There’s no doubt Hollywood celebrities are some of the best dressed people on Earth. But they are often dressed in luxury brands that we can’t afford. But that doesn’t mean we can’t steal their style, right?

From casual chic to all suited up, we drop some cool styles tips you can steal from celebrities – all from H&M!

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1. Zendaya

Need we say more? At only 23 years old, Zendaya has established herself as one of the most popular actress right now. Her witty sense of humour and impeccable fashion style has got us swooning over her. While her red carpet style is over-the-top (just look at the Cinderella gown for Met Gala), her day-to-day style is easily adoptable.

hollywood celebrities posing for photo op
Image Credit: Tom Holland | Instagram

We love a good boiler suit. There’s feminity in its structured cuts, a dash of fun while still keeping it work-approriate. Pair this Linen-blend Boiler Suit from H&M with nude pumps for day at work or a pair of chunky sneakers to jazz it up!

model with curly hair wearing a beige brown boiler jumpsuit
Linen-blend boiler suit (S$159.00) |

2. Emma Stone

Well, evidently I have a thing with Gwen Stacy. When Emma Stone is not all dressed up for red carpet events, she is commonly seen donning modern chic ensembles. This one-shoulder jumpsuit is playful yet refined, and a pair of black pumps pulls together the whole outfit in no time. It is a fuss-free steal-her-style idea anyone can do.

emma stone in black jumpsuit
Image credit: wowcelebritytv

Steal her style idea with a ribbed bodycon One-shoulder dress with a cool cutout. Throw on a suit jacket for that full female boss look!

model wearing a one shoulder cutout dress
One-shoulder dress (S$64.95) |
black heels
Court Shoes (S$29.95) |

3. Taylor Swift

America’s new Lover has got us swooning over her new album and this floral jumpsuit. From a country singer to a global pop star, Taylor’s style choices are always on point and this floral romper is just one of our favourites.

taylor swift in a floral romper and suede boots
Image Credit:

Fun and girly makes it perfect for the weekends while the suede boots oozes a lil’ country vibes all over again. If boots are too much for you, try going for a pair of strappy sandals instead!

model wearing floral lace romper
Playsuit with lace (S$54.95) |
beige coloured suede boots
Knee-high boots (S$94.95) |

4. Kendall Jenner

One of the fashion industry’s biggest names has definitely got to be on this list. Blessed with dashing good looks and a svelte frame, Kendall Jenner can wear everything. But for those of us who are not as fortunate, this outfit of hers is simple to recreate without bursting a sweat.

Kendall Jenner in casual wear

Slip on a pair of high-waisted, high ankle cut jeans to create the illusion that you have 5% of Jenner’s legs. Pair it with a crop tee or tuck in a basic top and throw on a checked coat if you’re headed to a cold country. But if you are staying in Singapore, swap out that coat with a checked flannel for this Jenner-inspired look!

felted black and beige coat
Felted Coat (S$139.00) |
model wearing ripped blue jeans
Embrace High Ankle Jeans (S$64.95) |
model wearing white tee with denim jacket
Jersey top (S$7.95) |

5. Tom Holland

I can’t get 2 Gwen on the list without mentioning Spiderman. Besides his alter-persona, Tom Holland is often decked out in swoon-worthy clothes that fit his to a tee. Literally.

Image Credit: Irish Examiner

This simple yet stylish getup is suitable for any guy looking to impress. If you’re dressing for the Singapore weather, I suggest you do without the corduroy jacket. Just remember to pair it with a pair of polished dress shoes for a complete outfit.

male model wearing a lined corduroy beige jacket
Pile-lined corduroy jacket (S$84.95) |
yellow and white striped shirt
Shirt Regular Fit (S$29.95) |

6. Harry Styles

Another Brit on the list! Harry Styles’s flamboyant stage outfits are remisniscent of music legends such as the late Elvis Presley. While he’s not busy showing off his vocals, Styles is busy being Gucci’s muse while at the same time rocking James Corden’s dad sweater as though he is at the NYFW.

Image Credit: Harry Styles | Instagram

While his extravagant and bright fashion choices are hard to imitate, you can go with a tropical floral shirt for an inspired look. Keep the other parts of the outfit in dark muted colours as you will want all the attention on that patterns.

tropical floral shirt
Lyocell shirt Regular Fit (S$29.95) |

7. Tom Hiddleston

Last Brit on the list, I promise. Of all three Brits on this list, Hiddleston’s style is the most polished, and closest to an English Gentleman at the same time. His wardrobe staples include a navy tee, a pair of jeans and a pair of court shoes. But if you need to suit up for an event, Hiddleston’s suit choices will be your best bet.

Tom Hiddleston in blue suit and sunglasses
Image Credit: Josiah Kamau

This navy striped-suit is the Bond-worthy and you can go without the inner vest if you so wish. Just be sure to alter your suit if they don’t fit well because a well-fitted suit speaks a million words about a man’s style.

blue suit jacket
Jacket Slim Fit (S$94.95) |
blue suit trousers
Suit trousers Slim Fit (S$49.95) |

8. Matt Damon

Ok, perhaps not the actor’s style but this is inspired more by his character in The Martian. If becoming an astronaut was one of your childhood dreams as it was mine, then you find the “Aim For The Stars” collection to be everything you’ve ever dreamed of.

astronaut in space
Image Credit: Historyhd | Unsplash

Although the designs are for Men, I find it them suitable for women who like to dress in oversized tees and baggy pants. With NASA logos plastered all over the apparels, there’s no holding back on your dreams and aspirations anymore! The sky really isn’t the limit here.

white printed nasa hoodie
Printed hooded top (S$49.95) |
printed white sweatpants
Printed sweatpants (S$49.95) |

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We hope you’ve enjoyed our celebrity style ideas! If you have any more fashion stories you’d like us to cover, leave a comment down below!

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