It’s the weekend and that means its time to stock up on your home and office essentials! Buys for your home and office can sometimes be expensive but there are places where you can get them at a great price such as Miniso, Muji and Tokyu Hands. These Japanese stores are known for having sleek and simple designs while maintaining their high functionality.

In this article, we will show you a collection of super useful and affordable products from these stores to get for your home and office.

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entrance to a department store
Image Credit: Miniso | Facebook

MINISO is the kind of store where you will get distracted by all the cute plushies and themed products, namely We Bare Bears and the recent Marvel merchandise. And while that may be worth exploring, we recommend getting the below products that will truly serve its purpose.

1. Scent Diffuser

grey scent diffuser
Image Credit: Miniso | Facebook

A simple addition to any home or office, these stick diffusers will remove any awful smells in the room you’re in. It instantly makes any room you’re in more pleasant and they also come in different scents.

  • Price: $14.90
  • Buy it from Shopee

2. Desk Lamp with Mini Fan

desk lamp with mini fan on table with magazine
Image Credit: Miniso |

A minimalist night light that is comfortable on the eyes and doesn’t take up much space, this is a great addition for those who likes to work late or read in the dark. Plus the mini fan will help to cool you down which makes it a great piece to have on your desk.

  • Price: $17.90
  • Buy it from Shopee

3. Nail Polisher

If you are someone who frequently goes for manicures, this is a perfect product for you that will save you a lot of money. With 4 different extensions for callus removing, filing, buffing, and polishing, DIY manicures have never been easier.

  • Price: $11.90

4. Toaster

white toaster with grey buttons
Image Credit: Miniso Nepal

Toasted bread just tastes so much better than plain bread, especially when you’re smearing a layer of butter over it that just melts with the heat. While there is not much to say about this simple plain white toaster, MINISO sells particularly cheap toasters that are also reliable.

  • Price: $17.90

5. 4 in 1 Blender Set

four in one blender
Image Credit: Miniso Sri Lanka | Facebook

A multifunctional hand blender set for your kitchen, this blender is super easy to use. The different blades is also useful for different kinds of mixes so you don’t have to buy multiple blenders for your home. The blades are stainless steels and it has a simple 2-speed option.

  • Price: $29.90


neon white signage with green background
Image Credit:

A more expansive and higher-end Miniso, TOKYU HANDS sells high-quality products of all kinds. It is a one-stop-shop which includes departments such as home and living, stationeries, fashion and beauty, and more.

1. Lavie Massage Ball

Image Credit:

Enjoying a nice massage would be the best way to relax after a long and tiring day. But you may not have the time or money for it even at home since massage chairs are also expensive. This massage ball is smartly designed and can be used to relieve any aches in your body. So you get to save some money and watch your K-dramas while at it!

  • Price: $11.90

2. Animal Bite Cable

animal bite cables
Image Credit:

This is made for people like me who are annoyed at their USB cables splitting and tearing. Wires tend to wear and tear over time and exposed wires can potentially be hazardous which is never a good thing. Protect your wires and cables with this adorable animal figurine wire protector so you know you’re safe from any electric shocks.

  • Price: $7.50

3. Kakuno Pilot Fountain Pen

For those who are particular about their stationery and writing experience, these smooth fountain pens are a cheap option for that is still of great quality. They come in multiple colours and make you anticipate when will be the next time you get to write with them.

  • Price: $16.10
  • Buy it from Tokyu Hands Japan here

4. Self-Watering Plant

collage of animal design water plant
Image Credit: Tokyu Hands Singapore | Facebook

Plants are a great way to liven up any home or office and brighten up the mood. But sometimes they might be hard to maintain and might even dirty your desk. This self-watering plant is perfect for those too forgetful or just lazy, plus they also come in different cute animal designs which makes it a real pleasure to look at.

  • Price: $18.10

5. Bruno Hot Plate

Image Credit:

One of the most expensive item on this list is the Bruno hot plate. but when you consider what a hotplate can do and the quality of this, it is definitely worth it. This A4 sized hot plate will allow you to have your own Teppanyaki nights and save an expensive trip to a restaurant while entertaining the whole family.

  • Price: $199


earthy tones at entrance of store
Image Credit:

Famous for their minimalist designs and earthy tones, MUJI has been producing quality products that will be great additions to your home and office in the long run. That being said, we pick out the items that we think are the most value-for-money for you to add to your collection.

1. Weekly Planner Sticky Notes

white sticky note with pen on brown table
Image Credit:

A perfect way to get organised, these sticky notes will help you keep track of what you need to do. Stick them anywhere and everywhere so you’ll never forget your schedule!

  • Price: $1.60
  • Buy it from Muji here

2. Magnet Bar

person using magnet to place paper on fridge
Image Credit:

Magnets are super useful whenever you need to stick that grocery list on the fridge. While magnets can be a decorative souvenir that you’ve bought overseas, a simple magnet can sometimes be the best for your fridge, especially for the minimalists!

  • Price: $3
  • Buy it from Muji here

3. Organic Cotton Waffle Hand Towel

white waffle designed organic cotton hand towel
Image Credit:

Hand towels are essential, especially at home. Cut down on the paper towels you use and instead dry your hands with a hand towel. This one is made from organic cotton and is ultra-comfortable. Just remember to give them a wash every week to keep it clean!

  • Price: $5.90
  • Buy it from Muji here

4. USB Desk Fan

two types of usb desk fan
Image Credit:

We all know the stuffy office environment really isn’t a good place to work and the aircon just doesn’t get to those of you sitting in the corners. This USB Desk Fan is low energy consumption, minimal noise desk fan so you can work in peace. It also comes in two options – swing type and non-swing type, so choose the one you prefer!

  • Price: $39(non-swing); $49(swing)
  • Buy if from Muji here

5. Aroma Diffuser

aroma diffuser with two bottles of aroma oil beside
Image Credit:

Now, this is more of a luxury item but as someone who owns one of these, I can say they make a world of a difference. The fragrant scent really helps to improve your mood and provide a soothing and relaxing environment to be in.

  • Price: $89
  • Buy it from Muji here

All prices stated are accurate at the time of writing.

These are our top picks from our favourite lifestyle stores! Be sure to check them out this weekend!

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