Surprise birthday ideas never get dated, do they? Here are some birthday surprises you can pull off for someone you love at the eleventh hour if you have little time to plan.

Safe to say, most of us, if not every one, like surprises; It is a perfectly natural and innate human craving. What’s even better are surprises on one of the most significant days of our lives: our birthdays. It is indeed something to look forward to when you get a surprise birthday party thrown for you or a surprise gift you covet. But, it can be a little tough if you are gonna be the birthday party planner especially if time is not on your side. Read on to find out some creative but surprisingly simple birthday surprise ideas we have come up with that you may find handy next time you plan a (last minute) surprise birthday for someone you cherish.

1. Have the Birthday Party at a Restaurant

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Making arrangements to have a surprise for the birthday boy or girl at a restaurant and make him or her very happy on his special day. Food is always a good way for celebrations of any kind and having a surprise birthday party at a restaurant the birthday “star” loves is definitely an excellent idea.

Restaurant reservations can usually be done relatively last minute like just one or two days in advance so you don’t have to panic if your special someone’s birthday has slipped your mind. Some restaurant in Singapore offer special deals and freebies for birthdays which can make a dinner even more special. I

f the birthday “star” loves hot piping Chinese food, Haidilao Hotpot would be a top choice. If he or she likes to have dinner in a relaxing place against a peaceful and scenic backdrop, WaWawa Cafe at Bedok Reservoir Park can be a good place to celebrate.

What’s more, most of the service crew in restaurants will also kindly obliged to help you plan any other surprises you may want to throw for your beloved birthday loved one and sing the birthday song along with you. So having birthday dinners at restaurants are always a good way to throw your last minute birthday surprises whether it is your partner, sibling or friend.

Where to celebrate:

  • Haidilao Hot Pot, 313 Orchard Road, #04-23/24, [email protected], 238895
  • Wawawa Bistro, 901 Bedok Reservoir Road, 479266


2. Call for Help from Trusty Friends and Order a Cake

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A friend in need is a friend indeed. The best of friends are those we can always count on when we are in desperate need of help (planning birthday surprises included).

If you do not want your significant other’s birthday to be your Doom’s Day because you have forgotten to plan a surprise celebration for him or her, then rope in a few good friends to assist or enlist the help of your partner’s BFFs.

More heads are better than one. Whether you only have a few hours or a few days before your beloved one’s birthday, ask friends to help brainstorm ideas. Perhaps you can create a new Whatsapp group and round up all your partner’s good friends and send the loveliest birthday wishes to the birthday boy or girl at the stroke of 12 midnight. An inbox full of sweet messages will certainly be a birthday worth remembering.

To top it off, you and your friends can make a last minute birthday cake delivery the next day to your birthday’s friend home to delight him or her further. Nothing says “Happy Birthday” more than a birthday cake. Cake shops like The Cake Shop, PrimaDeli, and Cats & The Fiddle Cakes cater to last minute cake deliveries so you can order a cake via the phone or online for your dearest pal and make his or her day extra memorable!

Where to order a birthday cake:

  • The Cake Shop, Liang Court 177 River Valley Road, #01-16A Singapore 179030
  • Cats & The Fiddle Cakes,171 Kampong Ampat, #05-04 KA Foodlink, 368330
  • PrimaDeli, 21 Choa Chu Kang Ave 4, B1-K25 Lot 1, 689812

3. Pop by the Birthday “Star’s” House with a Gift

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A surprise visit to someone on his or her birthday is usually enough to put a wide grin on his or her face. It will be even better if you can surprise him or her with lovely gifts he or she desires. If the birthday boy or girl is unlikely to sleep early (and you will not be intruding on his or her family), you can even surprise him at 12 midnight with a lovely present. How sweet and thoughtful, isn’t it?

Dropping by your partner’s or best friend’s place with on his or her birthday is not just an excellent day to surprise him or her, it doesn’t require much planning either and so is an awesome idea to surprise the person even if it is done pretty much at the last minute.

Do you need ideas for birthday presents? There are several online shops which deliver your purchases with the swiftest speed. E-stores like Zalora and Charles and Keith (its online store) usually deliver your items to you within three days of you ordering. Do make your buys through Zalora and Charles and Keith to earn cashback even as you do your last minute shopping for birthday gifts!


4. Go on a Surprise Getaway

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It could be potentially calamitous if you don’t remember your special someone’s (be it your partner or BFF) birthday until a few days before the actual day. Fret not, if you wish to make up for it, why not do a last minute holiday booking for two to an overseas destination nearby and enjoy a short getaway? Take hem on an improptu trip to Bintan or Langkawi.

However, this birthday surprise idea will usually only work if you are very close to the person concerned and know his or her work or study schedule at the tips of your finger. If both of you have the luxury of time, why not spring a last minute birthday surprise for your beloved birthday partner or friend and you are sure to make the person grin from ear to ear.

Remember to book your tickets and accommodation via Shopback travel-deals to get the latest promotional rates for flights, ferry tickets and hotels as well as cashback and maximise your savings! Planning a holiday overseas is most certainly a last minute surprise birthday idea you can pull off and delight your beloved birthday friend or partner!

5. Go on a Staycay

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Besides, an overseas vacation, the next best thing that is probably always a good birthday surprise idea is a staycation. What’s even better is that you don’t have to worry even if you plan a last-minute staycation because most hotels do easily accommodate for last minute online bookings.

A staycation is a brilliant idea if work commitments do not afford you the time to take a vacation with your special one on his or her birthday. A one or two-nights staycation in a hotel at Singapore can be easily booked online, hassle-free. You can even request for the hotel to decorate the room according to your needs or call for special room service for a cake and specially prepared dinner to be delivered to your room.

Choose from a wide range of hotels from Swissotel to Fairmont Singapore for your staycation at and get cash credited to your bank accounts with your confirmed bookings. So if want to feel at home away from home and get some well-deserved respite, book a staycay to celebrate the birthday of someone you love soon!

Make it happen

Whichever birthday gift idea you have in mind for your special someone, be it your partner, family member or BFF, make sure you enjoy the quality time together to the fullest! What brilliant last minute birthday ideas do you have up your sleeves? Share with us in the comment section below.

In the meantime, remember to book your taxis, Uber or Grab through Shopback so you can arrive on time to the surprise party you prepared.

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