Like many Chinese people in Singapore, I have monolids, or single eyelids as they are more commonly referred to. Because of my small, monolidded eyes, I can’t tell you the number of times that I was told off because it looked like I was dozing off in class or when a photographer asked me have my eyes opened wider. My eyes are already as wide as they can go for goodness sake!

And like most people, I wasn’t blessed with a symmetrical face, eyelids included! With one eye that is monolidded and the other that has a partial crease, getting my eyeliner and eye makeup to look symmetrical is almost an impossible task. For those reasons, double eyelid surgery is one of the most popular procedures amongst Asians.

Asian Single Eyelid Monolid

Today, we’re putting to the test 5 popular products that promise to give you double eyelids – surgery not required!

What we’ll be looking out for are:

1. Invisibility on the skin (without makeup)
2. Adherence to the skin
3. Whether makeup can be applied over (or if it can be applied over makeup)
4. And of course, how the “double eyelid” looks!

How to Get Double Eyelids

Read on to find out which double eyelid product got me from right, to left!

Eyelid Lace Double Eyelid Before and after

Double Eyelid Glue

Double Eyelid Glue Koji Eye Talk

One of the more popular double eyelid products in the market, the Koji Eye Talk Eyelid Glue ($15 from Watsons) is advertised as an easy-to-use product to achieve double eyelids.

According to the instructions, all you have to do is apply the glue onto the eyelid and use the fork applicator provided to create the crease.

double eyelid glue

I applied the glue up till where I wanted the crease to go, waited for the glue to become tacky, and then used the fork to try to form the crease on my eyelid.

However, as much as I stabbed my eyelid with the fork, tried adjusting the position of the crease, and stabbed again, when I opened my eyes – absolutely NOTHING. While I could see an inkling of a crease (maybe if I prayed hard enough), it simply disappeared once I opened my eyes fully. It also dried tacky, meaning that it’s highly unlikely that you’ll be able to apply any makeup over it.

Double eyelid glue results

Also, while the product states that you can use a wet cotton or tissue to remove the glue, even after using a heavy-duty waterproof eye makeup remover, there was still residue left on my eyelid.

Overall, this eyelid glue was unsuccessful at giving me double eyelids, but its only redeeming quality is that you still can use this product as a false eyelash glue.

Rating: ★✩✩✩✩

Double Eyelid Lace

Double Eyelid Lace
Image credit:

An extremely affordable option (USD $1.60 for 240 pieces on Aliexpress), the Double Eyelid Lace is literally a piece of non-adhesive lace that you apply to your eyelid. Available in different sizes, depending on how deep you want the crease to be, place the piece of lace on back of your hand, apply glue, and then use a pair of tweezers to place the lace on your eyelid.

How to apply double eyelid lace

The application process was very simple and as you can see, the Eyelid Lace was completed adhered to the eyelid. Whilst still somewhat visible, it was fairly unnoticeable once I opened my eyes, especially with the deep crease it managed to create!

Double Eyelid Lace

For the next part of the test, I tried to apply makeup (eyeshadow + liquid eyeliner) over the Eyelid Lace. The eyeshadow went on without a hitch, though I had to use more of a dabbing motion rather than the typical sweeping motion. The liquid eyeliner also went on normally and the Eyelid Lace was pretty much invisible once it was on.

Double eyelid lace with makeup

Overall, I was amazed at how the Eyelid Lace was able to create a very deep crease and I was still able to apply my usual makeup over! Especially for the very low price point. Furthermore, the application process was very easy and I hardly had to make any adjustments to get the creases symmetrical on both eyes.

Double eyelid lace with makeup

Rating: ★★★★★

Nude Double Eyelid Tape

Nude double eyelid tape

Another popular double eyelid product, the Nude Double Eyelid Tape can be found in most beauty and health stores (this PALZ Eye Beauty Tape retails for $15.90 at Sasa).

nude double eyelid tape

Though the product states that you can apply it over your makeup, I decided to test it first without makeup.

The results?

Double eyelids? Yes
Nude? Hardly

While the Nude Eyelid Tape does give you a nice double eyelid, it may not be inconspicuous enough for daily wear.

nude double eyelid tape

Placed on top of my eye makeup, the Nude Eyelid Tape was still very much visible.

nude double eyelid tape with makeup

However, the Nude Eyelid Tape is still a pretty decent product to help you to create double eyelids. And it’s also pretty easy to apply for daily use, great for those who are trying to “train” their single eyelids into becoming double eyelids. (I swear, it’s a thing!)

Rating: ★★★✩✩

Eyeliner Double Eyelid Tape

Eyeliner double eyelid tape

Similar to the Nude Eyelid Tape, this Eyeliner Eyelid Tape ($2 from Daiso) is an adhesive tape that you stick onto your eyelid to create a crease. However, this particular one is black to mimic a cat-eye winged liner.

Applied over my makeup, right off the bat, I realised that the shape of the tape was a problem. Though the tape managed to create a nice double eyelid, the “wing” of the tape wasn’t long enough for my eye.

eyeliner double eyelid tape

Secondly, due to the positioning of the crease, there was a gap between the eyelash line and the tape. While this can be easily filled in with black eyeliner, it defeats the purpose of using a black eyeliner tape!

eyeliner double eyelid tape with makeup

Rating: ★★★✩✩

Microfiber Eyelid Tape

Dup wonder eyelid tape

The last and most expensive of the lot ($19 from Shopee for 35 pairs), the Microfiber Eyelid Tape is a fascinating product. Like the product states, you have to stretch the silicone-looking strips, which will reveal the microfiber tape. Then, pull the tape over your eyelid and place it where you want the crease to be.

microfiber stretch Double eyelid tape

While it seems pretty straight forward, I did run into some difficulties. Like accidentally snapping a couple of the pieces of tape and also not being able to figure out which side was the adhesive side.

microfiber stretch Double eyelid tape

However, after application, there was hardly any difference to my eyelids, except for a bit of a crinkle. I also had trouble getting the ends of the tape to adhere to the inner and outer corners of my lids.

I really wanted this product to work but unfortunately, it was a major fail in my book!

microfiber stretch Double eyelid tape

Rating: ★★✩✩✩

In conclusion, the clear winner is the Double Eyelid Lace tape, and especially because of it’s super affordable price point!

Did we miss out on any of your holy grail double eyelid products? Let us know in the comments below.

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