Every man needs a space that they can truly call their own. Their very own man-cave. Steeped in ladliness – the man cave is a celebration of masculinity. Lets look to Lazada for some sweet deals to realize our man-cave dreams.

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1. Ranger Bluetooth Audio Transceiver With Aptx Codec 


Set the mood and pump yourself up with music blaring out of the speaker – preferably rock & roll. This versatile Bluetooth speaker is easy to set up and is compatible your smartphones, tablets and other Bluetooth enabled transmitting devices.

2. Stylux Mini Fridge 4 Litres – Portable / Car Use / Home Use

Stylux Mini Fridge 4 Litres - Portable / Car Use / Home Usewww.lazada.sg

This mini-fridge gives you 1 less reason to leave the confines of your man-cave.  Fits up to 6 cans of beverage with a casing sporting a cool metallic sheen.

3. Doomed Shot Glass


Man-cave? More like super villain lair! Concoct plans of world domination as you sip on a glass or two of whiskey from this debonair skull glass.

4. Shot Glass Roulette Table Drinking Game with 2 Balls and 16 Glasses


When you got your bros around, entertain them with this drinking game. Spin the wheel and hope the ball doesn’t land on your space.

5. Gracefulvara Creative Poker Playing Card Ace of Spades Shaped Soda Beer Bottle Cap Opener


This bottle opener is literally ace! Look like a total baller whilst serving drinks to your mates with this metallic bottle card opener.

6. 6 PCS Vinyl Record Coasters Cup Drinks Non-slip Tableware Placemat


Watermarks can be detrimental to your furniture. Keep watermarks and stains in check the retro-chic way with this Vinyl themed drinks coaster.

7. PS4 Star Wars: Battlefront / R3

PS4 Star Wars: Battlefront / R3www.lazada.sg

The new Star Wars’ release is just around the corner. Hop in on the bandwagon and indulge in this critically acclaimed video game, Star Wars: Battlefront. May the force be with you!

8. PS4 500GB Console New Model – Black


Well, now that you’ve got the video game, you’ll need the console. The PS4 is a state of the art home entertainment system for an immersive gaming experience.

9. Electronic WJ100 Dartboard Blue


There is no game that encapsulates the lad way of life more than darts. This set-up is perfect for man-cave use with soft tipped darts, voice and sound inputs. Challenge your friends, loser buys pizza.

10. WinMax Fun Kids Mini Pool Table


How many of you can boast about having a pool table in your very own man-cave? Not many I reckon. Well just make no mentions of it being miniature and you’re good!

11. Soccer / Foosball Table


If constantly getting battered by your friends at pool is starting to bore you. You can move on to foosball instead. This one takes into consideration space constraints being only 1.4m in length.

12. Awesome Art Center Sin City 034 60x90cm Waterproof Poster Plastic Print Multicolor


Sin City is one of the most indie-cool films to ever grace the silver screens. Jazz up your wall with some Tarantino-esque posters. Lazada also has in stock quite a selection of visually appealing posters – check them out!

13. BUYINCOINS Fashion Halloween Colorful Flash LED Skull Night Light Lamp Decoration Gift

BUYINCOINS Fashion Halloween Colorful Flash LED Skull Night Light Lamp Decoration Giftwww.lazada.sg

Nightlights are a cool way to instantly make your man-cave 100% cozier. That, or if you’re afraid of the dark it’s cool to have one too. It’s alright. Nothing wrong with a bro having a little fear of the dark and dank unknown especially if your nightlight is a sweet glowing skull!

14. Beer Cola Drink Drinking Helmet Hat Can Holder Party Toys Yellow


Hands-free is the partiest – and quite possibly the only – way to drink! Forget about pausing the game to free your hands up. Just slip on this drinking helmet and chug your way to greatness. +10 to bro-liness.

15. Portable Foldable Outdoor Beach Chair for Fishing Camping Picnic


There it is. The throne you sit upon to survey the majestic domain you call your man-cave. Comes with a beverage holder. It’s actually a picnic chair but your man-cave is very much like the great outdoors – a wilderness of sorts!

Another mainly trait one should possess is the ability to cheap out on things. ShopBack gives you up to 15% Cashback when you shop at Lazada. Cheers to that!

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