The season for spending is upon us and that can only mean one thing – The Lazada Online Revolution! For those of you still not familiar with Lazada, well, Lazada is the megastore for anything and everything you need. Bridging the gap between quality and price, there’s none better than Lazada if you’re looking to do your shopping online.

The Lazada Online Revolution this 11/11 is the best time to shop because sales are aplenty and oh, did we mention, you get to enjoy up to 22% cashback when you shop with us at ShopBack! This is on top of discounts of up to 90%,  plenty of flash deals and vouchers of up to $100. You’re really missing out if you’re not a part of this online sale bonanza!

Cashback with Lazada? H*ll, yes!

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Consumer electronics, home and furnishing, appliances and even alcohol – so many things to buy but so little time to choose. Well, if you’re at a loss as to what to best spend your money on, let us help you out with this list of loot to look out for at the Lazada Online Revolution!

1. Hendrick’s Gin

Hendrick's Gin 700 ml x 2
Hendrick’s Gin 700 ml x 2
Price: SGD 230.00
After Lazada Discount: SGD 165.00 (28%)

Ah, there’s not a drink more iconic than the good ol’ G&T and there’s no more iconic a gin brand than Hendrick’s. Boasting great botanicals in taste, you only need some tonic for a perfect refreshing drink. Add a stick of cucumber if you’re feeling fancy! This is the perfect time to stock up for the festive party period!

2. Drypers Diapers

Drypers Touch S
Drypers Touch S 70s x 4 packs (3 – 7kg) 280pcs/box
Price: SGD 86.00
After Lazada Discount: SGD 57.90 (33%)

Diapers make up quite the bulk of the expenses when it comes to parenting. That doesn’t mean that you should cheap out on your precious little poop-machine! You should only get the best for your tiny little loved ones and there is no brand more trusted than Drypers. Lazada has a super wide range of Drypers diapers for you to choose from for all stages of babyhood that combine comfort, supreme absorption and affordability!

3. Razer BlackWidow X Chroma

Razer BlackWidow X Chroma
Razer BlackWidow X Chroma
Price: SGD 586.00
After Lazada Discount: SGD 326.00 (44%)

If someone tells you that being good at gaming is 100% skill, feel free to tell them they’re full of baloney. There are other factors which determine which end of a butt-kicking you end up in while in the dog-eat-dog world of gaming. Aside from luck, you can get the much-needed edge to triumph by getting yourself some quality gaming accessories. Luckily for you, Lazada has some good deals on high-quality computer accessories designed especially for gaming in their range of Razer products. One of which is the Razer BlacWidow X Chroma made with military grade metal construction for extreme precision and reaction time!

4. Google Pixel

Google Pixel LTE 128GB (Silver)

Google Pixel LTE 128GB (Silver)
Price: SGD 1899.00
After Lazada Discount: SGD 1649.00 (13%)

Of all the big ticket items, a smartphone counts as one of the most sought after. There’s no better time to get one than during a sale because let’s face it, they usually cost quite a lot. Well not at Lazada where you can enjoy some great pricing on smartphones. Case in point, you get to enjoy some nifty discount on, what some might consider, the best Android phone out there in the market today, the Google Pixel. Armed with a 12.3-megapixel camera that can shoot 4k videos, the AI organiser system in the Google Assistant and a very powerful and fast processor, the Google Pixel deserves its spot up at the very top of the smartphone ladder.

5. Deuter Backpacks

Deuter Trans Alpine 30 Midnight Ocean

Deuter Trans Alpine 30 Midnight Ocean
Price: SGD 279.90
After Lazada Discount: SGD 252.90 (10%)

The fast approaching year-end means everyone is scrambling to clear their leave days which also usually means vacation time for everyone! So if you are of the backpacker variety then you should learn to appreciate the value of a robust backpack. Let Deuter help you out with that. One of the most enduring brand names in the business of bags, Deuter provides a wide range of quality backpacks suitable for not only backpacking, but also for almost every activity that involves the outdoors and also carrying of stuff!

6. Nixon Watches

Nixon Facet All Rose Gold

Nixon – Facet (A384897) – All Rose Gold
Price: SGD 418.00
After Lazada Discount: SGD 167.20 (60%)

Oh, look at the time! Oh wait, you mean you can’t? Well, then it is about time you get yourself a pair of watch from Nixon. Blending cool, class and a sporty aesthetic, Nixon watches are a great piece of functional wrist accessories to have to add a little bit of pizzazz to your outfit of the day!

7. Philips Rice Cooker

Philips HD3060 Rice Cooker

Philips HD3060 Rice Cooker
Price: SGD 119.00
After Lazada Discount: SGD 80.90 (32%)

Make any homemaker happy this festive season by gifting him or her the gift of convenience with the Philips HD3060 Rice Cooker. This handy little kitchen buddy is small in size but big in functionality featuring five cooking functions, easy-to-clean detachable top lip, touch sensor for easy operation and high-performance with its hydrating micro-pressure design.

So it’s time to dust off your trusty old cards and get yourself ready for some quick-fire shopping because the Lazada Online Revolution sale promises to be exciting! Don’t forget to shop with us because on top of the ridiculous discounts you enjoy, you still get to enjoy up to 22% cashback!

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