If you spend over half your workday on your computer, you need to think about setting up an ergonomic workstation to minimise the health risks and increase your level of productivity. Part of this includes buying the right gadgets that will help you work faster and more efficiently. Many people today suffer from Carpel Tunnel Syndrome because of the long hours spent working on the computer without the right gear.

For work or for gaming, an ergonomic mouse is one such gadget that you need to invest in.

Why should you get an ergonomic mouse?

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Well, if you think the extra expense is unnecessary, just Google carpel tunnel syndrome surgery and you will understand why this is worth purchasing. Frequent ‘mousing’ without the right gear will strain your hand and wrist causing discomfort, pain, restriction of motion and musculoskeletal injury. The latter can only be corrected with painful surgery.

If your New Year resolutions don’t include a trip to the doctor, up your office ergonomics game and follow these tips and guidelines to get yourself an ergonomic mouse. There are many different types of ergonomic computer mice so make sure you choose the right one for you.

The shape of the mouse

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The ergonomic mouse you choose should ensure that your hand remains in a neutral and relaxed position, also known as the vertical handshake position. Vertical mice available in the market today have been designed with a specific focus on the ergonomic side of using it. They will considerably reduce the stress and wrist strain your ligaments and joints would experience. It may require a learning curve, but all it takes is using the mouse for a couple of days before you begin to enjoy the comfort that it provides. If the completely vertical version of a mouse is outside your comfort zone, choose contoured mice that can significantly improve the ergonomics of your computer gadgets.

When you look for contoured mice, make sure that they fit well into the shape of your palm and allow you to place your hand in a more relaxed and natural position.

Mice with adapters

Some mice also come with adapters that allow you to change the shape and size of the mouse to comfortably fit in your hand. This will improve the ergonomics of your workplace a lot more.

Choose according to your need

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Be smart when choosing your computer mouse. Think about what you will be using it the most for. Are you a heavy user? A gamer, for example? Maybe you are a workaholic who is on the computer from 9 am to 5 pm. Always pick a mouse that is built for heavy usage if this is the case. These come with features to help prevent musculoskeletal injuries that can otherwise occur.

The size and the grip of the mouse

First, think about small or big your hand is. If you have small hands, avoid picking a mouse that is big as it can strain your entire hand. Not to mention, using a big mouse can feel clumsy. In the same way, if you have large hands, working with a small mouse will require extra effort and focus. You may also feel as if the mouse is constantly slipping away from your hand causing you to grip it tighter, and straining your wrist.

Certain types of mice also accommodate different grip types. Some of these include fingertip grips, palm grips and claw grips. If you want high precision and control of your cursor, always pick the fingertip grip. If you are looking for comfort, pick the palm grip. If you want both control and comfort, choose the claw grip mouse for a firmer grip.

The polling rate

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This is a figure measured in hertz and denotes the number of times the mouse indicates the position to the user. So, if you choose a device with a higher polling rate, you will have more accuracy and smoother movement that reduces the strain on not just your wrist but your eyes as well.

To wrap it up, the next time you think about buying a computer mouse, follow these tips to make sure it is an ergonomic one.

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Invest in quality tech

Having an ergonomic mouse, a proper desk and a comfortable chair makes a difference on your work day but, most importantly, you need a good laptop or tablet.
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