This is the calm that precedes the storm before we all scramble last minute for a Mother’s Day gift. Amidst the now-largely commercialized holiday, something that is synonymous across countries is the celebration of motherhood and the honoring of the flagship of the female figure in a family. Contrary to popular belief, this imported holiday doesn’t always fall on the  Sunday of May, it’s 13 May in Singapore this year in case you didn’t know. While the usual rite of passage for this day here in Singapore would be Mother’s Day gifts and having a meal together, it isn’t always the case elsewhere! Here we share how else the rest of the world celebrates this day!

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  1. Japan’ Haha no Hi

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Mother’s Day or Haha no Hi in Japanese like in the United States (US), is celebrated on the second Sunday of May. Prior to World War II before the adoption of western dates, Mother’s Day would be held every 6th of March, in alignment to Empress Kōjun’s birthday whose term had lasted almost the entirety of the 20th century. Like countries around the world, gifting flowers is amongst common customs but the Japanese have found a liking for gifting carnations, particularly red ones! Red supposedly represents a mother’s purity, sweetness, and mettle, traits every mother possesses I’m sure. It is also customary to wake up early in the morning to greet your mother with Okaasan haha no hi omedetou, which translates to simply happy Mother’s Day.

  1. France’s Médaille de la Famille

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Image Credit: Daria Shevtsova | Pexels

Mother’s Day in France is celebrated on fourth Sunday of the month, except when it clashes with the Christian holiday of Pentecost, in which case it’s pushed back a week. A law was established in the 1950s to specifically commemorate Mother’s Day. Dedicating a law to tribute mothers of the country, well that’s a first. Despite that, it’s only an observance holiday and not an official public holiday in France. There’s no better way to crown a champion mum than to give her a medal – and that’s what exactly the French do, Médaille de la Famille or a special family medal is usually given parents. Bonne fête des mères!

  1.  Mother’s Day in China

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Image Credit: Matthias Zomer | Pexels

Much like Japan’s customs to gift carnations, it is also a practice observed in China. Though never native to the country, Mother’s day has been well-received in China as it aligns with the Chinese’s traditional ethics, filial piety to parents and respect to the elderlies. Mother’s Day is also celebrated on the second Sunday of May in China. Don’t forget to wish your mother: “母亲节快乐”.

  1. Mothering Sunday in the U.K.

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Image Credit: Pixabay | Pexels

The fourth Sunday of Lent (usually middle of March) is called the Mothering Sunday. As literal as it sounds, Mothering Sunday doesn’t actually mean Mother’s Day; it was originally a yearly holiday to spend quality time with your family but has since merged with the American-originated holiday, retaining its original name. Though secular from what conventional Mother’s Day really means, it is now in modern days, frequently celebrated the same as Mother’s Day would be elsewhere.

  1. Music and food for Mother’s Day in Mexico

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Image Credit: Derwin Edwards | Pexels

Feliz Dia de las Madres! Heavily influenced by its neighbour to the north, Mother’s Day has gotten traction in Mexico since the early 1900s. Eating out is HUGE in Mexico on Mother’s Day. Children or families usually make restaurant reservations weeks in advance, so much so that reports from The Washington Posts would suggest that traffic to the restaurant would increase by 2 or even 3 times on Mother’s Day. That aside, Mexicans take Mother’s Day so seriously they start it with a bang. Literally. Families or sons and daughters would hire mariachi bands early in the morning to wake their mother up with a song. Truly a celebration like no other, Mother’s Day in Mexico feels a lot like a booming festival instead!

  1. Russia celebrates in November

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Image Credit: Josh Willink | Pexels

The former soviet union nation predominantly celebrated Mother’s Day on International Women’s Day, which is on March 8 annually. Since 1998, post-Soviet, Russia has been commemorating this special day on the last Sunday of November. Traditions are very much the same as the rest of the world, gift giving and eating out as a family are typical practices in Russia. С Днем Матери!

  1. Queen’s Day in Thailand

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Image Credit: Thomas Galvez | Flickr

สุขสันต์วันแม่ ค่ะ to the Queen! Nothing is more revered than the monarchy of Thailand. And so it is no surprise that Mother’s Day in Thailand is also a celebration to mark the Queen of Thailand, Sirikit’s birthday. The Thais celebrate Mother’s Day on the 12th of August annually. Holding the status of the queen of Thailand, Queen Sirikit is often regarded as the queen mother of the citizens of the country, and across the nation, people rejoice under the veil of fireworks and parades, a grandeur celebration that certainly stands out amongst the many traditions worldwide!

  1. In Serbia, Mother’s Day is like Christmas

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The Serbians celebrate Mother’s Day on the immediate Sunday after Christmas. Mother’s Day in Serbia begins with a prayer to God and as astounding as it sounds, children sneak into their mother’s bedroom and tie her feet sneakily and in order to negotiate her release, she’d have to gift small gifts to her children in return. Doesn’t sound like there’s much to it for the mother, but at least she gets to rest for a bit!

Parades, nation-wide celebrations or even traditions that almost resemble the beginning of every thriller movie, the act of love is represented in a multitude of ways but there’s one thing for sure – our love for mother is sempiternal. In Serbian, they wish: “Срећан Дан мајки! Srećan Dan majki!”

More Mother’s Day Greetings:

  • German: Schönen Muttertag!
  • Danish: Glædelig mors dag!
  • Finnish: Hyvää äitienpäivää!
  • Croatian: Sretan Majčin dan!
  • Hungarian: Boldog anyák napját!
  • Bengali: বাংলা) : শুভ মাতৃ দিবস (Shubho Matri Dibosh)
  • Polish: Szczęśliwego dnia matki!
  • Turkish: Anneler günü kutlu olsun.
  • Dutch: Fijne Moederdag!
  • Bahasa: Selamat Hari Ibu, Ibuku tersayang!
  • Portuguese: Feliz Dia da Mãe!
  • Hindi: हैप्पी मातृ दिवस
  • Tagalog: Maligayang Ina ng Araw.
  • Korean: 해피 어머니의 날
  • Swahili: Mama furaha ya Siku
  • Tamil: சந்தோஷமாக தாயின் நாள்
  • Vietnamese: Ngày của Mẹ hạnh phúc

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