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Have you heard about Lazada’s sale? It is time to revisit your Lazada wish list. What better way to time these purchases than with Lazada’s 6th Birthday Festival? Flash deals with up to 90% discounts, it’s almost too good to be true! If you’re still reading this, you might want to skip over to Lazada Singapore right now to check out what’s popping off the shelves right this moment!

In conjunction with Lazada’s 6th anniversary, ShopBack has also upsized the amount of Cashback you’ll get when you shop through us this shopping season! Get up to 12% of your purchases as Cashback when you click through ShopBack!

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Lazada now on app only
<p>Lazada now on app only</p>

**ShopBack/Lazada users to take note: kindly note that from 1 June onwards, Cashback for Lazada Singapore will ONLY be awarded through the ShopBack App. To ensure maximum discount and Cashback from your future purchases, kindly remember to make your Lazada purchases through the ShopBack App!

**FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY: First 100 customers daily from now till 5 June 2018 get to enjoy an S$5 off your Lazada purchase when you checkout with promo code ‘SHOPBACKAPP’.
T&Cs: Promotion is only valid with a min. spending of S$50 for the first 100 unique customers.

 Discounts, Cashback, and more!

In case you didn’t know, Lazada’s 6th Birthday Festival started even before the actual birthday! Fret not, you’ve not missed a thing. Lazada sales are extending beyond even the birthday itself! Keep your eyes peeled after the 26th of April for the post-birthday sales! What better way to usher in your payday! Check out the sales calendar we’ve come up with to make sure you get every single deal we have in store this week!

Standard Chartered SPECIAL: Standard Chartered users hear us out! Enjoy up to 17% Cashback when you’re a StanChart card holder on selected dates!

lazada shopback sales calendar

Smart buys for everyone. What will you get?

Here at ShopBack, we couldn’t wait any longer and had to indulge in the dazzling sales over at Lazada. These are some of the steals we snagged during this Lazada Birthday Festival and you might want to get as well. Who knows? These might be items you’ve been waiting on your wishlist!

1. Jon, the power hungry one

power bank lazada
Image Credit: Lazada SG

Having ‘lost’ a power bank to a friend who’d always ‘forget’ to return his power bank, Jon purchased the Xiaomi 2000mAh power bank during this sales festivity. Couple this with up to 12% Cashback and you can do the math yourself on how much he saved! A plethora of official stores that are on Lazada Singapore, rest assured that products come genuine and at an affordable price point! For all you tech-savvy people, feast your eyes on the wide array of mobile accessories and tech Lazada Singapore has to offer, on a dime!

2. Lionel, the dad

diapers pampers lazada sales
Image Credit: Lazada SG

If there could be one complaint to sum up parenthood, it would be the exorbitant prices of diapers (and how frequently they need to be changed). Unfortunately for Lionel, learning to be a dad is beyond the pains of sleepless nights but also adjusting to the costs of this newly added commodity. Thanks to the ease of online delivery and discounted prices, diapering has been made much more affordable. Especially with seasonal sales like this Lazada’s 6th Birthday Festival, products go on sales up to 90% discount. If you’re a learning dad like Lionel, keep a tab on Lazada Singapore for this crazy discount and Cashback opportunity!

3. Felicia, the vain pot

sleeping mask lazada
Image Credit: Lazada SG

No matter the types of products you’re looking for, with the tens of thousands of product listings on Lazada Singapore, you’re bound to find what you are looking for! Beauty products are just some of the products that sell like hotcakes.

Practically working all day in an air-conditioned environment (many of us can relate to this first world problem), our skin is always dry and at risks of cracking. Hand lotion routines turned into futile attempts to save her endangering skin condition from the long hours in the office. The least Felicia thought she could do was to treat herself to this Laneige sleeping mask. This South Korean brand is amongst the many official international brands that are on Lazada! Quality products too, aren’t spared in this deal fiesta by Lazada Singapore.

4. Max, the ‘change phone every year’

huawei lazada sales
Image Credit: Lazada SG

Being tech fast forward is most of the time – a good thing. The impressive facts you can pull out from the back of your head to impress a chick at a party or the moral high ground to roast your friend who claims that the iPhone X is the best phone ever made. There’s also the downside of wanting every new release ever. The new Huawei P20 Pro is not only one of the latest piece of mobile devices thus far in 2018, its build collaboration with the much famed Leica optics has made it one of its kind. Still, a costly purchase, at least the upsized Cashback and various Lazada vouchers made it possible! A series of product ranging from latest tech releases to even restaurant deals, Lazada Singapore does it all! Up to 12% Cashback + various Lazada promo codes to make your purchases so much more affordable!

5. Chelsea, the cat lady

cat food lazada promo
Image Credit: Lazada SG

Caring for your pet could be as good as having an additional human to care for in the house. Sometimes, tending to the little one could get pricey, moreover when going for the premium or extra mile for your beloved. For Chelsea, sometimes that extra mile means getting premium treats for her kitty, and with the ease of home delivery and a wide selection of goods you wouldn’t usually see in a conventional supermarket, the variety Lazada has is unparalleled. Stocked with merchants selling all-year round discounted food and beverages, Lazada Singapore could be the only online shop you’ll ever need!

We are loving the Lazada Birthday Festival perks!

promo code lazada

Starting from 24th daily, Lazada’s 6th Birthday Festival is handing out plenty of lucrative Lazada vouchers with limited redemptions! Click through to be the first to know about these Lazada promo codes before they run out! If you’ve been waiting all year for a big-time purchase, NOW is the time!

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