working in the CBD is convenient as there are so many food options for lunch. But that also means you’ll have to venture out of the air-conditioned office into the stifling afternoon sun en route to your lunch place. Good news is Mak’s Noodle, one of the most famous wanton noodle shops in Hong Kong (and that says a lot), is on Deliveroo. Slurp up the signature well-textured wanton noodles and don’t forget to wipe your mouth clean after!



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Toa Payoh might be more famous for its incredible hawker food selection, but sometimes a warm day calls for an office lunch delivery by Deliveroo. One option in the Toa Payoh area is Cedele. Popular choices include their thins, or toasted flatbreads with generous filling. Their Basil Pesto Chicken Thin is a must-try for first timers, otherwise, opt for the classics like smoked salmon or pulled pork avocado.

Kinsa Sushi

Kinsa Sushi

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Ah sushi… How can anyone resist! Fortunately, Deliveroo delivers Japanese meals from Kinsa Sushi so you can feast on their salmon teriyaki bento or generous sushi platters. Kinsa also serves up a mean Chuka Kurage, or seasoned jellyfish, for those interested in cold dishes.

Siam Kitchen

Siam Kitchen

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Singapore might be known as a food haven but Thai food remains dear to our hearts. Relive your Thai adventure (or start one, if you haven’t already) with Siam Kitchen’s Thai Street Favourites, such  as Thai Prawn Cakes or Spicy Mango Salad. Take it a step further by indulging in their Authentic Beef Soup or Pandan Leaf Chicken, but don’t leave out classics like their Seafood Phad Thai.

Fish & Co.Fish & Co.

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Fish & Co. offers more than just fish and chips. It also does a delectable Chilli Crab Spaghetti and Prawn Fettucine with Chilli Cream. However, we’d still go for their classic fried fish with uniquely-themed dressings: New York, Danish, Singapore, Bombay. Each serves up a different sauce that guarantees a different experience for your tastebuds. Pizza is also available in flavours such as Peri Peri and Buffalo Seafood.



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No need to journey to Johor Bahru anymore to satisfy your Malaysian food craving. With Deliveroo and PappaRich, Malaysian food will come straight to your work place! We’d recommend their Nasi Lemak with Fried Chicken and signature Char Kuay Teow. Otherwise, their Assam Laksa and Prawn Mee are also worth a try for a uniquely Malaysian food experience. At no more than $20, PappaRich is an economical reward after a week of work!

Jerry’s Barbecue & Grill

Jerry's Barbecue & Grill

Photo: Jerry’s Barbecue & Grill | Facebook

A classic American restaurant, Jerry’s also does delivery via Deliveroo. Challenge yourself with their notorious buffalo wings that go up to level 4. Think that’s easy? Wait till you experience the numbing spiciness in the middle of your work day! Other quintessentially American dishes include their pork ribs, pulled pork sandwich, and American beef burger.

With so many delicious lunch choices, getting stuck in the office might not be such a bad thing after all! Just make sure you order from Deliveroo through ShopBack Singapore and receive 2.5% cashback!

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