One of Singapore’s most beloved online marketplaces, Qoo10 has earned a reputation of being a one-stop destination for anything and everything. With stackable discounts on top of daily sales, the site pushes prices down to a competitively low point. Moreover, Qoo10 also includes a lot of bonus activities such as Mamemon that makes shopping fun for its loyal customers!

However, with so many things going on, the site is often overwhelming, especially for new customers. Here, we break down all of the sections on Qoo10 and how you can maximise your membership and savings. After reading this, you’d be a Qoo10 master-saver in no time!

Now before we start, let’s take a quick look at how one of our colleagues breeze through the Qoo10 labyrinth because it really isn’t that hard.

1. Qoo10 Sales, All Day Every Day

Time Sale

Head into their “Today’s Sale” section to find all the Time SaleDail Sale and MameGo Roulette Chance offers all in one spot. You can also access the former 2 from the tabs directly on the homepage.

Time Sale: Limited Time Promotional Discounts daily from:

  • 00:00 – 10:00
  • 10:00 – 17:00
  • 17:00 – 24:00

Daily Deal section introduces Deal Plus and Premium Daily Deals that you can enjoy.

MameGo Roulette:

Last but not least, the Qoo10 Group Buy deals will be activated once a minimum order has been reached. If the minimum is not hit, the deal will be cancelled and you will be refunded. Counters are available on each listing and help you to gauge how much time and people you need to activate the deal.

Event Sales

These sales are seasonal deals that coincide with certain events like their Korea Sale Festa or Super Sale Electronics Fair. These events also tend to have their own coupons so you can enjoy even more savings! Alternatively, you can keep a lookout for Qoo10 Promo Codes and upsized during the ShopBack ShopFest period.

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2. All about Qstamps and Qpoints


Screenshot of the Pointback Page

Qpoints are loyalty points that can be redeemed for actual cash to offset the cost of your purchases. You can earn them on daily attendance, Roulette-Q, through events and completing purchases.

Every 100 Qpoints is equivalent to $1 off and you can offset up to 30% of your purchase, or up to 1000 Qpoints ($10), depending on which is lower. Qstamps or MameQ can all be converted to Qpoints, so you can accumulate a sizeable amount if you shop often.

Head over to the Point Back Shop (found in the Q-lounge) and check out what Qpoint deals you can enjoy!


A reward for loyal customers, you can earn Qstamps by making a purchase and then giving a review after the order is delivered. Reviews with photos will get an extra Qstamp and these can be converted into Qpoints or Mameballs (see below). For Live10 users, you can also exchange your Qstamps for free Callpoints.

3. Stack Your Qoo10 Coupons

A stack of coupon cut outs
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There are three different types of coupons and all of these discounts are stackable. Do note that all the coupons have their own T&Cs and usually come with a minimum spending.

Qoo10 Item coupon

These are used for specific items as listed by the seller. Item coupons are not as readily available as the other two, but definitely useful if you manage to snag them.

Qoo10 Shop coupon

For larger stores on Qoo10, store coupons are usually available too. These vouchers are especially helpful if you’re purchasing multiple items from the same store. In your cart page, look out for the “Shop Coupons” button and see which ones you qualify for!

Qoo10 Cart coupon

Miniature cart storing miniature groceries
Image Credits: Alexas Fotos |

Arguably the most useful coupon of them all, this coupon applies to your final cart. Some cart coupons are event-specific and are only applicable for stores participating in the events. Qoo10’s system will automatically notify if you qualify for a certain coupon or not! And be sure to stack them with the ShopBack Qoo10 promo codes if there are any!

Pro Tip!

Coupons Tip

For every purchase, you can only use one Item Coupon, Store Coupon and Cart Coupon. If you have several coupons available, it might be a good idea to separate your purchases in two batches so that you can use up your expiring vouchers and save more.

For example, if I have a total cart purchase of $50, I can divide it into two purchases. With one basket worth $30 and the other worth $20, you can apply both a $5 and $2 dollar coupon respectively. Instead of using just one $5 coupon for the total purchase, you can now save $7 dollars instead!

4. Free Market – Sell Clutter, Bargain Buys & Auctions

Man looking through old items at flea markets
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At this virtual flea market, members can sell both their new and pre-loved items at discounted rates. On the listings, the items will be indicated as either ‘new’ or ‘used’ so interested buyers can have a gauge of the quality of the items.

