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Who doesn’t love food? Sure, everyone loves a good, hearty meal, but what if you’re just looking for a small bite that fills you up just right? No worries – Foodpanda has just the right food for you! Here are 10 small but filling bites from Foodpanda that you can indulge in when your tummies are rumbling.

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1. Sushi Burrito

Sushi BurritoImage Credits | [brianmalmstrom]

Sushi Burritos are all the craze right now. It’s not surprising considering how amazing they look. Mouth-watering and generous ingredients are layered by soft but firm Japanese grains and then delicious burrito skin – what a time to be alive! Grab a sushi burrito with Foodpanda’s brilliant delivery service and you’ll never go hungry again!

Sushi Burrito 1 Sushi Burrito 2Image Credit |

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2. Tteokbokki/ Ddukbokki

SONY DSCImage Credit | wikipedia.orgCheese TteokbokkiImage Credit |쭈욱-늘어지는-치즈떡볶이-만드는법

This popular Korean street food is definitely one small but filling dish! If you love tteokbokki/ddukbokki, you’ll probably also never get enough out of this plate of cheese ddukbokki! With springy dduk cooked to perfection with seasonings and rich, red gochujang (red pepper sauce), the melted cheese on it is really the cherry on top of a cake. A small portion can fill your stomachs well and also leave you craving for more!

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3. Salad


Everyone thinks that salads are just for diets and that they’ll never fill up just right – probably makes all you big foodies out there go “Ew, no thanks” But not all salads are actually like that. Outback Steakhouse‘s Steak Salad and Aussie Chicken Cobb Salad are gorgeous salads that’ll make you drool! Look at the Steak Salad where steak is grilled to perfection and tell me that you ain’t hungry.

Social Square‘s Tofu and Avocado Salad is a great, filling salad in delightful colours. Eating healthy is not always about just stuffing yourself with greens, it’s about the balance of the dish that you’re eating. These Foodpanda salads are the best of both worlds – healthy and hearty, so order a salad for yourself today!

Tofu Avocado SaladImage Credit | [Social Square]

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4. Katsu Sandwiches

Katsu nestled comfortably between white sandwich breadDouble-filled Katsu SandwichImage Credit |

The Katsu Sando is pretty popular in Japan – I mean, who wouldn’t like this – it’s soft, white bread blanketing cripsy, golden brown meat that has been fried to perfection so a bite into this baby will be a mixture soft and crispy textures. The sauce inside makes the entire sandwich taste amazing and you wouldn’t want to miss out on a chance to sink your teeth into this!

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5. Kimbab

KimbabKimbab 1Image Credit | [cutekirin]

Anyone who loves Korean food will recognize this food. Kimbab is the Korean version of maki sushi and you’ll immediately notice that kimbabs are packed full with ingredients for a tastier bite! Once the kimbab is rolled, sesame oil is lathered lightly on the seaweed and sesame seed is sprinkled over it. The taste and texture of roasted seaweed, mixed with the sesame sauce and seed is wonderful. It’s small, but it’s definitely a hearty bite to have!

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6. Toowoomba Chicken

Toowomba Chicken with prawns and cheeseImage Credit |

The Outback Steakhouse‘s Toowoomba Chicken is a genius dish – little seasoned, grilled chicken breast, decorated with sweet caramelized onions and melted swiss cheese, finished off with shredded lettuce and tomato. If this doesn’t make you hungry I don’t know what else will. the serving is not too large, and neither is it too small – it’s just the right size to fill you up and make your money worth it!

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7. Gua Bao

Taiwaneses Burger Gua BaoImage Credit | [Lee’s Taiwanese]

Lee’s Taiwanese has really good reviews on Foodpanda, and the Taiwanese Burger, or Gua Bao, is pretty popular. One order includes three Taiwanese burgers and if you’re pretty hungry, just get two orders or more. Packed within a fluffy yet firm, white bao is an amazing cut of pork that’s layered with some coriander – and it’s just so juicy and tender that you’ll be reaching for another before you’re even done with one!

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8. Burgers

Nashville Fried Chicken Burger Pulled Pork BurgerImage Credit | [meatsmith_sg]

Burgers are just the right example of small, but filling bites. Meatsmith is one restaurant that has delicious meats and their Pulled Pork Burger, as well as Nashville Fried Chicken Burger are not to be missed! The burger is small, but the amount of meat is generous – and it’ll go beyond simply meat-ing your expectations.

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9. Pizza Doughnuts

Acknowledging that pizza is her one true lovePizza DoughnutsImage Credit | [altpizza]

Whoa, pizza just got upgraded to a new level. That’s right, Alt.Pizza has Pizza Doughnuts. Oh yeah, this is not a dream – pizza doughnuts with Nutella dipping sauce! Heavenly – that’s how I would describe it. The doughnuts are really the size of a classic small bite and you can take your time to savour this delicious product. It’s alright, your food baby’s worth it.

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10. Seasoned Chicken

Ban Ban ChickenImage Credit | [ewhity]

Seasoned chicken, or Yangnyum chicken as some people would recognize it as, is absolutely delicious. It’s favourful and if it’s warm, the juice will definitely make your tongue go wild with happiness. Happiness – that’s what seasoned chicken is.

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There are several stores selling seasoned chicken, either as a box itself, or mixed with fried chicken like the image above. Regardless, chicken is tasty no matter the cooking method, so don’t hold back and indulge yourself in this box of mouth-watering, succulent meat!

Eating food in a big bite

You can count on Foodpanda to get your food to you in as fast as half an hour and then you’ll be satisfying your rumbling tummies without overeating or wasting any food because these small bites are enough to fill you just right. Let the juices and/or flavour coat all over your tongue and make your tastes buds dance. Don’t forget to use ShopBack for your Foodpanda deliver and earn 8% cashback – you won’t get a deal as mouth-watering as this anywhere else!

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