Iceland, the polar opposite of Singapore and known for the Northern Lights, natural geysers and amazing winter landscapes is a gorgeous country that has to be visited this winter season. Many of my friends believe that a trip to Iceland is bound to burn a hole in their pocket due to the long-haul flight ticket and accommodation costs.

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But contrary to popular belief, a solo trip to Iceland can cost as low as S$3500, or even if you are travelling with a group of friends, your personal expenses will amount to a similar cost too. Follow us as we uncover this winter treasure trove without breaking your bank!

* All prices listed in this article are subject to change without prior notice.

Return Flight from Singapore to IcelandS$1,325
Local TransportS$222
Activities and ExperienceS$500
Grand TotalS$3,975


Unfortunately, there are no direct flights to Iceland and you will have to make a stop in Europe before transferring to a local airline that will take you to Iceland. As with most long-haul flights, the tickets are going to be expensive. So plan early and plan well to save more on your flight ticket to give you more budget for your trip!

Visiting Iceland during an off-season/off-peak period (e.g. avoid the school holidays) could possibly save you up to 20% off your flight ticket. However, you do need to consider other factors such as the weather, daylight and your main objectives for visiting before you book your ticket.

For Northern Lights and Winter: September to Mid-October

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Winter starts early in Iceland and anytime from September to mid-October are the shoulder months to visit. Not only are there fewer tourists around, but daylight is also around long enough for you to get adjusted to the time difference. Harsh winters and long nights befall from November onwards so be sure to avoid that period! September to mid-October is also the perfect chance to catch the Aurora Borealis (better known as Northern Lights) thanks to the combination of dry weather and long nights.


Flight from Singapore to Iceland for a 2-week stay (3 Nov 2020 – 16 Nov 2020)

For Waterfalls, Geysers and Volcanoes: May to Mid-June

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Apart from the Aurora Borealis, Iceland is also full of many other natural wonders. Backed by wide mountain ranges, volcanoes, waterfalls and natural geysers, we recommend visiting between May to Mid June if you wish to explore these sights with sufficient daylight to spare. Besides, the warmer weather during this season makes it suitable for those of you who are afraid of the cold.

Flight from Singapore to Iceland for a 2-week stay (26 May 2020 – 8 June 2020)

Total Estimated Cost for a Return Flight: S$1,325


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Since we are spreading our cost over a good 2 weeks, you won’t find any 5-star hotel recommendations here. Instead, tuck in at any local hostels which are often hosted by warm and friendly Icelanders. We reckon you will spend most of your time out exploring instead, so all you really need is a bed to sleep in at night. Most hostels range anywhere from S$30 to S$60 and you will be looking at some time between 11 to 12 nights in if we take into consideration the nights you will be away on a plane.


Base Guesthouse by Keflavik Airport: S$90/night

Total Estimated Cost for a 12-night stay: S$1,080

Local Transport

For a convenient way to get to your hostel, book a seat on the Flybus beforehand. They cost S$35 per trip and comes at intervals of 30 minutes.

Getting around Iceland is pretty convenient with the public transport system. Alternatively, you can rent a car and take a road trip, but only if you have friends to split the costs with as this option may amount to S$2,100 in total.

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Flybus Airport to Hotel Transfer: S$33.09

Reykjavik City Card* (72hr): S$74.25


Car Rental (split price between friends): S$455.92 for 2-week stay (4-seater Hyundai i10 or similar)/4pax = $113.98

Total Estimated Cost for Transport: S$222**

* City Card can be used for free entrance to museums; galleries; thermal pools, hot pools and sauna; Reyjavik Zoo and Family Park; unlimited public bus transport; free ferry ride to Vloey and other discounts and offers.

** assuming a combination of Rental Car and City Card is used

Activities and Experiences

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Exploring ice caves and glaciers, and getting a first-class seat to view the Aurora Borealis will soon be a reality. It will be more convenient if you sign up with some tours and a budget of S$500 will be roughly enough for the tours. Other free time that you have could be spent exploring the city so you won’t need to budget for activities every single day.

Total Estimated Cost for Activities and Experiences: S$500


As the prices are tweaked to target tourists, food will be relatively more expensive here. A simple meal can cost you ~S$40 per pax, so if your hostel has a shared kitchen, we suggest you cook your meals instead. Groceries can be bought from the Bonus Supermarket for rather affordable prices, so you can save quite a sum of money from dining out.

Similar to Singapore, tap water in Iceland is completely safe to drink. While this may seem trivial, but a bottle of water in Iceland goes at S$3 to S$5 each and you might be spending over a hundred bucks on water if you are not mindful!

Total Estimated Cost for Food: S$700

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And there you have it! A 2-week itinerary in Iceland to view the northern lights, waterfalls and natural geysers for under S$4000! It’s not a crazy amount to pay considering the views and experiences that you’re gonna get there. It will truly be an unforgettable experience to remember for a long time to come!

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