New Year, new me? The start of a new year always reminds us of our ambitions, future plans and how we all are going to transform our lives for the better. But the reality is not so straightforward. Instead of “New Year, new me”, the start of 2019 gives more a feeling of “New Year, same old me”. How can we improve our “same old” selves then?

Most of us have always imagined what life would be like as an adult; you no longer have to beg for allowances, you have your own space, and most of all, you only do chores when you feel like it. However, while adulting might have all its fancy perks, it undeniably is one of the most challenging periods of our lives. You’re thrown into the wild without any guidance and are just expected to cope. However, with the right skills and ways we can improve our day to day routines, our work and our relationships. Let’s go back to the basics and check some of the top life skills that will help you make 2019 a truly rewarding year.

Adulting 101: Life Skills You’ll Actually Use

1. Set a budget and STICK to it

setting a budget for finance
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While it might be exciting to receive your paycheck and treat yourself to something expensive, it is vital that you stay grounded. Setting a budget could go a long way in helping you save that extra cash; should you need it in the future. Start by writing down your earnings, then your expenses, and from the remaining set aside a sum for savings and the rest can be used for miscellaneous. Automate the transfer of that sum to separate savings account so you don’t even have to think about it.

2. Ending a toxic relationship

stick with happy relationships
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As you grow older, you’ll come to realize that not everyone in your life is the best influence, and you don’t need this kind of negative energy if you’re trying to move forward in life. While ending a relationship can be tricky, and at times nerve-racking, you have no choice but to do it. However, you can try and minimize the negative effect -if any-  by being straightforward but polite, after all, we’re all just trying to be mature here.

3. Being open to feedback

receive feedback and criticism
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We can all admit that most times we might not be receptive towards criticism. Despite that, it is IMPORTANT to be able to accept it with an open heart and open mind. Instead of looking at feedback negatively, take it as an opportunity to improve yourself! This will especially help you maintaining and even improving professional relationships.

4. Cooking decent and nutritious meals

learn to cook
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This is undeniably one of the most important life skill that you’ll need to master as you slip into adulthood. And when we say cooking, we’re certainly not talking about instant noodles and scrambled eggs. There are tons of other simple recipes that you could whip up any time of the day, especially with the help of apps like Buzzfeed’s Tasty, cooking has never been easier. Challenge yourself to prepare at least one dish every day, and sooner or later you’ll be great at it!

5. Learn to say NO!

Learn to say no
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Don’t be a pushover. People are going to ask you to do things for them, and while helping others is a noble act, sometimes you just have to think of what’s best for you. If anything that they request is burdening you or goes against your morals then simply say no. They might get mad but as the saying goes, ‘if everybody likes you, then you’re doing it wrong’. Remember to always stand up for yourself!

6. Go technology-free once in a while

read a book during your free time
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Almost our entire life revolves around technology. Although it can be helpful at most times, it certainly has its fair share of disadvantages. As you’re engrossed in the virtual world in your smartphone, you fail to notice the passing moments. So try and take some time off from your mobile gadgets, and look around you, enjoy the beautiful sky and the stars that grace them, or take a book and dive into the fictional world. Trust us, you’ll feel a ton better after your “unplugging” session!

7. Learn to apologize and to forgive

Forgive others and start apologising
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Always apologize when you’re in the wrong. Admitting your mistake, and asking for forgiveness will only make you a better person. Similarly, quit holding a grudge on someone. Instead of focusing all your energy on hating someone, how about you forgive them and move on in life! Resentment and anger takes a toll on you and is bound to mess up your mental health. So forgive, and feel that burden lift right off your shoulders.

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