How would 2% of Cashback amount to anything, really? ‘Getting 2% of my purchases back as Cashback?’ ‘Just 2% Cashback?’

We hear your doubts but you’ll be amazed at how much savings ‘just 2%’ of your online purchases can achieve!

You think that you’ve taken the cake after keying in the 30% promo code at checkout? What if there’s a way to upsize your savings even further? It’s like finding out that there’s dessert after a hearty dinner – it gets that much better. Read on to find out more!

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Real Testimonials From Our Users

We’ve interviewed frequent users of ShopBack, just to let you guys have a glimpse of how your online experience could be with Cashback!

1- Daryl, 26. Student.

Daryl who has over S$700 in his ShopBack account to date, primarily earned his Cashback through his vacation and itinerary bookings.

‘I use ShopBack mostly when I plan my trips. Accommodations, flight tickets and attraction bookings, it’s easy to locate these deals when they’re all in one place.’

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‘Already on Expedia, the return flight was on discount, couple that with Cashback, it was savings on savings.’

Daryl’s endeavour to greater savings didn’t just stop there, he’s also an avid fan of Klook, of which he purchased many of the attraction tickets at a dime. What’s more – he earned Cashback for that too!

Just check out how much he’s saved with the bookings on Expedia!

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He also added that despite the seemingly ‘low’ percentage of Cashback one might get from travel merchants, it all adds up eventually. ‘2% Cashback might seem negligible, but wait till you purchase a big ticket item – like a return trip to Europe! One fine example would be the return flight ticket to the Czech Republic that I’d booked just recently.’

Travel is just one of the many shopping categories that are on ShopBack that you can earn Cashback from. To others, shopping for the latest, most trendy fashion pieces comprise of the majority of their online purchases.

2 – Freda, 26. Online Marketer. 

If there could be one word to describe Freda’s insatiable thirst for retail therapy, then shopaholic would definitely not be it, it is, in fact, a devastating understatement.

‘You have the world’s catalogue of fashion at the convenience of your home or workplace, how else do you beat that?’ Explains Freda when asked why she’d rather shop online.

‘More often than not, online fashion boutiques such as ASOS carry brands from across the world at a discounted rate. AND FREE SHIPPING. Especially their in-house ASOS brand – they look as good as the designer brands but you pay only a fraction of the price.’

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As an ardent follower of ASOS, Freda uses ShopBack at least once every week for her hauls with the fashion e-tailer. Having raked up close to S$1000 Cashback to date, it’s all about maximizing savings from each and every of her online purchase.

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‘The savings I’m most proud of? It’s got to be this pair of shoes from Adidas that I managed to snag from Zalora for S$40. The pair of shoes was already on a markdown, plus an additional 40% off promo code AND to top everything off, I earned Cashback for that purchase too. It was a good day.’

3 – Georgina, 24. Content Strategist.

You’ll be surprised at how Cashback can be earned even when you’re not shopping online.

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‘It might be an occupational hazard, or it might be because I now have spending power, but I buy a lot more things now that I’m working. So be it travel expenses *ehem Grab*, food delivery, or getting a whole bunch of new makeup or clothes, I always try to save as much as I spend.’ Georgina on how frequent she uses ride-hailing services.

Again, do not underestimate the value of Cashback no matter how small your purchase online might be. S$0.20 from each Grab ride might seem like nothing but it certainly adds up!

All This Talk About Cashback, What Is It?

There’s literally no other way to explain what Cashback is – it’s exactly what it sounds like.

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You make a purchase, and you earn a percentage of your purchase back in cash. This amount of Cashback is then stored in your ShopBack account. Once there, customers can withdraw this amount into their respective bank accounts!

‘What’s in it for You to give Cashback?’

Absolutely nothing! We’re excited to be bridging you with the plethora of merchants that you never knew you could earn Cashback with. With over 1,500 merchants on board with ShopBack, chances are, the merchants that you’ve been loyally patronizing online, are eligible for Cashback!

How to Save More Than You Already Do

‘I never believed in buying anything at full price. Well, for online purchases at least. Always do your price research and cross-compare between similar platforms. It might be a few dollars but every penny counts when you’re shopping every week! Explained Freda.

Daryl also subscribes to the weekly newsletters to stay informed about the seasonal sale periods, ‘keep up with emailers so you can know the exact moment when the deal is out, or in this case, when there’s an upsized Cashback!

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He added, ‘Also, to warrant your Cashback, make sure to read the fine print of each merchant to make sure you’re not conflicting against any of the terms!’

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Seasonal sales and shopping festivals are well scattered throughout the year, Georgina for one takes advantage of these sale seasons and purchase specific goods only during certain periods in the year. ‘If I know Cyber Monday’s coming up, I’d usually hold off my electronic purchases until then.’ Explained Georgina.

‘Since I own a Visa card, I make sure to always check out the Visa page promo page to ensure I’m getting the most Cashback out of my purchases.’

Stacking discount codes seem like the key to maximizing your savings, but there are only so many promo codes that you can key in for any given purchase. Earn Cashback on top of existing promotions for an upsized saving opportunity!

Let ShopBack be a Habit Everytime You Shop Online

Get reminded everytime you’re on a merchant with ShopBack with the ShopBack cashback button! Especially when you’re an impulsive shopper like Freda, it might be after making the purchase that you remember to use ShopBack.

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‘I’ve installed the browser extension to remind me to click the icon as it will turn green when it is activated.’ Lamented Freda as she recalled making her haul without getting Cashback one time.

‘At this point, it’s like ingrained in my shopping behaviour. Before I purchase anything from a merchant, I’ll always check if it’s on ShopBack. I’ve discovered international merchants that were on ShopBack that I never knew I could earn Cashback with, such as Farfetch!’

Discovering merchants that you never knew could earn Cashback with is all part of the ShopBack experience! Explore from over 9 categories and check out what others are shopping from!

Cashback? Look No Further

Head over to ShopBack to sign up today and be rewarded with Cashback for your online purchases! No matter the shopping persona you are – whether you’re a shopaholic like Freda, chronic ‘cabber’ like Georgina or simply someone fulfilling their wanderlust like Daryl, ShopBack is right where it’s at for the smarter way to shop and earn Cashback!

*Featured Photo by Arnel Hasanovic on Unsplash

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