Qoo10 Auction

On the Auction page, you can bid for your favourite items. Some listed items have an abundant quantity, so typically you can keep your bids low for those. In the case of items with limited quantity, buyers might have to increase their bids slowly, much like how you would in a real auction.

If you really like the item, you can click on ‘Buy Now’ to make your purchase directly.

5. Catch Qoo10’s ‘Pokemon’, Mamemon!

Screenshot of Qoo10's MameGo! Chance page

To add to the site’s ‘fun-factor’, they have a Pokemon Go inspired mini-game that rewards you with special discounts. Obtain 3 Mameballs a day and head over to the MameGo! map and search for Mamemon.

You can catch various Mamemon customised to fit the shop’s logo. However, the most common is the MameQ. These green little creatures are the mascots of Qoo10, often spotted on their banners. Not only are they useful for games and special discounts, MameQ can also be exchanged for Qstamps and Qpoints. Store specific Mamemon can be traded for normal MameQ too, so you don’t have to feel inclined to purchase at a particular shop if you don’t want to.

6. Qoo10 Credit Card Promotions & Exclusives

Check out the Qoo10 x UOB Exclusive here!

7. Qoo10 Roulette Q

Screenshot of Qoo10's Q-lounge page with daily attendance card and Roulette Q

Every day, members can get rewards from signing their attendance. Head over to Q-lounge, where you can find your attendance card. Every 6th days, you get Qpoints, and you can earn up to 100 Qpoints ($1) by logging in for the whole month. Get a Q-ticket too, which you can use for the Roulette right beside it. From coupons to gift cards, all of these can translate into your future savings when you do make a purchase.

8. Qoo10 Membership Tiers

Stacked coins and pens on top of written papers
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Green, Silver, Gold, VIP Members

Every month, Qoo10 members get an exclusive Cart Coupon depending on their tiers. These coupons will expire after 2 weeks upon redemption on the Q-lounge page.

To level up, one would need to (1) hit a number of purchases, (2) hit the required credit points and (2) minimum total spending within a selected time frame. Credit points are calculated based on the number of orders completed; each order is 1 credit point. Cancelling or refunding an order will deduct credit points too.

Q-Prime Paid Membership

While free membership entitles you to tiered rewards, paying for the Q-Prime club will earn you additional benefits. Besides exclusive deals during events, Q-Prime members will receive express delivery vouchers, nifty if you enjoy fast delivery. Monthly membership goes at $20, while annual membership costs $50. For how efficient and reliable the Qoo10 delivery service is, we say this is well worth the price!

9. Earning Cash as a Qoo10 Curator

Screenshot of Qoo10's Curator Program banner

That’s right, not only can you shop on Qoo10, you can also earn cash through the site. Through their Share Reward Program, you can curate and create your own galleries for fellow shoppers. Each time someone purchases an item through your shared link, you can earn up to 2% of the price. Plus, the program is free to join and you simply need to download the QSquare and Live10 messenger apps to facilitate the curation of your gallery.

10. Qoo10 Mobile Apps

Tablet with apps page opened along with other Mac products
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The main app for Qoo10 shoppers on the go. As the desktop website can look overwhelming, the mobile version might be a better option for users who prefer a more streamlined interface. Browses through the sales events from the drop-down list, as well as MameGo! and Q-lounge functions all in a few taps.


Live10 is Qoo10’s shopping messenger app. With Live10, you can connect with other buyers, sellers, and curators worldwide. You can also call someone using the Callpoints, which is redeemable and purchasable through different events. Though it is not a commonly used feature, it is useful for buyers who would like to inquire with overseas sellers.

Tip: Downloading the Live10 app also allows you to play MameGO! and earn Live10’s members-only coupons.


This app is mainly for curators and members selling at the free market and is a Q0010 community to share and exchange information.

11. Shipping & Self-pickups

Some shops offer co-shipping across their listed items, while some offer pick-ups at their brick and mortar stores. Check if the sellers have physical stores in Singapore and save on some shipping costs.

Shopping on Qoo10 requires a bit of getting used to and a little bit of maths. Click around and double-check your cart to see if you qualify for any additional discounts. While it might sound cumbersome, these steps only take up a few more minutes of your time but it can accumulate into large savings over time.

Shop wisely, and Qoo10 might just be your new to-go online shopping haven! Remember to keep a lookout for ShopBack exclusive Upsize Cashback with Qoo10 and you’ll be well on your way to bigger, better, greater savings.

This article is updated as of 7 October 2019.

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