Have you just seen a product from a Japanese or Korean drama that you’re itching to get your hands on but it’s not available at your local NTUC or Cold Storage? Well, this list of Japanese and Korean supermarkets in Singapore might come in handy for you. Speciality products have been trending in Singapore, with more and more branches being set up every day, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Some of these supermarkets let you shop online so you won’t even need to leave the house, let alone the country, to browse and satisfy your cravings. Now, without further ado, let’s get to the lists.

Japanese Supermarkets

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Starting with Japanese supermarkets, we will start off with the more economical options to the more expensive premium Japanese stores in ascending order.

1. Daiso Singapore


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The most affordable option on the list with everything at $2 as their store policy. With over 90,000 different products in their inventory, from general household items to clothes and accessories, there will surely be something to catch your eye. For those more interested in Japanese food, we suggest checking our their snacks, furikake, and condiments. Check out their website to find out which of their 16 branches is closest to you and if they have any ongoing offers.

2. Don Don Donki 

Image credit: Don don donki Facebook page

Coming up next with Japanese quality at Japanese prices(according to their website) is Don Don Donki. Currently, Don Don Donki offers a great variety of all products at affordable prices. From food to toys, we suggest checking out their ready to eat food options like their signature sweet potato or selections of sushi, and even their cheap selection of chilled meats. To find out which of their 5 branches nearest to you check their website.

3. Fish Mart Sakuraya

Image credit: sakuraya.com.sg

At a middle price range is Fish Mart Sakuraya, carefully selected Japanese ingredients at affordable prices. Like in their name, Fish Mart Sakuraya mainly focus on fresh fish. It’s also worth checking out their fresh produce, packaged ingredients, drinks, and snacks as well. Visit their website to find out which of their 4 branches in closest to you.

  • Best to Buy: fresh produce, especially the sashimi.
  • Website: http://www.sakuraya.com.sg

4. Meidi-Ya

Image credit: Meidi-Ya on Facebook

A slightly pricier option but worth it for the great quality. Meidi-Ya offers a wide variety of fresh food imported directly from Japan and also other general household items. Also worth noting, it is the only Japanese supermarket on this list that offers an online shopping option. We suggest checking out their premium grade meats and fish. Find them at #B1-50 Liang Court Shopping Centre or check out their online shop on their website.

  • Best to Buy: premium grade meats and fish, premium instant noodles.

Korean Supermarkets

Up next is the Korean supermarkets, though their prices do not vary as much since they don’t sell as much premium fish and other exclusive products like Japanese supermarkets. We will list them accordingly from the cheaper to more expensive ones even if the difference is not much.

5. Harin Mart 

Harin Mart is able to offer cheaper prices due to the fact they don’t have a physical store. They are exclusively an online store for you to browse their selection of mainly groceries and food products. Since there’s no physical location to point out, go to their website to start shopping now.

  • Best to Buy: ready-to-eat meals, soju, rice cakes.
  • Website: https://www.harinmart.com/

6. Shine Korea 

Image credit: tampines1.com.sg

Offering a wide variety of Korean products from snacks to toiletries to beverages, Shine Korea ensures authentic Korean products at the best price (according to their website). We suggest checking out their many different flavoured noodles. To find out which of their 11 branches are closest to you, check out their website or if you are feeling lazy, they also have an online shopping option.

  • Best to Buy: instant noodles, snacks and drinks.
  • Website: http://www.shinekorea.com.sg

7. Koryo Mart 

Image credit: yellowsing.com.sg

Targeted more towards Korean expats in Singapore, Koryo Mart offers an authentic Korean shopping experience at reasonable prices. Mainly offering groceries and other food products, we suggest checking out what they have on their hot sale section which has great deals their goods like kimchi, snacks and strawberry milk. To find out which of their 8 branches is closest to your check out their website and they also have an online shopping option.

  • Best to Buy: kimchi, snacks and strawberry milk.
  • Website: http://www.koryomart.co.kr

8. Lee Mart  

Image credit: Lee Mart Facebook page

Another local Korean supermarket, Lee Mart has a few outlets near the CBD and downtown area, making it a bit more convenient. In addition to offering Korean groceries, some outlets like the Suntec City Mall one serve meals which are worth a visit. We suggest checking out their affordable soju collection. Although Lee Mart does not have their own website, they are on Qoo10 but the selection is smaller than the actual store.

  • Best to Buy: soju, snacks, dried fish.
  • Website: https://www.qoo10.sg/shop/leemart

With all these options available to you, there’ll be no issue in the search for the speciality product that has caught your eye. Enjoy your shopping experience!

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