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Did you know that buying the concession card isn’t the only way you can save on your travels? There are many other ways you can save on public transport costs in Singapore but you might not know them all! Whether it’s getting free rides, rebates, or cashback, here are some clever ways you can save on transportation costs in Singapore!

1) Sign up for Travel Smart Rewards

travel smart rewards

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Earn points when you travel on the MRT and LRT! When you sign up for Travel Smart Rewards, you earn 1 point for every kilometre you travel during peak hours and 3 points during off-peak hours. Each month, your points can be converted to cash rewards and transferred to your Cepas card. With this reward scheme, your traveling expenses will definitely go down. Commuters are rewarded a different number of points at different times of the day so if you want to save on your travels, visit the website to sign up and start earning points.

2) Travel during FREE Pre-peak hours

Off peak travel

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There are many benefits when you travel off-peak. Besides avoiding the crowd, you can also save on your cost of traveling! During pre-peak hours in the morning, commuters going to 18 selected MRT stations will be able to get there free of charge if you tap out of stations by 7:45am.

Free Pre-peak travel

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Those who just missed the free pre-peak hours by a few minutes won’t be left unrewarded either. If you happen to tap out between 7:45am to 8:00am, you still can get $0.50 off your train fares.

3) Get the Off-Peak Pass (OPP)

If you tend to travel mostly during off-peak hours, then the off-peak pass would definitely be a good fit for you. At just $80, the OPP lets you have unlimited travel on basic bus and train services during off-peak hours (9:01am – 4:59am and 7:31pm onwards) on weekdays. What’s more, on weekends and public holidays, you get to have unlimited travel on trains and buses! 

4) Use The Fare Calculator

travel calculator

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Fare calculators are great because they help you calculate the most cost effective route to your destination. With extensive MRT lines and many bus services, sometimes we may not know that there is a more affordable route that can get us to our destination as quickly! is a useful tool that not only helps you calculate the most cost-effective route, it also shows you the time each route takes! Simply download the app into your phone and start saving on your travels.

5) Get Nets FlashPay Rebates

nets flashpay

Did you know that you can save on your travels when you use your bank card as an MRT card? For every $10 top-up, you can enjoy rebates in the form of free rides when you use Nets FlashPay! Rebates can be easily credited to you through the Add Value Machine Plus at certain train stations and bus interchanges. All you need to do is make sure your card has the Nets FlashPay logo and start using your card for your travels!

6) Ride with Uber and Grab


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Sometimes, certain destinations are just extremely out of the way and the only convenient form of transport there is by taking a cab. Grab and Uber are great ways to get to your desired destination quickly and cost-effectively. Keep a look out for promotions, offers, and coupons in their app to get the best cab fares on Grab and Uber!

To save more on your Uber ride, you can also opt for UberPool instead of UberX in order to share the cost with a few other people. Similarly, you can also hop on to GrabShare to pool with others! To add on to your savings, make use of  ShopBack when you’re grabbing a ride with either Uber or Grab to get some extra cashback on your travels!

Transportation costs may be high and hard to bear but with a few tips and tricks, you can save quite a lot on your transportation costs!

Let us know in the comments below if you have any other great transport hacks!

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