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Singapore might be known as a melting pot of cultures and companies, but we can also take pride in our locally born-and-bred brands that are making a name for themselves in Singapore, as well as overseas. Without further ado, here are 7 of our favourite homegrown food places that we love.

1. TWG

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It might be hard to believe the ubiquitous TWG is a homegrown company, one that was started less than a decade ago. Marketed as Singapore’s first and only upscale tea café, selling luxury teas, pastries, and desserts, this little company has come a long way since its inception in 2008. With outlets in over 14 countries, TWG shows no signs of slowing down.

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2. Crystal Jade

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Starting off as a humble restaurant that operated at the old Cairnhill Hotel, Crystal Jade has become one of Singapore’s favourite homegrown eateries, as well as being the go-to restaurant for Chinese cuisine. With over 100 outlets throughout the world, as well as being awarded a Michelin star this year, Crystal Jade is one brand we can certainly be proud of.

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3. 4Fingers Crispy Chicken

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Singapore’s take on KFC – but with a Korean twist – 4Fingers has taken the country by storm. Starting out with just one outlet at ION Orchard back in 2009, this delicious fast food chain has 10 outlets island-wide now, and is now well-known for their amazing fried chicken, tasty kimchi fries, and crazy long queues.

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4. Awfully Chocolate

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Everyone has heard of Awfully Chocolate, and it’s no wonder why. They sell some of the best chocolate cakes you can find in Singapore. What started out as a simple shop selling only chocolate cake, the business has grown to become synonymous with truly Singaporean desserts.

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5. Twelve Cupcakes

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Launched by celebrity super-couple Daniel Ong and Jamie Teo in 2011, Twelve Cupcakes has become wildly successful both locally and internationally. Their success can be attributed to a gorgeous storefront design, and their yummy cupcakes – freshly baked daily and made with love – that keep us going back for more.

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6. Sushi Tei

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Sushi Tei surprised us when we found out it’s a local brand! Having been around since 1994, this class act is renowned for holding their food to the highest of standards and quality. Sushi Tei has found a place in our hearts as the premium sushi place in Singapore, and their food a place in our growling stomachs!

Sushi Tei SpreadSushi Tei SingaporeImage Credit: Facebook | SushiTeiSG

7. BreadTalk

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Probably the most iconic bakery in Singapore, Breadtalk is visited by people from all walks of life and across all ages. Best known for their signature pork Flosss buns – and yes, that is Flosss with 3 S’s – the brand has expanded to 16 countries with over 400 stores. It’s hard not to feel some sort of pride when you see a BreadTalk outlet overseas!

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