The end of the year draws near and that mean it’s almost time for you to deck your halls with boughs of holly fa la la la la, la la, la la! If you’re half as excited as I am about the festive season and all the joy it brings then you’re probably well on your way in search of the perfect Christmas decorations. If you’re not, well then I’ll let you in on where all the good stuff is at – Taobao. This online megastore has heaps upon heaps of affordable Christmas decorations for you to choose from – enough to jolly up your home for Christmas! Lets take a look at some of the more outstanding decorations.

christmas decorations

1. Christmas-themed Decorative Chair Sleeve

Decorative Christmas Chair

There is nothing more blessed about Christmas than getting everyone together for a Christmas dinner. This offers a chance to rekindle and strengthen connections and generally spread the Christmas cheer around – over a delicious meal of course! A Christmas dinner need not necessarily be a bland and solemn affair, not if these Christmas-themed decorative chair sleeves can help it. Honestly, would’ve thought a chair could get this festive!

Price: From SGD 3.53 with up to 10% Cashback

2. Miniature Wooden Christmas Tree

Miniature Wooden Christmas

The size of homes in Singapore is getting more and more compact and sometimes that doesn’t present quite the ideal space for you to display a full-fledged Christmas Tree in all its glory. Plus, sometimes a Christmas Tree may even mess up your apartment’s general aesthetic – especially if you’re subscribed to the hipster school interior design. This is where the Miniature Wooden Christmas Tree comes in handy. Minimalistic in design and made of light-colored wood, this decorative piece fits nicely in any ultra-modern homes where minimal furnishing dominates or in a space-strapped shoe box apartment.

Price: From SGD 26.44 with up to 10% Cashback

3. Light-up Christmas Star Mobiles

Light-up Christmas Decorative Star

When simple decorative mobiles just won’t do, why not get one that lights up? These versatile oddities can be applied anywhere in your house. Set the mood by dangling it on your front porch, on your Christmas tree, ceilings, over a dining table, or even in a room as a very festive nightlight.

Price: From SGD 0.24 with up to 10% Cashback

4. Acrylic Icicle Window Decoration

Acrylic Icicle Window

Singapore doesn’t have winter but that does not mean you can’t incorporate it into your Christmas house decor. Create the illusion of winter with these beautiful window decorations. You can even power-up your air-condition unit to its maximum capacity to further that illusion. Now it really feels like Christmas – just as long as you don’t step foot out of your house!

Price: From SGD 1.50 with up to 10% Cashback

5. Christmas Fireplace Simulation

Christmas Fireplace

Many a Christmas centrepiece involves a fireplace. From the hanging of Christmas stockings to indulging in a nice cup of Christmas beverage whilst listening to festive jingles. Unfortunately, it is also quite impractical to install one in the majority of Singaporean homes.  What you can do instead is get one of this hilariously cool Christmas Fireplace Simulation complete with faux flickering flame. Chimneys for Santa Claus to climb down not included.

Price: From SGD 127.79 with up to 10% Cashback

6. High-Quality Artificial Snow

High Quality Artificial Snowman

Aside from the freak (artificially-induced) hailstorm or two, cold weather phenomenons are essentially non-existent in sunny Singapore. It is with that sad realisation that we’ve resigned to the fate of never getting to experience a white Christmas in Singapore. Realise your winter wonderland dreams with a little Christmas magic in the form of some High-Quality Artificial Snow. Sprinkle it all over your Christmas centrepieces for instant beautification or if you own a porch or a yard big enough, just lay it down and you’ll be flapping your wings creating snow angels in no time!

Price: From SGD 8.59 with up to 10% Cashback

7. White Christmas Tree

White Christmas Tree

Green and red Christmas trees are so mainstream. Perhaps its time you jazz things up and go all the way with the whole white Christmas look with this White Christmas Tree. This stunningly eye-catching centerpiece makes for a many Instagram worthy photos.

Price: From SGD 21.81 with up to 10% Cashback

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