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The bedroom is a sacred sanctuary meant for you. Every time you decide to leave your room, your bedroom cries a little inside. It’s where all your privacy is left!

Stop leaving your room! With these bedroom ideas, you’ll be spending quality time in your room every single day.

1. Get Rid of Your Wardrobe and Get a Clothes Rack

Get rid of your wardrobe. It’s taking too much space in your room, and you don’t even need it. Your humongous wardrobe is the reason why you’re buying too much clothes – clothes that you don’t even wear. Live minimal! Dump 50% of your clothes! Retain only the updated wear and you’ll soon be a clad in the trendiest clothes all year round. So how do you store your them then? Just hang them up on an open concept clothes rack!

clothes rack 2Source

clothes rackSource

Open concept clothes rack like these parade your best clothes. Let your friends visit your cave and give them a sneak peak into your fashion life! Trust me, I have one at home and it looks super rad. And cool.

2. Mount a Big Screen TV Onto Your Wall And Connect a Home Theatre System For Overkill

mounted tvSource

mounted tv 2Source

The TV serials, movies and other Youtube videos will look incredible on this LG 43″ LED TV (S$728.00 on Rakuten)!


Besides, leaving it mounted on the wall as it is leaves a touch of class and glam! Looks awesome in your minimalist-inspired Instagram account!

Don’t stop there, though. If the audio doesn’t match up to the video quality (although the LG 43″ LED TV audio quality will leave you positively speechless), it’s not going to keep you inside your room all month long. What you need, is a home theatre system!The Samsung Home Theatre System HT-H5530 (S$449.00 on Rakuten) satisfies this need completely!


With it’s 3D technology and ability to mirror your smartphone and tablet on your TV screen, you’ll be experiencing media in ways you can’t fathom!

3. iPod Dock For a Night’s Rest & Alarm clock

A woman uses an iPad tablet in bedSource

Yes sure, the Samsung home theatre system is able to double up as a supposed dock for your music player and it’ll definitely be able to play the music as well as videos from your Apple products. However, it’s 3:00am and you can’t sleep so you decide to play some games on your tablet or play some soothing music. The home theatre is way too loud and noisy! Besides, the home theatre won’t be able to charge the device while it is being used (although it’s not really a good idea to charge while you’re using it. It’ll overcharge! But hey, first world problems).

What you need, is an iPod/iPhone/iPad dock and the JBL onBeat Air (S$189.00 on Rakuten) is one that will serve this intention extremely well!

JBL onBeat AirSource

The JBL onBeat Air will facilitate your device usage easily, with its ability to rotate the screen while docked. Furthermore, its practicality and portability enables you to use it while lazing around on bed! Perfect for watching videos to make you sleep! Also, the dock will amplify your alarm clock sirens! No more complaining about not being able to hear the alarm ringing. Hehehe!

4. OOTD Bedroom Wall

studio setSource

This one’s the ultimate modification to your bedroom that’ll keep you from leaving your bedroom… ever. It’s actually really easy to make a wall solely for your OOTD pictures. You’ll need:

1. White Bedroom Wall (just paint it white and there you have it!)

white wall ootdSource

2. Spotlight

ootd lightingSource

Get the Flashpoint 16″ Cool Light at only S$134.80 at Adorama!

3. A mounted Canon Powershot G7 X (Simply flip the screen 180 and you’ll be able to see yourself!)

 canon powershot g7 xSource

 Get the Canon Powershot G7 X at only S$752.00 on Rakuten!

The Canon Powershot G7 X is a quality compact camera that 180 degrees tilt touchscreen LCD! It’s 20.2 megapixels is perfect for high quality images! Furthermore, it has a smile, wink or face self-timer feature, allowing you to command the camera with your expressions. Now, that’s the perfect way to take OOTDs!


emma watson white backgroundSource

Everyday is an OOTD day and Emma Watson approves this idea! So channel your inner Emma!

There are many ways to create a sustainable and livable bedroom for the modern young adult and these ideas are where you can start! Find your own ideas and designs that work best for you!

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