SPF, UV rays, melanoma and free radicals – you name it, they got a sunscreen for it. It’s undeniable that sun care products these days use a bunch of terms that fly over our heads (octyl methoxycinnamate, anybody?) which makes shopping a little more stressful than before. Since the sun is an indispensable part of daily life, skin care from ultraviolet radiation is therefore necessary, be it out in the open or indoors. The question, then, is how we can best protect our skin from these harmful rays.

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Sephora hosts a great variety of solutions which hold the answers to that. If you’re looking for something that’s great for your skin and easy on the wallet, ShopBack has your back as you can now look forward to CashBack offers of up to 8.0%. Here’s a list to help you with your next Sephora sunscreen haul:

1) Supergoop! Antioxidant-Infused Sunscreen Mist


Supergoop! is a team of dedicated individuals with an eye on skin and sun care. They have thoughtfully condensed years of research in the form of a sunscreen mist for users who prefer a light, airy feel as compared to the texture of conventional lotions. Complying to skincare standards, this sunscreen mist retains its SPF even after 80 minutes of being submerged in water. It is also rich in antioxidants and Vitamin C, both of which are beneficial to skin health and wellness. More importantly, the leak-proof twist lock is a fantastic addition to the product – active travellers can now be assured that your bags will remain clean and spill-free!

2) Milk & Co. Sports Moisturiser

Milk & Co. Sports Moisturiser

For shoppers leading an active lifestyle in the great outdoors, this sports moisturiser with SPF 30 is the solution for all your needs. Milk & Co. is a company fraught with experience in the field, headed by Olympic swimming champion Michael Filk and his family since 2008. The sports moisturiser is fast-absorbing without leaving an oily sheen nor clogging pores. It’s remarkable in its water resistance for up to 4 hours upon application – perfect for sportsmen and women alike. While protecting the skin from harmful UV rays, the moisturiser also works to keep skin soft and supple after a long day’s work.

3) Kate Somerville Prime Protection Dual Action Primer

Kate Somerville Prime Protection Dual Action Primer

For those who use makeup, why not consider an SPF 15 primer before everything else goes on? Kate Somerville and the clinics behind the brand work to invent solutions for skin care issues faced by users of all complexions worldwide. This primer blurs out imperfections in the skin with its light-diffusing properties, making it smoother and much more accommodating to makeup application. Apart from that, the primer is a broad-spectrum sunscreen, meaning that it shields the skin against both UVA and UVB rays. Couple it with a CC cream or foundation and the fundamentals of your makeup regime will be complete.

4) Klarity Lasertox Miracle White CC Lotion

Klarity Lasertox Miracle White CC Lotion

Klarity is a home-grown brand established in 2014 which takes pride in its Lasertox line – a formula with roots in research hailing from Korea, Switzerland and France. The CC lotion contains diamond powder, which brightens up the skin, as well as Vitamin C and lycopene extracts from rose hips that supplement the skins with beneficial nutrients. More significantly, this formula is paraben-free, as well as Halal-certified, making it a friendly product for users from all walks of life.

5) Alcina Stress Control Cream

Alcina Stress Control Cream

German brand Alcina aims to offer solutions for any facial care issue, including sun protection. This comes in the form of the Alcina Stress Control Cream, which works to prevent the formation of free radicals, which oxidise and destroy collagen in our skin, resulting in wrinkles, spots and the like. It also assuages the harmful effects of UV radiation – with UVB protection, sunburn can be prevented, while UVA shielding helps to fight aging skin. As a whole, stress control means defending the skin from harmful pigments, complemented by an SPF 15 sunscreen.

6) VMV Hypoallergenics Armada Face and Body Shield

VMV Hypoallergenics Armada Face and Body Shield

VMV Hypoallergenics was established 30 years ago with its aim of introducing hypoallergenicity-graded products into the market, as well as a better shopping experience for buyers with allergies. Apart from protection from outdoor infrared rays, indoor protection is also accorded by the Armada shield. With anti-photo-aging and photo-damaging properties, VMV’s Armada series make for great sunscreens. For adults and children with sensitive skin to organic chemical sunscreens, VMV recommends the Armada Baby 50+ for its users.

7) Lancaster Sun Sport Dry Touch Gel Radiant Tan

Lancaster Sun Sport Dry Touch Gel Radiant Tan

Lancaster Beauty is dedicated to ensuring healthy skin and great sun care. This is why they’ve considered the needs of all types of users, in this case, those with an active sporting lifestyle. This sunscreen is sweat and water resistant, ensuring that swimmers and athletes would be able to have full skin protection even as they go about their daily routine. Additionally, what makes this formula special is that it even protects the skin from sand damage, making it perfect for beach goers.

8) Sephora Collection Moisturising & Soothing After Sun Body Mist

Sephora Collection Moisturising & Soothing After Sun Body Mist

To conclude a long day under the sun, Sephora’s got you covered (excuse the pun) with the home brand’s body mist. Instead of applying a thick, oily layer of after-sun cream, why not use this refreshing alternative instead? With Vitamin E, chamomile extract and sunflower oil, this formula is sure to restore and rejuvenate your skin.

Skin protection is no simple task. Now, you can look forward to enjoying these products with no hassles, with ShopBack’s 8.0% Cashback when you spend on Sephora items. With these tips in mind, you can say hello to healthier, brighter skin in no time!

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