Eating out isn’t only a necessity for most working adults these days, it is also a much-welcomed luxury. In Singapore, it isn’t hard to find great restaurants offering exquisite menus from all over the world, but sometimes all you want is to enjoy traditional food in a more selective and cosier environment.

The solution? Home cooked meals at a stranger’s house. Strangers that happen to be excellent chefs. Try one of these home dining experiences in Singapore and feast on traditional and homely dishes with a selected small group of people. You also get that sense of intimacy which bigger restaurants might lack.

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1. Lucky House Cantonese Private Kitchen

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Image Credit: Lucky House Cantonese Private Kitchen Facebook

Craving for homemade authentic Cantonese cuisine? Lucky House prides itself on making its dishes from scratch, using charcoal fire at times. Pastes and spices are also grounded the good old fashioned way through the stone mill. To add, there’s also free parking opposite the premises) when you head over to Lucky House who is helmed by Chef Wong at his home.

  • Location: 267 Upper East Coast Rd
  • Website

2. The Ampang Kitchen

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Image Credit: The Ampang Kitchen Facebook

The Ampang Kitchen is one of the more popular private home dining experiences in Singapore. Chef Raymond has been cooking Peranakan food for over 30 years. Dishes served here may look simple but certainly, have a great amount of heart and soul poured into it. Diners will get to enjoy the food in an open-air dining area within his house compound. From what we know, Chef Raymond’s Sambal Prawns with Petai are a must-try.

  • Location: 39 Jalan Ampang
  • Website

3. The Modern Bibik

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Image Credit: The Modern Bibik Facebook

The Modern Bibik was set up by Angeline Neo in memory of her late grandmother. This private home dining experience not only encapsulates a grandmother’s love through cooking but also offers a panoramic view of the city from Neo’s apartment. You definitely must try the Smoked Duck Kueh Pie Te when you dine here.

  • Location: Bukit Panjang
  • Website 

4. One Kind House

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Image Credit: One Kind House Facebook

Teleport back in time to Kampung days when there was less bustle with One Kind House. The place, which is headed by Mummy Soh, uses fresh ingredients from her own garden. Although there are some favourites like Fish Laksa and Mee Siam, the menu curated by Mummy Soh is always changing. Despite that, you can expect to be pleasantly surprised and enjoy a homely delicious meal.

  • Location: 136B Lorong J Telok Kurau Rd
  • Website

5. Intimate Suppers

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Image Credit: Intimatesuppers Facebook

Intimate Suppers organises a private home dining experience once a month limited to ten seats with a special theme for each edition. Past themes include a sake pairing dinner and a wine tasting workshop. Be surprised as special guests are occasionally invited to add to the home experience.

  • Location: Seraya Crescent
  • Website

6. Casa Kumi

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Image Credit: Casa Kumi Facebook

Casa Kumi provides the most value for a private home dining experience. Previous sessions have been priced at only $33 per head and it is also halal! This place offers a unique menu centred around Eurasian food. Chef Kurt who heads Casa Kumi also loves to bake great desserts for diners. This is definitely worth a visit.

  • Location: Ang Mo Kio Ave 3
  • Contact

7. Fatfuku

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Image Credit: Fatfuku Facebook

Fatfuku was started by food writer Annette Tan who wanted to share her memories of the Peranakan and Eurasian cuisine she ate while growing up. She serves a seven-course meal for diners right at her humble abode. The menu never stays the same but aims to always capture the homely feeling of home cooked food. Past mains included Devil’s Pie and Spicy Briyani Rice.

  • Location: Upper East Coast Rd
  • Website

8. Tinoq’s

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Image Credit: PasirpanjangBoy Facebook

Famous stylist and makeup artist Tinoq Russell Goh can cook up a pretty mean meal. At Tinoq’s, he prepares kampong-style food and a lot of it. His cosy home at Tiong Bahru also adds to the atmosphere of sitting together with family and having a feast. Tinoq uses ingredients from the community garden at his HDB estate which gives that extra “oomph”.

  • Location: 30 Jalan Klinik
  • Contact 

9. Ownself Make Chef

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Image Credit: OwnselfmakeChef Facebook

Get a taste of Modern Singaporean cuisine cooked by Chef Shen Tan. She hosts a private dining experience once a month which includes a seven-course meal. Each experience has its own theme built upon local culture. One of her recurring dishes is the reimagined Nasi Lemak which has been a hit with many diners because of its wonderful aroma and taste.

  • Location: 84 Commonwealth Close
  • Website

10. Lynette’s Kitchen

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Image Credit: Lynnette’s Kitchen Facebook

Lynette Seah is not only a violinist for the SSO but also an avid cook. Her living room can comfortably accommodate 16 guests. Tucked away in Tiong Bahru, she offers dishes from different cuisines such as Peranakan, Italian and French. She hosts 1 dinner a week usually but has hosted up to 3 during her off-peak performance season. If you’re lucky, you’ll get to hear her play the violin during dinner.

11. Chef and Sommelier

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Image Credit: Chef and Sommelier Facebook

Chef Alvin See, the person behind Chef and Sommelier, works in the finance industry full-time but hosts private dining sessions at his home from time to time. Looking to connect with new people through his dinner sessions, the father of three cooks up all kinds of dishes such as Roast Pork Belly, Lamb Chops and many more.

12. Home Cooking Supper Club by Serene

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Image Credit: Serene’s Supper Club Facebook

Serene’s Supper Club specialises in Japanese Fusion dishes, a combination of Japanese and South American flavours. Her signature dishes include Sea Bass Rice with Yuzu and Green Jalapeno which is definitely a unique combination. If you’re looking to expand your palette, Serene’s should be at the top of your list.

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