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Singaporeans are famous for loving our food, but what is less known yet just as true, is the fact that we love our local beverages as well! Here are just a few of the many iconic drinks that Singaporeans love!

1) Milo Dinosaur

milo dinosaurImage credit: Instagram | @yunapan520

Why settle for just Milo when you can get the glorious Milo Dinosaur? Milo is without a doubt one of the most beloved drinks in Singapore, and the Milo Dinosaur simply takes it to a whole new level. In case an ordinary cup of Milo doesn’t have enough malty goodness, top it up with more Milo powder for even more malty deliciousness!

Where to find it: Coffee shops, hawker centres and food courts

2) Kopi Peng

kopi pengImage credit: Instagram | @mixu3er

All the hype is about branded coffee chains and hipster cafes these days, but we can’t forget the good ol’ kopitiam kopi that has been there for us all along. For an affordable and nevertheless good strong dose of caffeine, head down to the neighbourhood kopitiam for a strong and frothy cup of kopi peng (ice).

Where to find it: Coffee shops, hawker centres and food courts

3) Teh Tarik

teh tarikImage credit: Instagram | @hocacho

They say that F&B is not just about the product itself, but also the experience. Drinking Teh Tarik is certainly an experience that many Singaporeans remember fondly.

Literally translated as “pulled tea”, the fun begins when the drink stall uncle starts “pulling” your piping hot tea by pouring it from cup to cup in order to cool it. A perfect accompaniment to a roti prata breakfast or supper.

Where to find it: Coffee shops, hawker centres and prata stalls

4) Bandung

ice bandungImage credit: Instagram | @lollipoppadada

Foreigners and the uninitiated might have either of the two reactions towards the bright pink colour of the bandung drink: horror or bemused fascination. For us Singaporeans, the milky rose cordial syrup drink is a taste that we love and crave for.

Here’s something interesting – in the city of Bandung, Indonesia, you can’t actually find the drink (despite its name)! Popular in Singapore, Brunei and Malaysia, this is our way of being “pretty in pink”.

Where to find it: Coffee shops, hawker centres and food courts

5) Soya bean milk

soya milkImage credits: Instagram | @larrygwee

Soya bean milk is found all over the world, but in Singapore it holds a special place in our hearts as the ultimate breakfast beverage, paired with – you got it – youtiao (fried dough fritters)!

It’s such a hallmark of the culture in this area that JJ Lin even wrote a love song about this legendary pairing. And Singaporeans understand why – the smooth and slightly nutty goodness of the soya bean milk complements the crispy, greasy youtiao perfectly.

Where to find it: Hawker centres

6) Grass jelly

Grass jellyImage credit: Instagram | @fatwithin

Also known as Chin Chow in Singapore, this beverage might come across as pretty dubious to the uninitiated, what with all the black jelly suspended in a blackish-brown liquid. But most Singaporeans who grew up with it absolutely love it and it is a regular fixture in our 365 days of summer.

Where to find it: Hawker centres

7) “Michael Jackson”

michael jackson drinkImage credit: Instagram | @kento1985

Thrown off by the funky name? This drink is a combination of black grass jelly and white soya bean milk, so its name should be self-explanatory by now.

If you haven’t tried it before, wait a moment before you shoot this idea as downright weird. This drink combination has gained a cult following in Singapore, and you will only understand its addictive properties once you try it. So go on, order it and see for yourself!

Where to find it: Hawker centres

8) Sugarcane juice

sugar cane juiceImage credits: Instagram |@felistreats

The King of all hawker centre dinners, we present sugarcane juice. The refreshing coolness of this drink is unparalleled, and is well-loved by tourists and locals alike. After all, what better way to wash down a rich hearty (and also greasy) meal than with a large mug of sweet sugarcane juice?

Those in the know would also be well-acquainted with the ways of “customising” your own version of the ubiquitous sugarcane juice, such as adding lemon slices, sour plums and even nata de coco.

Where to find it: Hawker centres

9) Yeo’s Chrysanthemum Tea

yeos-chysanthemum-teaImage credit: Facebook | Yeo’s

The familiar sight of the yellow carton will certainly bring to mind many comforting memories. With a subtle floral fragrance and light sweetness, the tea is often served at many family gatherings and Chinese New Year celebrations.

Where to find it: Major supermarkets, convenience stores and neighbourhood grocery stores

10) Pokka Green Tea

Image credit: Facebook | POKKA Singapore

Singaporeans love Pokka Green Tea so much that Pokka can even claim that it is the No. 1 Green Tea Brand in Singapore, and rightly so. In the constantly humid and hot weather we have here, we have come to love this refreshing drink.

Where to find it: Major supermarkets, convenience stores and neighbourhood grocery stores

11) Pokka Oolong Tea

Image credit: Facebook | POKKA Singapore

When this product first came out, we were wondering who would drink some faint flavoured tea THAT HAS ZERO SUGAR IN IT? Turns out we were wrong, and this delicate cold tea has come an ‘Oolong’ way since then, becoming a common sight at coffee shops and supermarkets.

Where to find it: Major supermarkets, convenience stores and neighbourhood grocery stores

12) Kickapoo Joy Juice

kickapooImage credit: Instagram | @georgeiu

This drink is so iconic in Singapore that we even have a common Singlish pronunciation for it, where the ‘poo’ at the end has a kick in it.

Though hardly anybody really knows or bothers to find out what exactly the ingredients are (the magic ingredient is citrus by the way), Kickapoo Joy Juice has certainly brought much joy to the lives of many Singaporeans.

Where to find it: Major supermarkets, convenience stores and neighbourhood grocery stores

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